Palm to go Retina Display with webOS 2.0, next generation handsets?

iPhone 4 vs Palm Pre Plus

Derek Kessler over at sibling site let us know that developer logs are showing traces of webOS 2.0 supporting the same 960x640 resolution as Apple's iPhone 4 Retina Display:

This time the developer was Killin’ It, and the app was the relatively popular game Cloud Hopper, As before, it’s entirely possible that somebody has performed some malevolent trickery to make this happen, but unlike theRoadrunner spotting in Foursquare’s Metrix logs, this one wouldn’t be quite so easy. Cloud Hopper’s source code has not been made publicly available like Foursquare’s, which means any charlatan attempting to pull the digital wool over our eyes would likely have to perform some pretty tricky modifications to the webOS emulator to get it to spit out Roadrunner HD as the device, webOS 2.0 as the OS, and the heretofore unseen 640x960 as the display resolution.

Given that the original Palm Pre matched iPhone 3GS in resolution and processors, and the easy iPhone games to PDK porting benefits that's given them, it's not hard to imagine a Pre 2 (or whatever the next generation device is called) will match iPhone 4 in the same way.

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Niners Fan says:

iPhone always have and always will, kill the crummy Plam PreCum!

BeeRad says:

@Niners Fan: That really showed your level of intelligence. Nice.
I have no problem whatsoever taking the same resolution as Apple. Pixel doubling isn't new, but Apple did it first on a phone (Imagine that.) Listen, the PDK is a powerful tool and it's enticing for devs to just port games and other apps (with proper API support of course) to the webOS. I am in hopes that if this is indeed true, that Palm will be smart enough to go larger than the old-in-the-tooth 3.5" screen of the iPhone. 3.7"-4.0". I will gladly give up some PPI for some real estate.
So in conclusion, I have no issues with going Apples resolution route and having pretty much the same beautiful display and apps but on a MUCH BETTER OPERATING SYSTEM.
Good day. ;)

Glenn#IM says:

To compete, Palm needs a bigger screen. It is just too small. Not all of us have 20 20 perfect vision.

Mrjr says:

First sentence: 960x640 not 960x480. Engadget made exactly the same mistake reporting on a similar hardware rumor.

Andrewnmartinez says:

@beerad Haha! Your funny, better operating system?? If it was so great we would see a large percentage of consumers with a webos phone. But no apples iOS has more iphone4 sold than all web OS phones put together! Im sorry to tell you but your phone is no match to the simplest most powerful OS. And before you attack me about open source bullshyt, im a jailbroken unlocked iphone 4 and can do whatever the fcuk i want :) so go some where for Piece of shyt fanboys who take it up the azz. Sorry but your phones obsolete and so will the next one be. Palm scuks HUGE 8============D

Nick says:

Pixel resolution doesn't mean Retina display, might be going with that resolution but the screen might be bigger so not achieving the same PPI that iPhone 4 retina display has. Either way I just hope next webOS device is a powerhouse with the hardware, Amazing OS limited by the sad hardware right now :( and I have to agree with Beerad, webOS is a better OS. iOS is really PalmOS 2.0 right now, iconic grid layout, poor notifications, saved state multi-tasking.

Jimbo says:

By your percentage logic, Windows is the best desktop OS, N*SYNC is better than the Beatles, and Taco Bell makes the world's best Mexican cuisine.

Mac says:

Andrew. That's the good old phone worship that I read tipb for. It's like reading a transcript of Jerry Springer. Yes, I have one question for the nunchuck kid in the wife beater. Did you really divorce your cousin to run off with a cell phone?

I didn't say it. says:

Why the heck is Palm 2.0's 960×640 resolution being called Retina display? That's an Apple marketing term. I hope that if Palm does match their resolution with Apple's, they better make a bigger screen. I agree, 3.7 - 4.0 is right on the money. Hope the next iPhone has 3.7"

Ulises says:

I believe the bigger resolution support could be for the Hp webOS tablet, but who knows...

OrionAntares#CB says:

Best marketing =/= best design
My guess is that the Pre would be the model for a new device that would take the Pixi's market spot because there are a lot of people that like the smaller design. Then the Pre's spot would be taken by a Driod\iPhone clone design.

jeanclaudevanDayam says:

i have a Pre.
Unless they get REAL APPS THAT I'VE HEARD OF there is NO chance i'm buying another palm phone. and even then the hardware sucks. i'm buying a phone to play music and for apps. the o.s. doesn't mean squat to me. worrying about that is like when people used to tell me a video game had great graphics. only problem was the game was useless cause it wasn't fun.

Fraydog says:

A larger screened iPhone would be great, I just don't know if Apple wants to make more than two iPhones at a time.

oscarq says:

i agree with whoever said web os is better than ios
multitasking is just amazzing and they did it in the beggining so i really think that next webos device is gonna blow us all
by the way am not just a fun boy kissing steve's ass , i know what i like and not just one of the million that follw steve like dogs

Case says:

I am just happy to see a bit of competition in the market because it helps to keep everyone honest. Not that I see the Palm as a threat to the iPhone :-)

Nettwerk says:

I have Palm Pre and iPhone 4. Apple did great job, I like retina display, it is perfect. I don't want go back to olds one. WebOS is most powerfull OS, if will be possible to install WebOS on iPhone 4, I'll do it. WebOS + iPhone 4 = I  phone.

zero credibility says:

amazing how everything is following. I really think Nokia should have brought Palm OS , Nokia make such amazing hardware, WebOS is equally polished .. but I guess they have bet everything on Maemo and Symbian.

Alex of says:

The resolution of a device counts more on the LCD display quality, than the operating system. For a more detailed view about webOS 2.0 and its features, check this: