Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 for iPhone and iPad - app review

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Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 for iPhone and iPad is definitely a game any Harry Potter fan should check out. From the very beginning you'll be completely immersed in the magical world of Harry we've all come to know and love. You'll start the game off playing as Harry. As you progress, you'll unlock more characters to play as. The controls are easy to learn and before you know it you'll be casting spells, brewing potions, and zooming around on a broomstick!

When you start the game you'll start from the very beginning. There are cut scenes every so often as you progress through the actual story line. To skip cut scenes, you can simply double tap. I personally don't typically skip them as I find them quite enjoyable. Most of the music in the game is music you find in all the movies, so if you enjoy the scores to the movies, you'll love it. If you didn't, well you can always turn the music off in settings.

After you hit your first save point in the game, you can quit to the lobby area. In the lobby, you'll see four doors which represent the 4 books the game covers - Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Goblet of Fire. Once you complete one story line, you'll gain access to the next. If you ever want to go back to a previous story, you can jump back to the lobby and go back. I find myself doing this whenever I get stuck. I'll go back and find hidden secrets or items I didn't find the first time around.

The lobby also contains an area to view your Lego models as you unlock them. This area is located off to the left. Down the stairs you'll see an hour glass. When you stand in front of it, it will tell you how much game play time you've accumulated as well as the percentage of the game you've beaten. To the left from the bottom of the stairs, if you stand in front of the Weasley twins, you can browse the shop and buy items such as cut scenes, characters, and more with the Lego coins you've collected on your journey. The lobby is also where you'll be able to customize your character (clothes, features, etc).

The overall gameplay experience is great. The difficulty level increases at an even pace as you learn new spells and play through mini quests. As you go on, the game can be a little difficult at times. To me, that just means it will keep me busy for longer. As much as I love games like Cut the Rope, it didn't keep me occupied for very long.

I'm really enjoying playing through this game and I'd have to say I'm impressed with the quality. Sometimes moving your character around can be a little glitchy if you get stuck on the side of an object, but once you get the hang of it, it's all cake after that. If any of you TiPb readers out there picked up this game, let us know what you think in the comments as well!


  • Easy to learn controls
  • Gameplay difficulty increases at a pretty steady pace
  • Tons of secrets and items to unlock that will keep you busy
  • Music and cut scenes are cute and fun to watch in Lego form
  • Graphics are astounding, especially on iPhone 4 and iPad


  • Moving your character around can sometimes be glitchy, not very often though
  • Initially loading the game is somewhat annoying as there are about 8 banners before the actual click to begin game finally comes up
  • Save points are rather far apart, if you quit before one, you lose your progress. Keeping the game multitasked is an easy way to solve this issue though

TiPb iPhone 4-star rated

TiPb iPad 4.5-star rated

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Allyson Kazmucha

Help and how to editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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TonyPatron says:

Great game. It'way surpasses Lego Batman.

Dane Deasy says:

You should really mention how saving is sparse and you have to beat a level in order to save. If you quite halfway through a level, your progress is lost.

Allyson Kazmucha says:

Good point, I'll add that. Maybe I never experienced that because I let it multitask?

Barry Davis says:

I love it. My only gripe is waiting for certain spells to be unlocked in story mode so that I can use them in free play. One example of such is the alohamora to unlock a door. I have the option to use it in free play but the spell does not work.

Writer@Large says:

Also note: This game is sooooo good in part because it's a direct port of the Nintendo DS LEGO HP game. All the touch stuff was originally done with the stylus.
Still, it's a phenomenal iOS game, and I hope TT decides to port more of their DS material to it.

Ben says:

It's is a good game, but maybe its just because I played it on PC and Wii first, but the controls are a little hard to get used to in the beginning. But the control scheme works well for the iPad (didn't like it as much on the iPhone)

Frank says:

Great. Hopefully we'll see Star Wars soon.

Steve says:

Love the game really fun to play. Makes buying my ipad even better ;-)

Crystal says:

How do you exit the room of requirments...i can't find a way pls!!

