Monday Brief for November 28, 2011

Chris Parsons

Editor-at-Large at Mobile Nations, gadget junkie, energy drinker, ranter.

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There are 12 comments. Add yours.

Maevinj says:

They need to put the banners on top, not bottom.

Brad Morris says:

Agreed. Need to see more bewbage!

Steve Davidson says:

Good info, btw this getting borderline purposeful

The Reptile says:

de-bounce should be a weekly feature.

Brad Morris says:

I saw very little bounce in those boobs. She must have had them tacked (or taped) down REALLY good!

Chris says:

Snake is going the wrong way

Asdollah Mirza says:

Newlo showered and shaved.
Love 2:34-2:37 ! Bounce Time indeed !

Spriggan0000 says:

i did not hear a single thing from her, i guess i was focusing on something else. :D

Earless Puppy says:

I vote for a topless version....

Ricky says:

( )( ) <--- The only reason I watch the Brief :D !

Jack M. says:

I definitely rejoiced ! Thank you Ashley!! You brightened my day!