Back to the Mac event now available via iTunes

For those of you who were either unavailable to watch Apple's Back to the Mac event live, or are a Windows user who couldn't, or simply want to watch it again, the keynote is now available for download via iTunes. However, be warned that at 868.9 MB, the video download is not small.

I was unable to watch the entire event, so I'm downloading for my viewing pleasure at a later time. What about you? You planning to download this one?

Leanna Lofte

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jasonphil says:

I thought it'd be up on the Apple site? Well, if this is the only way to see it, then yep I'll DL it as well!

TrueEddie says:

You can also get it in the podcasts section of Apple TV.

John says:

The Back to the Mac event podcast wont play on the new Apple TV. It will play just fine on the laptop, but for some reason it doesn't play directly from the Apple TV. It wont event play on the Apple TV when streamed from iTunes.

west3man says:

I am interested but considering how much of it was apparently dull and considering the huge size...I may skip it.

John says:

Where can you download it from itunes?

JNGold says:

Funny, it won't play on my iPhone 4. I have the Apple special event subscribed in iTunes.

Joel Ramirez says:

I downloaded it an say movie could not pay whats up emetic that
Am going to try again

Joel Ramirez says:

I downloaded it and say it could not play
Whats up with that
Am going to try it again

Avenged110 says:

Why is mine so huge?! It's over 1 GB at 1,069 MB! Jeeze, the space I devote to Apple on my hard drive...

dancer says:

Can I watch it on my ipad?

reviewsv says:

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