Major Data Outage in the East


Engadget, BGR, and reader reports all confirm: AT&T is having a serious data outage in the east. We just received a confirmation from Derek (Hi Derek, we hope you're not trying to read us over 3G or EDGE!) that it's out in Washington, DC. Other folks from St. Louis to New York are getting the same. AT&T is on it, though:

Location: NorthEast ;All Markets
Elements: 2G and 3G Iphones, as well as other data devices
Start Time: 09-03-2008 07:00 Eastern
Issue / Impact: Data Customers Cannot Send or Receive To and From Mobile
Customer Symptom: Data customers may experience slowness or latency in accessing web sites or transferring of data files or making business transactions due to outage.
Status: Open
Issue & Customer Impact: All Data applications are experience connectivity issues in the NE region. This issue is impacting GSM and UMTS Iphone customers as well as other devices. Voice services are not impacted.

So how about it -- is your iPhone suddenly a very fancy looking iPod Touch that can also make the occasional call?

Thanks, Derek!

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Reader comments

Major Data Outage in the East


The outage is for real. I haven't had a sloid connection since last night. I am in Baltimore. This has got to be fixed!

Yea I'm in Philly and was out all morning. Seems to be fine now although it's intermittent. I've been having problems every now and again with having full 3G signal and no data service the past two weeks, but usually it comes back within 5 minutes. Not today...that sucker was out for a while.
Hope ATT solves this issue ASAP

Yea I'm in Arlington, VA and no coverage on both 3g & 2g iPhones. Also no coverage in Herndon, Va as well as Fairfax, Va. In fact, no coverage anywhere along my drive to work from Arlington to Herndon.

This was resolved at 11:56 EDT:
Valued Customer,
This e-mail is to inform you of a network problem that MAY have affected your Mobile Data Service.
Trouble Ticket Number: TT000008097189
Severity: High
Description of Issue: Some customers may experience gaps in coverage or difficulty connecting to the UMTS/EDGE network.
Location of Issue: Northeastern Market
Start Time: 09/03/08 4:00 AM EDT
Time of Resolution: 09/03/08 11:56 AM EDT
Total Duration: 7 hours and 56 minutes
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. If you have any questions, please contact Enterprise Technical Support at 888-334-3787+PIN for more information.

it was out in the Roanoke Valley all morning. A call to AT&T at 10:30 to find out if there was a problem or just my phone was answered with they haven't gotten any alerts. I should have my iPhone checked. Seems to be working now though. Can't wait till we can leave AT&T and go to a reliable network.

This has been going on for the past month, in and out of service, not reliable at all. It sucked, but thanks to the faulty network and programing i have just switched over to blackberry. Have not had a problem yet.

service has been in and out during business hours (when needed most) for the past 3 weeks in Baltimore