The Magazine switches owners from Marco Arment to Glenn Fleishman, gets all-star support team

The Magazine switches owners from Marco Arment to Glenn Fleishman, gets all-star support team

Marco Arment's The Magazine is now Glenn Fleishman's. That's right, the former executive editor is the new owner, and he's assembled an all-star team to help him continue The Magazine's mission going forward. From the press release:

"Marco gave me an incredible amount of freedom in editing The Magazine, and I'm happy to add the role of publisher as it develops further," Fleishman said. Writer and editor Brittany Shoot has been retained as The Magazine's managing editor.

Aperiodical has already contracted several firms to update and extend the Web site's and app's design and programming. Design and interaction company Pacific Helm worked with Arment to design the app, worked on previous iterations of the Web site, and created each of the issue covers. They will continue in those roles.

Guy English and Chris Parrish of Aged & Distilled will handle iOS app development. They recently released the Napkin app for Mac OS X. Jessica Simmons of Simmons Ardell, formerly of sister design firms Milton Glaser Inc and WBMG, has signed on to design an upcoming print collection drawn from both the first 100 articles appearing in The Magazine and newly commissioned work. Dean Putney, one of the main developers behind top blog BoingBoing, will manage improvements on the Web site.

Fleishman plans to add a regular podcast of interviews with authors and their subjects. The podcast will include sponsorships handled by Lex Friedman, of the podcast-advertising network Podlexing. A revision of the Web site will launch June 1, followed in the near future by an update to the iOS app with user-requested features.

That's a hell of a lot of amazing talent, and the caliber of writers has been just as phenomenal since launch. The Magazine is already great, and I can't wait to see how they make it even better.

Arment also sold a majority interest in Instapaper to Betaworks a few weeks ago, and while no longer with the company, he was also the original developer behind Tumblr, which just sold to Yahoo! Since Arment isn't someone to suffer boredom easily or for long, it'll be interesting to see what he creates next. For now, you can find his blog at and his podcast at

In the meantime, congrats to all involved!

Source: Press release

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The Magazine switches owners from Marco Arment to Glenn Fleishman, gets all-star support team


This way Marco has more time to spent his new found Yahoo bucks, good for him. The Magazine has been interesting so far and I'm sure it will be fine going forward.