Fay says:

HELP! I am stuck on the Basilisk level, I am at the part where the snake is in a hole with the head and tail sticking out and I can only jump between two floating rocks...I can levitate another rock but I can't jump to anyone else stuck here?

Robbie says:

Stuck at same place. Did you ever solve it?

Sarah says:

Cast Reducto at the tail. The basilisk will move to another set of holes in the wall.

Robbie says:

I thought you can't get reducto until level 4. -is there a way to get it sooner? I've jumped on the rocks, tried to zap the tail as he comes out of the holes, but he always comes to the point where his head Is sticking out of the left top hole and the tail sticking out of the right one. None of my saps at that point seem to reach his tail. And I've never seen any blue arrow circle to get me higher to get to the sword that others have mentioned ...maybe this is a glitch?

Grandmary says:

After you hit the tail twice on the LEFT then move to the RIGHT The top stair will open a green snake emblem to call the snake then hit him again on the left then make sure you go back to left again: important to go back to the right and go up the higher stairs. The sword is lite up up top then hit it to come down on the snake. You can not kill it on the left it has to be on the right. I had to start it over to do this because if you hit him too many times on the left the green emblem to the right disappears. Hope it helps

Christen says:

Help! Stuck in year three exploring hogwarts at night! Impossible to get to the door shown on map and there are all these sparkling green lights where door should be. Is this a glitch?

Bijourain says:

I've purchased this game for my iPhone 4. I thinks it's great, however, at the end of each level it tells me I've unlocked it for free play, but I when I touch the free play to select, nothing happens. Also ehhh do I keep ending up in the room of requirements? Please help if you can, thanks.

Barbara says:

Crystal,Havingthe the same problem with the Room of Requirement.Did you manage to exit?

lissie529708 says:

walk up and walk at one of the mats with roman numerals on them. Year one is l, year two is ll, etc. that is for iPad, what tablet are you on?

Domino says:

Hey guys I have a glitch in my game. When I buy the red brick abilities and I want to activate them, I can't scroll through them, I can only scroll through 4 abilities before it goes back to the beginning. The same happens to my character party in free play. Has anyone else experienced this glitch??? It's really frustrating ad if someone could help I would really appreciate it :D

Jen says:

I'm stuck on Prisoner of Azkaban in the Hogsmeade Village level. In the One Eyed Witch passage where there is a green glow on either side of the doorway and a green and red lined window looking thing pops up. What am I supposed to do here?? When I tap the green glow nothing happens. HELP!!!!

davey says:

your at the wrong door that's somewhere else turn around and go back toward the main hall then back away from the gate thing and you'll find another little room! Go in there x

Linda Hyaes says:

I bought the app for my I phone 4 & I can't get past the feather levitate task. I follow the blue pattern & nothing, the pattern just keeps on going. I have reinstalled it & the same thing happens. I just cant get past that level? HELP

Hazel mac says:

Lift your finger after drawing the shape. Like flicking a wand

vicky says:

A simple 3D puzzle game with realistic physics and amazing graphics.
A simple 3D puzzle game with realistic physics and amazing graphics.

JennLC says:

I'm stuck in the Forbidden Corridor - I'm past Fluffy, but am stuck trying to get the key. Help please! :) Thanks.

JennLC says:

Okay, I finally got past the Forbidden Corridor. Now, I'm on Year 2, stuck in Borgin & Burkes, trying to get the Skulls. That's where I need help. Anyone? Please help.

EAnkl says:

I'm stuck here too. I see the skull, but cant reach it.

Grandmary says:

The path is hard to see because it's dark. It is there keep trying and you will find it on the top next to the skull then follow round

Jess says:

How did you end up getting the key that is where I am stuck

LogansMommy says:

I'm at the end of the first year but I can't make it past the keys. How do I catch it when it seems to be flying above me when I'm on my broomstick? Is it like the Flying Lesson where I needed to crash into Draco? Please help! Thanks!

MW says:

Help I'm stuck in the shop at hogsmeade andnim meant to clear a path but I can't get passed the little girl blocking my path. Prisoner of azkaban hogsmeade village

Itooamstuck... says:

Stuck at Hogsmeade village. In the village, I can't get the rocket to get the bat down, and I can't exit w/out a key? Any pointers?

