Logitech's new iPad mini keyboard is thin, light and promises great battery life

Logitech is having another crack at making a killer iPad mini case with the release of this, the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio. As the name implies, it's a ridiculously thin folio case for the iPad mini, that packs a Bluetooth keyboard within so you can get down to some serious typing.

Logitech has promised that the size of the keys has been maximized despite the diminutive dimensions of the keyboard, though just how comfortable it is to type on something so small anyway is still out for debate. The case itself covers the front and back of your iPad mini, and has magnets in the lid to keep it securely closed, and to sleep and wake your iPad mini as you open and close it.

The keyboard also comes with its own rechargeable battery, which Logitech claims is good for up to three months on a full charge based on an average 2 hours use per day. Logitech does make some good quality accessories for the iPad and iPad mini, and on the face of it this should be no different. Its available to purchase now for $89.99 at the link down below. Could this scratch the keyboard itch you've been having?

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Reader comments

Logitech's new iPad mini keyboard is thin, light and promises great battery life


LOL....did you add the "on a single charge"? My bad. I think I read it as the battery only lasts 3 months and then it's dead. ha!

It would be nice to see how this compares to the new ZAGG KeysCover for iPad mini. I have caught wind of people raving about it.

That may be the one my lady has. Backlit and everything. Looks sweet BUT the mini is top-heavy in it.

So, while it looks like a laptop, it doesn't sit up on its own, like one, unless you put the screen at a somewhat severe acute angle.

I've given up on the external keyboards. I will just peck at the on-screen keyboard to get the job done until I am back to my Macbook Pro where I do the heavy typing.

I have often considered an external keyboard for my iPad but I just can't bring myself to purchase one. I just don't see it as a comfortable typing experience. The few I have tried just don't make me want one. That said, I love the look of this one from Logitech.

Still no backlit keyboard?
… zagg has one!

Still no solar charging?
… other Logitech models have one!