Kevin Rose on iTunes 9: Bring the Social!

iTunes 9 Ideas

Yeah, I know, I hear ya. But Kevin Rose did totally nail iTunes 8, so why not listen to what the founder of Digg, Revision 3, and Pownce has to say about the iTunes 9 Social? And hey, if it doesn't pan out, we can all go back to hating on his predictions, b'okay?

Tops on his "idea of the month" list for iTunes 9?

  • Get everyone's music info into existing Social Networks, then import it into iTunes
  • Smart Friends. Example: "Any new artist listened to more than 10x by friend [name]"
  • Jukebox Live! All your friends can contribute to and share a common "radio station" on the local network.

You know what? Those aren't half bad! Listen to the full explanations in the video, and let Kevin (and us!) know what you think!

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Kevin Rose on iTunes 9: Bring the Social!


Zune's market share is 4%
iPod + iTunes market share is 71%
Zune will never be close to iPods share . . . quit dreaming.
that being said . . . i can move on
i just don't think this can happen because of all this DRM . . . it's a shame and it would be great to work it via "The Cloud"

I'm not sure I want my friends to know what bad taste in music I have. I can even feel the "genius" algorithms judging me.

these aren't predictions, guys...this is just what Kevin Rose would LIKE to see in the next version of iTunes
he doesn't have any sort of scoop like he did for iTunes 8, just messing around with ideas!

I like that "community radio station" idea, but I would also implement a kind of voting system. This could do two things: 1) rate a certain user's picks and add to their reputation. If they have a high reputation their songs would play more often, if low they're more likely to be skipped. 2) Allow users to vote to skip the current song. You don't want to be stuck listening to a bad song and if enough people agree it moves on in the queue.

The radio station is a fantastic idea, especially if it was expanded to the iPod/iPhone, where you could choose to share your playlist over a Wi-Fi network, so that theoretically anyone in that Wi-Fi could tune into your iPod (if you allowed it), but that breaks all types of copyright laws, and quite frankly it's just never going to happen on an Apple product.

Kevin Rose. He started I think he's pretty content on the money thing. As of 2006 he was worth $60 million but probably a whole lot more these days.

wireless sync for data and songs would be nice between ipods/iphones stacks for multiple records of a band would be nice it would work like u would have the latest record of the artist and then would how the rest of them in a stacks view that would be nice would also be nice of there was an actual picture folder inside of itunes as well to see what is synced to devices and able to add stuff