Jen says:

I'm stuck here too! Any luck?

Stephanie says:

i have the app for my iphone and im stuck in the tunnel leading to the shrieking shack what do i do??

Nick says:

Im on hp1 and i cant get past potions class, i have collected the items but i cant dO the mini game, help please?

Camilla says:

You need to stir to get the right colour, stir the correct way (on the list or ingredients its has arrows). When you get to the right colour a white puff or smoke should come up. When it does, stop stirring! I hope tis helps!!!

Susan says:

thats where i was stuck but the trick is to stop stirring when that little puff of smoke comes up

Camilla says:

im stuck in year 2 where im in Knockturn alley and it wont ket me open the blue chest. It says i have to open it in order to complete the level or something......what do i do!!!!!! can i please have some help???

Erin says:

I can't get past the part before you see the troll in year 1 how do you get across the platforms?? Please help me

Katie says:

I'm stuck on the same part. I think I see where I want to go, but I can't figure out how to get there. Did you ever figure out how to do it?

Amy says:

HELP! I'm stuck at the place where I have to save Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets. I cant get past the basilisk. I have to levitate the blocks and I have been trying to figure this out for a lot longer than I care to think about. I'm standing in the platform behind the wall to hide from the basilisk and there is a gate or something to the right but I have no idea how to get it to open... Please help me!!!!

Sarah says:

A faint blue circle will appear in a certain hole where the basilisk is going to appear. Raise the block in front of that hole and the basilisk will bang it's head into it. Run from behind the protective wall and cast Reducto spell at it a few times before it goes back in the hole. 4 small snakes will appear, they only take one hit to kill, then get back behind the barrier. You'll have to repeat this about 4 times then the gate will open.

Lynnie says:

Sarah. Thanks so much for that tip with the snake, but how do you get past the next part where the head is sticking out of one hole and the tail another?
You go up on each block as the arrows direct but what then?

Amy says:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that Sarah! Thank you so much!

Lynnie says:

I'm stuck in griffindor common room after pasing through the fire and can't get past filch who is right ahead of me.
I see a statue in front of me but every time moving it filch sees me and I am back at the start.

Amy says:

What year are you on?

lissie529708 says:

Are you in year two for going to question Malfoy? If u are on iPad, turn into crabbe and pull it backwards. The Bloody Baron will come and tell Peeves to distract Filch. If you are at the beginning of that part, go behind the ladder thing and push. Filch will walk away.

Susan says:

in level one, i have finished making the elevator lift thing but i dont know what 2 do nex? pls help

Susan says:

u no, during harrys first game of quiditch and royn and hermione thought that snape was outing a spell on harryy

lissie529708 says:

Get on it and move to stands.

rachel says:

How do I jump? Is that even possible?

del depierro says:

Hi, I love this game, but I'm currently stuck on the bathroom giant. Wish you could save the game more often,
Drake 5, Draven 7

Glasgow2888 says:

I'm having trouble w/ the third book..Azkaban..and the pursuit of Peter Pettigrew. I can't find the third clue to opening the door to get out.

Lexielw says:

I'm having trouble in the prisoner of azkaban in the level care of magical creatures. I can't stun the blast ended screwts before they get too close to buckbeak!!! I've been stuck on this for a lonnng time. Please help!!!

Flippant says:

I'm stuck in Knockturn Alley, year 2. Have made the potion, just can't over the roof at the left end of the alley. Help?

Hockeynhuskies says:

First you have to find all the ingredients to brew a potion just below this area (down the ramp). Brew your potion, then there is a little flower like item in the left corner on the ground under the window. Use the potion to 'grow' the flower into a tree. The branches become steps to get the character onto the roof.

Mdsadlowski says:

How do you defeat the basilisk at the end of chamber of secrets?

Bikelover says:

I'm completely baffled and stuck in Bk 1 Forbidden Forest. How do you find and use the potion, why does it pop up near the cauldron in a box. I don't see a trail of red mushrooms and what are the 2 gray man-hole type objects in one of the areas? All I seem to be able to do is blow stuff up and end up back at the start. Help!

