US Networks, HD TV Shows Now Available via iTunes Canada!

iTunes Canada US TV HD

Not sure when they -- finally -- flipped this switch, but this morning when I fired up iTunes I was greeted with a full on content party -- US TV productions from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Warner Brothers are now available for Canadians to download in both standard and high definition.

Prices are $3.49 for HD (which includes an SD copy for your iPhone or iPod) and/or $2.49 for SD all by its lonesome.

So, if you don't mind paying for a-la-carte programming a day later but sans commercials, loves you the HD option, and you live in the True North Strong and Free-ish, apparently this week is Canada Day come early!

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Reader comments

US Networks, HD TV Shows Now Available via iTunes Canada!


30.17GB is the size of an entire season!?! Talk about compression! Why do they insist that these downloadable shows are HD when they are clearly not? The definition of true HD in audio/video requires a larger bitrate, a dynamic codec or container which inevitably makes the overall filesize much larger. This is why Blu-ray will not die out as quickly as people think. The size of that entire season is probably the same size that one episode would take up on a Blu-ray disc! HD? Don't make me laugh!

I agree with Big Willie, although i download TV shows through iTunes season packs in iTunes "HD", I only do it for the convenience of coming home and having them ready to watch.
iTunes "HD" is the lowest acceptable quality on any screen bigger than 40" that won't make you say "This is crap!".
HD movies, to maintain HD quality, should be ~5-10GB (A recent Star Trek Blu-Ray rip I grabbed that was compressed with x264 but maintaining 1080 quality was 22GB.
Comparing TV Shows:
Dexter Season 2 h264 "HD" on iTunes: 20.68gb
Dexter Season 2 720p x264 encode from BluRay: 37.5gb
Dexter Season 2 1080p x264 encode from BluRay: 92.4gb
ALSO, iTunes staff still don't have a clue about interlacing. Its most visible in Family Guy episodes, the quality is atrocious! I had my season pass refunded as I couldn't take it.

Yikes! Yeah, that stuff like picture quality really bothers me, too. Thanks for the specs!

Finally, I've been using the US Stirr for a couple of years, but maybe I will check this out.
Just becuase Apple carries the requisite number of pixels to call it HD, the quality is NOTHING like watching it from a Blue Ray disc.

I was very pleased to wake up this morning and see this.
I think as long as the SD versions are still widescreen, they should be acceptable on my 32" 720p TV...

Anyone else notice that the battlestar galactica pic resembles the famous pic of Jesus at the last supper?!

@Jordan that was the point and there was a LENGTHY deconstruction of every item and pose and the placement of each actor, believe me.

BSG was the best show on TV for 4 years. May it live forever in our hearts and on our iPhones...

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