Orange to offer its users a free weekly iTunes movie rental with Films To Go

Orange in the UK has teamed up with Apple to offer its users a free iTunes movie rental each week, under the name of Films To Go. The service, which is UK only, will offer a different movie each week. The movie will be available to view for 30 days but once you have started watching, you have 48 hours to complete it.

This week’s film is My Blueberry Nights with The Wrestler scheduled for next week. To get access to the free movie rentals, Orange customers just need to text FILMTOGO to 85060. You will then be sent a text message with a code to allow the free download via iTunes. The movie can then be viewed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

One small point to note, when you send the text message to Orange, you do get charged 35 pence for the privilege of receiving the code!

[Orange Film To Go]


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Reader comments

Orange to offer its users a free weekly iTunes movie rental with Films To Go


Excellent. My boyfriend is on Orange and I'm the tech-nerd Apple fan, so we both win. Yay. I do like the idea of their Orange Wednesdays deal (two for one cinema entry), but having a film to watch at home is better, who likes sitting with all those noisy popcorn and nacho munchers for two hours? Good for Orange.

You do realise the so called "free" film is not free as you have to text a code which costs and the film is what they say you have to watch, that sucks big time, it's this sort of thing that makes Orange the 4th worst carrier in the UK only 3 is worse !!!

That would make them the 2nd worst lol.
35p ain't exactly much it's and the wrestler which is next weeks film is considered a good movie.

So you have to pay 35p to get to watch a rubbish film that they choose and most people don't want to watch and it's iPhone quality, this is good how ???