Tayla-louisa says:

i get right through past the mushrooms then i get 2 a place where i cant get out and there is 4 mushrooms with white dots on!!! my owl keeps on blinking in one spot but nothing seems 2 work :-(

Glasgow2888 says:

Ok...there is a pattern...w/ the mushrooms...first you go to the top where the big ones are...and you end up in the touch Harry and then do the star diagram and light up then you follow the path to the right (you can see the mushrooms there) there will be little grimlins that will pop up (and they usually are in the path you will take) that will lead you to the next place...then go to the left path..then you will see 4 red mushrooms and 4 grimlins will pop up. also when the owl starts jumping (move your figure around til you see him jump) and then touch Hedwig and the potion will show up. then take the bottom pathway and you end up back at the beginning and the potion w/ red light will show up blue. click and you complete your quest. Good luck

Tammy says:

when your owl is blinking - tap it and she will give you something you need.

Carolynprice09 says:

How do you get out Of the room with the twinkly lights?? I'm stuck there :-(

mollena says:

i am stuck in spider hollow bk. 2 i cant find an exit...

Chloe says:

I'm stuck on the second level of book 3...with the skrewts. How do you get rid of them?

Hockeynhuskies says:

Stand at the fence and stun the skrewts repeatedly with your wand.

Glasgow2888 says:

I have finished all 4 books...but what do I do now? I still can't figure out how to move the items that are surrounded by a red glow???

Hockeynhuskies says:

Change your character to someone strong (Hagrid/Dudley) and click on the items with red glow. Hagrid can slide the object that needs moved.

Ppolly21 says:

Honestly, why can't I cast the Leviosa spell. What is the trick to getting it??

Elphie17 says:

Third book shrieking shack after the whole thing with the dark and the stupid purple ghost...PLEASE HELP!

cjt says:

How do you get past the prefect in the third book on the pursuing peter pettigrew level?

Hunter Nash says:

I can't seem to cast wingardium leviosa for some reason, anyone, please help.

Will_bad_74 says:

Samething too! When I first tried, it worked until the platform. I tried again, this time, I couldn't levitate the feather! What's wrong??

Tammy says:

You have to lift your finger after you trace the shape. I had the same trouble.

Trishdiaz80 says:

i cant get through the tunnel behind the witch to hogsmeade bc i cant find the 2 colored pentagons to put beside the door. im playing on the iphone

Draconis says:

Same here >< it's driving me insane!

Draconis says:

Same here >< it's driving me insane!

purplewombat says:

same ive destroyed all the blocks and now im just wandering round the passage, but i cant get past the doors

Hannah says:

I'm stuck trying to find the stuff to make skele-gro!

Gmashy says:

I had a problem too. Trace the circle once and stop at the point that you started.

Tallyho says:

I made it to 3rd book, hogwarts express 1st level. I've been trying to kill the dementor for two days but no matter how i cast it it doesn't work and you can't move on till hes dead. Is it a glitch or am I doing something wrong. I have traced the circle at every speed and both directions. Anyone else having this problem?

Tallyho says:

I made it to 3rd book, hogwarts express 1st level. I've been trying to kill the dementor for two days but no matter how i cast it it doesn't work and you can't move on till hes dead. Is it a glitch or am I doing something wrong. I have traced the circle at every speed and both directions. Anyone else having this problem?

Gmashy says:

I had a problem too. Trace the circle once and stop at the point you started.

Gmashy says:

I had a problem too. Trace the circle once and stop at the point you started.

Gmashy says:

I had a problem too. Trace the circle once and stop at the point you started.

Kevin Fletcher says:

Help! I have got to the Chamber of Secrets, in front or the basilisk, which comes out of the 4 portals, but cannot seem to find how to kill it. Any advice?

Glasgow2888 says:

When you see in one of the portals a 'like' bubble, that is where the basilisk is going to come out, and quickly take Harry up to the side of him when it comes out, and start aiming the wand and shoot as fast as you can! The board that comes up will keep him from hitting the protection 'cage' for a moment. You may have to do it several times...and when you are successful snakes will come out to shoot at...You will need to get him 3 times before you succeed.
Hope this helps!

