Still Want MMS if It's a Carrier App? (Telia Sweden Rumor)

iPhone 2.0 MMS Rumor

Daring Fireball links to a translation of a Swedish MacWorld rumor (Google translation) that quotes Telia as saying as MMS app would soon be available for the iPhone. Phew! Broken telephone much? Tries to clarify Gruber:

Not sure if this means Telia is writing their own MMS iPhone app, or if they’re suggesting that Apple is adding MMS support to the system software. I haven’t seen any reports of MMS support in the iPhone OS 2.2 betas.

Could this be a surprise feature? Personally, I never use it. I prefer device independent protocols like email and IM to handle my communications, but I know many of my fellow TiPbsters are still dying to get their multi-touch on this baby, so what do you think?

Apple bringing it? Telia? And if so, would other carriers like AT&T follow suit with MMS apps of their own? Do we want that kind of fragmentation, after it's taken so long to get even the little interoperability that currently exists?

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Still Want MMS if It's a Carrier App? (Telia Sweden Rumor)


YES YES YES... I am already having to PAY for MMS from ATT because we have a unlimited family messaging plan. So YES YES YES!!

Meh, i couldn't really care less about MMS. I haven't needed to send one since emailing images is so easy and I haven't even received one in about a year. MMS is a "nice to have" but about as useful as the lightsaber app IMHO.

I would definitely pay for an MMS app... Even better if its going to be in the 2.2! That is something I really think would get alot of user(s) interested.

it's so sad that we even have to have this discussion. It's inexplicable to me how apple isn't too embarresses to offer a phone (let alone a smartphone) missing such a basic capability.

I just had an epiphany. Why do we have the most advanced phone on the market but cannot MMS, copy/paste, FWD texts etc. My daughter (who is 7) came up to me yesterday and said. Daddy I took a picture of what I want for Christmas when I was with Grandma Ill send it to you. I then responded, sorry honey you will have to email it. In all her wisdom my lil one said "Daddy you need to get a new phone if you cant get pictures".
TIPB I am sorry for this tangent but I had to vent...

We can email photos to other users. Why do we need mms? And with beejive, I don't even SMS anymore. It's obsolete and I could care less.

I live in sweden, and the carrier is called Telia Sonera, nothing else..
Anyways, from what I can tell, the reports of the press conferences are stating two things:
1. Telia will release some sort of MMS app within the next two months.
2. Telia will also introduce some sort of Telia Sonera App store... Not sure if this is only for the iPhone or a collection of services and apps in general.

PS. I would really love mms functionality.
Email isn't that big over here, outside companys that is.
But we text and mms like crazy.

It says also that they will make it easier to logon to Telia Homerun, which is their WLAN offering. Usually you go to a web page to logon with your phone number and a password, but on the iphone, that procedure is a bit of a hassle, so they want to make the logon procedure easier.
Probably with an app as well.

I am ready to pay for mms man it sucks I can't even sell my old phone coz this phone doesn't support mms I have change my sim from iPhone to old phone if somebody is going to send me a mms esp my gf she sends me a lot so I hve to change my sim 2 or. 3 times a day really it sucks

I've been cell-phone-only since 1995, and in all that time (or more accurately, in whatever time MMS has been around) I have never ever once needed to MMS anything to anyone, nor have I. Neither has anyone ever needed to MMS anything to me.
I'm not saying others don't have a use for it, but it's fluff, and it's not like something people can't do without. Some say they need it for sending business files to others who don't have mobile email or IM... but my question to them is "why don't these others have mobile email or IM if they ARE business people?"
I'm reminded of those who whine and complain about being stuck on airport runways for an hour, rather than being grateful that they can be 3,000 miles away in just a few hours.

It's interesting a carrier has to take such steps for a simple feature. There is demand for it, and it is for sure possible. I guess Apple didn't see the demand as high early on.
As mentioned, jailbroken phones have the ability to MMS through SwirlyMMS. Jailbreaking actually fills a lot of voids people complain about, as long as you're willing to risk warranty (although you can undo the process).
Cycorder for video recording, iRealSMS 2.0 for landscape texting/forwarding/sending contact #'s, Quickgold allows quick contact searching or app launching (press home, start typing, and it will search for apps and contacts as you type that you can tap to launch or call), Backrounder to run multiple apps at once, SBSettings for quick access to toggles like wifi, 3g, airplane mode, brightness from anywhere just by swiping across the top bar, Categories to sort apps into 1 or 2 homescreen pages.
There are lot of voids filled and it's worth the risk in my opinion. It makes it a much better phone. The difference is night and day.
Sorry for going off topic a bit, lol, I just think people should know such information :P

Some people like MMS, some don't. I want it - but there are far more important things that I need (c&p!).

It is probably the least needed feature on the iPhone. MMS is just a botched add-on to text messaging which was thought up to generate revenue. Anyone who is sending pics and paying for it really needs to wake up. We have Facebook or e-mail for these things. MMS will be dead in a year or two's time IMO.

I want it, I miss sending and receiving pictures from my phone, I don't communicate with everyone that I talk to on the phone through email so it is a very much missed and convenient feature.

@ ranjan
Just have your gf send them to your email address instead. She can save it as another contact. Then you can reply to it from email or even send a pic back.
As for me, I've sent an occasional pic now and then when I wanted to show somebody something. But I can hardly ever tell what some of these horrible cell pics even are, it really is a waste. All I really see it get used for is the stupid forwards that go around so I'm glad I don't have to put up with that crap. People stopped MMSing me long before I got an iphone anyway cause I've always had AT&T and everyone around here had that verizon "in" plan that charged for anything going outside verizon. Around here it's still pretty much just the verizon crowd forwarding those wastes of time to each other, nobody else really got into it and by the time they included outside carriers in their plan nobody else cared anymore.