Nokia Leaks iClone: The Next Generation?

Moments after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at Macworld 2007, Nokia showed off the "Tube", an iClone so convincing some thought they'd simply managed to score a demo unit. While the "Tube" eventually faded into a "comes with music" device, and Nokia has now zigged instead of zagged with the N97, BGR has just come across a slide that shows Nokia's iClone plans may still be alive and unwell.

What is it? When will we see it? Since the N97 isn't even shipping until June-ish 2009 (likely just in time for a WWDC launch of the iPhone 3.0 -- iPhone HD?), who knows when we'll see this new device. All we can hope for is that is doesn't cosign itself to mindlessly cloning iPhones past, but actually tried to innovate something more for the future.

If they do, what you want to see on the Nokia next-gen touch?

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Rene Ritchie

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Nokia Leaks iClone: The Next Generation?


How does the upgrade process works if you have an iPhone 3G and want a new iPhone model, but you ATT contract is not expired yet?

Nokia can shuve that clone on there %*}^ there is no iPhone killer. Key word is clone the iPhone will eat this junk and spit it out as a free app where you play as the iPhone and beat the crap out of the nokia junk then launch into orbit with one toss. Hahahha nokia go cry in the corner

I love my iPhone. But why do people hate so much. Nokia may well come out with a phone which could be better, and if that's the case, so be it. But there are too many people with their heads so far up Steve Jobs arse they are blinkered to the fact that 1. The iPhone does have issues and 2. It is actually possible for another company to produce a better than apple!!! Shock horror!!!

Speaking for myself, not hating at all; just wishing Apple's competitors would try a different route vs. just another touch device that reminds us of the iPhone. I actually would be HAPPY if someone came up with something better than the iPhone; competition is good for EVERYONE. There's a lot of mental midgets who don't get that.

One other thing: the N97 may very well turn out I be a fantastic device...or it may end up like the BB Storm. I'm hoping for the former but have a feeling it may be the latter.

I like the fact that the iPhone has inspired so many companies to release phones based on te iPhone's idea. It just gives us consumers more options an to this day, I haven't played with a "iPhone killer" that can kill the iphone. Maybe eventually it'll give us a phone better than the iphone, and it'll force apple to keep putting innoative producs out. In the end, its the consumers who benefit.

It is not the phone - at least by itself. Apple produced a consistent platform for the delivery of mobile software, and a simple infrastructure to deliver it. Combined with the still immature MobileMe environment, they have, in a very short time, dominated (nearly 400% growth annually) the Smartphone market.
Nokia, as the market leader - with years of products delivered - along with all the other players, needs to learn the device is only part of the solution; the real value is in the delivery of functionality through software.
Blackberry, Nokia, even WinMobile, all suffer from weak or complex development environments (BB has 20 emulators in their development suite to test for all the variety in delivery platofrms). It is no wonder that 10,000 applications are available, and over 300 MILLION have been downloaded for the iPhone.
I think there is a lesson here - one that the other need to emulate sooner than later. Competition is a wonderful thing.

Your right. Apple clearly pushed the boundaries and touch is clearly the way to go. However, if u were given the job to design a touchscreen device, it would be pretty hard to come up with a concept that would not have similarities to the iPhone. All I'm really saying is that before people say stupid things like nokia can stick this phone up their arse, wait or it come out, get reviewed and then people can decide.

Obvioulsy it's good to have competition and yeah if there is something better so be it DUHHHHH but there not gunna do that with the approach a lot of comapnys are taking no way jose and apple is only going to get better and better and in my eyes has a good chance of always being on top!! With the app store and iTunes and simply being an apple product all they do is innovate so yeah iPhone is the best

RIM tried to do do it and look what happened to them chewed up and spit out to go ponder while iPhone continues to take over titles once owned by crackleberry =)

Well, i have to say sorry to all of you cause I am having a hard time to comprehend this i-phone cloning things thats been going on. I really had enough with this bullshit things. Let them cry and claim foul but IPHONE realy Met al the standard and Quality you can have in a TOY gadget like what reflectiveGay said in his blog. We are very technical and nobody can fool us with their faithful opinion on or his/her gadget. Apple is in gear to unleash their potentials against these MS, ANDROID,S60 and others..etc...Be patient guys. Soon will have everything and everybody from sprint, verizon, and others will join us... And thats for sure and ill guarantee it. Wake up people, i woke up. Why cant you??? OPEN YOUR MIND. thanks.

i am really mad/happy with all the things i read in all the FORUMS i searched in this forum. I am going to download the SDK and develop an application and give you guys all the tthings you needed to make your/my phone meaningful. Love you Apple....

