Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Mobile vs. iPhone 3G Safari -- Browser Battle

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Our good friend Phil over at sibling site WMExperts got his geeky hands on Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile and did what any self-respecting editor would do -- took it one on one with the great one -- Safari. Well, technically Safari running on last year's slower hardware, the iPhone 3G (as opposed to the much faster iPhone 3GS), but it's not a final build of. The results?

Opera Mobile 10 beta isn't quite as good as Safari on iPhone 3G, but it's getting there. Again, not iPhone 3GS, but not a final build of

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Rene Ritchie

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Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Mobile vs. iPhone 3G Safari -- Browser Battle


I agree macboy15, both iphone and android OS are gaining traction. I don't see windows mobile having a future. Come on Microsoft, make that Zune Mobile. We need the competition, or else prices will go up. haha Anyways, cool video link CJ, watched the whole vid.

In my experience the 3GS is noticeably quicker than the 3G! So Opera is a few years behind.

That was a lame comparison. The tilt 2 is soooo laggy, I'm sure the hardware is the limiting factor. Why didn't he just load the software on a TI calculator? Plus the 3g is really slow compared to the 3gs. Way to compare obsolete devices.
Load that on the HD2, then come talk to me.

I agree, safari is the only reason a life long pc user bought like myself bought a iPhone. I am rarely home and love being able to see most things on the Internet with something that fits in my pocket. Steve jobs must have made a deal with the devil because no one else can figure out the mobile browser like his team at apple.

I still would choose Skyfire over ANY mobile browser any day. It just works...and works wonderfully.

I love the opera browser on PC, but it looks like opera mobile looks harder to use than mobile safari. I'm a PC user and have an iPhone.

Yo Rene, this has nothing to do with the article, but I was just checking out the mobile version of the site on the iPhone and was wondering why you guys don't use Mobify? As good as the mobile version is right now, Mobify would make it so much better?

I would use Opera on my Nokia e-61i and it was just ok. Safari on my iPhone is just a better experience.
Wow! A post without japan bashing. Joe! You alright?

Anyone who has had the misfortune of trying a windows powered mobile/PDA knows why iPhone is a winner. OK iPhones are far from perfect, but you can be a 'technofobe' and still get on with it. Windows is the most awful, clunkiest, unintuitive piece of software, why do you think Android has made such a success in paralell with iPhone ??