Monday Brief: January 2, 2012 - The Making Of

2012 is here and to help get things kicked off on the right foot we present to you -- Mobile Nations: The Making Of!

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Ashley Esqueda

Blogger. Host. Gamer. The self-proclaimed Honey Badger of Tech. Made of unicorn dust and sarcasm.

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Reader comments

Monday Brief: January 2, 2012 - The Making Of


This explains a lot... now I know why they don't use "professional" microphones beyond the one on the camera...

A beautiful, sexy woman with a great sense of humor--that was simply awesome! Thanks, Ashley & generous husband, you made my day!

LMFAO... I was thinking the exact same thing. Her face and chest have come a long long way since those stand up comedy videos she has On YouTube!

A keeper. If you've got it -- looks and smarts and sense of humor -- then work it. Ashley works it well.

I love it. That chick is f'ing hot. I actually watched the entire thing AND liked it. Marketing genius'!

~~ Great 2012 Show Ash ... When U Got Nothing new on Jan 2 ... Also Fun to Watch ... Good Fill in Stuff ... Looking Forward to Many More Great Monday, and GGG Shows in 2012 ... [s]

Damn, you need to unplug yourself! A pair of aftermarket implants is making some fools around here look awfully thirsty!

Ashley, glad you don't let the boob comments get to ya, and actually have a sense of humor about it. :D You look great - implants or not, it doesn't matter. Thanks for the vid!