Leland says:

I have gotten that far, but How do i make it past the tail and to the other side of the wooden wall?

Tracy jones says:

Hi, have you managed to complete this yet ??

Tracy jones says:

Thanks for that, finally managed to defeat him. Can you help with the baslisk coming out of the rocks please :)

Ciara_Drtina says:

I'm stuck in the shrieking shack level when ur in the forest and u have to use the spell where u draw an eye and te lily pad wont come up. Has tht happened to anyone else or am I doing something wrong?

GmrMom says:

Me too!!! Gotta be a glitch!

Jenn7681 says:

Help I'm stuck in Borgins and burkes. I'm in the store room. Hagead has moved the blocks Out of the way, but I still can't get the last piece to go on the pillars...;).

Leland says:

But how do you escape Aragog? There seems to be no way out and I have killed so many of his stupid children I feel like there should not be anymore spiders left on earth....

lissie529708 says:

I'm on iPad, and you have to smash stuff at ends and make bridges. Squish the eggs and he will come up, and the box will need you to use desendo to drop it on his head. Do this two times on each side and you defeat him. By the way, I need help passing the dementor in year three at beginning. Help!,..

Hagenolivia says:

im stuck trying to pass the prefect on the pursuing peter pettigrew level....i cant cast the spell that makes hidden things show wont!!!

Tammy says:

What do I do with this green check mark things I keep getting?? I can't pick them up. I'm playing on the Ipad2

Sue says:

Hi. You don't do anything with them. After you have saved a level and go back to it, they show where you have already collected hats and tokens. It is just so you can see you have found them already.

Ding says:

Hi, I am suck at Hogsmeade Village. After I found a big stone at right hallway and placed it on a platform, I don't know anything else I can do. I couldn't find the way to go to another platform on the left hallway. HELP!

Jen says:

In yr one, how do you get past filch in the trophy room level?

lissie529708 says:

Use transfiguration to change stuff into bookcases and stuff. Blue arrows will show up, hop on them. About two places before the last jump, stay there because filch can't see you. Wait til he moves to left. Get the key and hurry before filch catches you.

Sarah says:

Hi, I'm at the third part of the shrieking shack, when you go up those stairs after walking across the shaking floor tiles. But how do I get through the door? It's next to a bookcase.

alquiler vallas publicitarias says:

You really make it appear so easy together with your presentation but I to find this topic to be really one thing that I feel I'd never understand. It seems too complex and extremely huge for me. I'm taking a look forward to your next publish, I will try to get the hold of it!

Jorden says:

Im stuck in Borgin & Burkes I can't get to the skull someone please help

Girlygaily says:

Help, i'm stuck in hogsmeade. I have made the cannon but cannot find the bit you need to fire to scare the bat, also how do I unlock the pub door? Thanks

Lala says:

hi! i need help :( i defeated the troll
in the bathroom.. now what? nothing's happening :(

Tammy says:

Really having trouble with Revelio. I trace the shape and get the "spotlight." But when I rub on it, it goes away and I get nothing. I know it's something simple, but I'm not getting it.

lissie529708 says:

Try standing nearer to the object you're trying to reveal, or keep tracing the shape until it turns solid.

Jarrod says:

I'm stuck in the same spot, I can't get the lily out of the water cuz the reveal spell fades quickly any pointers?

Shiona says:

The spider Hollow
Help please, im playing on the iphone and i stuck at spider hollow, at the beginning i can get half a bridge but can't get over, i gone as far as can and blasted everything from trees to spider, then i find a ble box but can;t open it, i must need to get over that bridge at the beginning, can anyone help me.

Rose says:

hey im stuck on year 3 the shrieking shack? im in that tunnel thing but i cant find the ingredients for the potion! i have the first one but where are the others? please help!

Juliane Leger says:

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lissie529708 says:

I need help defeating aragog on iPad in Year 2. I hit him in the head with a box once, but when I blew up the second set of eggs, nothing happened and I don't know what to do!!! Please help!!!