Will do it cause i am in-love with Apple right now.
I hope Steve. and his Developer will allow me to make improvements with the Iphone OS as of now. There are flows, missing apps, cut and ...etc...etc...etc... I will design and program it for you guys for FREE . And you can take that to your bank not my bank though. HaHa!!!!

I went to this BLOG to learn, I picked up a lot of good things as well as the bad things. Why can't we Apple Guys just ignore this Gay who invaded our Forum justifying his STOrm is better than ours.
I will say that let time speaks for it self..and it will.. Welcome IPHONE HD???3or4..maybe5..
Bye REFLECTIVEgay seee ya who cares????

WTF?? Ernest...... I think you have forgotten to take your medication today. Ask the nurses for it.

Thanks Daniel.., I am at Las Vegas right now . i didnt do well.. I vomit everytime I check with this forum to find out that everybody is at odds with ??????...who cares anyway. Except I DO.. I will make all Iphone users the way technology is suppose to be.. thanks for your concern..

and for STEVE: thanks for undermining a very qualified guy like Me who could change your universe as it is right now. Change is the mode right now. I hope you change too for the better its not for me or the wrod its for you. U F....N. B..tch..

My name is ERNESTO ABELLERA. I met Steve Job and Bill Gates at the Las Vegas Convention last 2007. They want me to come overboard with their company. I said thanks.. and not sorry for it. I am making more what they had offered. Thanks Bill.. Thanks Steve., You still have my number....right...Maybe next time... Sorry..

And This Is Dedicated to one and only one of my HERO RENE RITCHIE. Thank you very much for the guidance you had given US Iphone converts. Your forums help us a lot. We are are still counting on your promise to deliver us this very helpful tips to make our beloved Iphone work for us.. PLEASE release IPHONE 101 .,,HOW TO's..soon as possible.
thank you very much..,, RENE..god bless you.

My professor at UCLA told me that Experience can be attained by listening to others who can give you Ideas that can be of value or nothing at all. What he is saying was: Garbage In, Garbage Out..Todate.. it is true., Have read all the comments in this forum... I believeved that we are being used to have this nonsense arguments control our feelings to hate what is good or bad with ??????"no
matter what ... Lets be civilize.. thanks..

Steve / Daniel:
the topic was supposed to be IPHONE Cloning. and i was so puzzled that instead of giving comments on the topic, both of you, went out of bound downgrading your fellow Iphone user
hatefully. I dont know who you are, but let me advise you that the way you wrote this comments in this forum speaks for itself who you are... Both of you are garbage.. thanks now that I have discovered the truth. Get a life.. Both of speak GARBAGE...

Unless Nokia dump Symbian/S60 sometime soon, they've little chance of producing something better than the iPhone.

Can someone tighten ernest's straight jacket so he is unable to type anything. Ha ha ..... absolutely crazy.

I love my iPhone but it's no more perfect than my Dash (well maybe a little more) was. The iphone has it's fair share of issues like any other smartphone out there. But all these iClones are missing the point or should it say the actual product. The iPhone itself is not the device to beat, it's the OS and the seamless integration with iTunes that makes the iPhone what it is. None of these smartphone makers are going to be able to touch that for a long time even if they put together a better hardware package.

Before I start, I must say I have an 3g iPhone and I'm loving it. I'm 14 (I paid for it with my own money). I don't have to tend to such important emails. My dad on the other hand says he pikes the iPhone but will never get one, simply because of the key board (he gets lots of wmails a day) and other things. So what I'm trying to say a different people have different tastes. Apple has one device that can't cater to everyone, yet nokia has many, some people like the n95 but don't like the n96. Some people like it the other way around.
@Daniel, some people also don't like the iPhone because they can't get one.

I am making more what they had offered. Thanks Bill.. Thanks Steve., You still have my number….right…Maybe next time… Sorry..