Official NBC app adds AirPlay mirroring

Official NBC app adds AirPlay mirroring

For some time now the NBC app for iOS has allowed you to watch the latest shows from the peacock network, but now it's been updated to support AirPlay. Now you can watch your TV on your TV as TV is meant to be watched — except by using your iPhone or iPad via an Apple TV as a source.

Apart from that, version 2.5.1 of NBC for iOS also adds a trending clips section so users can see what's hot from The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, and more.

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Reader comments

Official NBC app adds AirPlay mirroring


It was ludicrous that it purposely disabled it to begin with. Ill re-download it now so the wife can watch the voice.

I can probably cancel my amazon VOD sub for revolution now. Though it's just as easy to let that DL to my TiVo for the rest of the season..... Hmmmmmmm...

Glad they're getting on board the AirPlay train. Not much use for me personally as we get all of our NBC content via Hulu Plus, this would just be redundant.

Hopefully CBS will be the next to be less tight-fisted with their mobile content. The iPad app has a couple week lag before their content is available for watching (compared to their website, which requires flash to play), and they also don't support airplay. I know it's a licensing issue, but it still baffles me that some executive decided that they make less money showing ads on their mobile app shows vs. the same adds when watching the very same shows through a web browser.