UPDATED: Palm webOS 1.2.1 Re-Hacks iTunes 9 Sync


UPDATE 2: Apple, predictably, comments to Digital Daily:

“As we’ve said before, newer versions of Apple’s iTunes software may no longer provide syncing functionality with unsupported digital media players.”

UPDATE 1: PreCentral.net is back with the low-down on how Palm re-enabled iTunes sync in webOS 1.2.1:

by setting its Manufacturer to Apple and also perhaps by changing the USB Product ID to the iPod Video's (they even changing the serial number that appears when you plug it in with Media Sync).

ORIGINAL: Palm has just updated their software to webOS 1.2.1, and according to PreCentral.net, the changelog reads "Resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (9.0.1)"

Congrats Palm, just after we went and praised you for finally putting users ahead of your own ego, for spending your limited resources on solidifying your own software rather than hacking someone elses, after the USB-IF slapped the hand you yourself raised, you went ahead and showed your desire for blog press and whatever "daddy issues" exist between you and Apple, Rubinstein and Jobs, are what's most important to you. Kudos. Golf clap.

Bored now.

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Rene Ritchie

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UPDATED: Palm webOS 1.2.1 Re-Hacks iTunes 9 Sync


It's a bit more than wanting "blog press" or having daddy issues. Palm jailbreaking a competitor's app isn't exactly positive press anyways.
Palm promoted this feature from day one. It's in their literature. It's on their website. They even have an optional program they wrote to move amazon purchases into your itunes library automatically during syncs.
Itunes is their default media sync. New Pre users are basically directed to use itunes.
Palm does need their own thing. But simply stopping the itunes sync war isn't something they can do unless they're ready to roll out an alternative and do some major changes. They chose this path.

Ooh someone is bitter!
Just cos the mighty Apple cant get their own way and a much smaller company is getting one over on them!
Why wouldnt Apple want Palm to sync with them, its only Palm saying they see iTunes as the ultimate in Media/Music organisation!

Palm needs to go make their own music/media program, and stop riding on the heels of others. I don't respect people who are not original. I will NEVER buy a palm product because it will ALWAYS be steps behind.

good for you palm, even though you showed us you CANT make a solid media-synchronizing application that can match itunes (or at least work with itunes library, like all those syncing SW by mature companies), you are at least able to hack product of other company
oh well, USB-IF b*tch-slap incoming in 3..2..1..
i guess they need a bit more time, but im patient :)

I was waiting for this article from you Rene. Tell me why again this is on TiPB? Palm has come out and said that until this process takes more than 40 man hours (the process of renabling the sync) they will keep this up.
So stop making it sound like a team of engineers is working round the clock getting this fixed. It's one or two guys tops. It really doesn't concern iphone users anyway. But just to show how thoughtful I am I'll think of all you as I sync my Pre this morning.

If I were palm I'd do the same thing. Remember back in the day when Netscape sued Microsoft claiming their "Secret Microsoft onli APIs" caused a monopoly and the judge agreed? Anyone notice how Apple now does the same kind of things (software that only works with Apple hardware, hardware that only works with Apple software, secret APIs only Apple can use, and my personal favorite, rejecting apps that compete with their apps (eg duplicate functionality as they call it). But when it's Apple people are like "poor Apple everyone tries to pick on them because the iPhone is successful." when it is Microsoft it's more "Microsoft is only successful because they kill competition" it may not be 100% the same situation, but there are a lot of similarities.

dman: was Palms hotsync working with non-palm devices? sounds like monopoly to me... come on, stop with the hate and fanboyism, its pathetic

Apple HAS a right, to make whatever they want. iTunes and iPhone Sync is not a monopoly, people have the choice to buy other phones and MP3 devices.
If I was apple, I'd fight to keep my company alive by NOT allowing any one else "1up" me!
Go apple!

So what is this actually doing on an iphone blog anyway?? This is pretty lame. How many times do we have to hear Rene btch about something so irrelevant!? Who really cares. There are many other mp3 players that Microsoft doesn't manufacture that use windows media player to sync and you don't hear them being little btches about it. Apple needs to grow up. Its a successful software. Realize that when other manufacturers are trying so hard to use it, pat yourself on the back and spend your time on something else so palm can do the same and so Rene can stop putting these lame ass blogs up.

It's funny how in the same sentence Apple fanboys get pissy about palm pre iTunes sync hack then rejoice about pwnage tool for the iPhone 3GS. "Kettle black" just my 0.02

I agree that Palm is wrong for doing this, and it's more than just fanboyism. I mean, Apple has been trying to do it right since day 1. They built an end user experience around iTunes with many compatible products and I find it suspect that Palm just comes in and tries to get a piece of that. To me, Palm's lack of effort (to build their own end user experience) goes to show what kind of company Palm is. While I can also find it hard to agree with Apple's lack of flexability at times, I always know I am getting a superior product with Apple. And this superiority shows with many in the market trying to copy Apple. As a consumer, Palm's lack of innovation is upsetting because it doesn't help me any. With Palm, and everyone else, copying Apple, it doesn't push innovation - which ultimately is best for consumers. To me, this boils down to companies like Palm, who are in it just to make a quick buck, or else they would take the time to do things right, and companies like Apple who take pride in their products and innovations, and therefore make money from it. All this just makes me wonder why anyone would get a Palm in the first place.

ie had a monopoly size market share in the browser arena.. The iPhone is not a monopoly, that's what makes a difference...

Why all for it or all against it? Can one not be for certain degrees of a hack?

There's a difference between small-time developers hacking to jailbreak, and big corporations spoofing a competitor's product to gain an advantage.
Is this site full of know-nothing teenagers who are on their parents' family plan? I swear, some of the comments on here are mind-boggling.

Hello is it taking any money from you NO it's not Bro. It's not hurting anyone. And the whole corportation and a few devs argument is weak. I'm pretty sure Apple views it the same buddy! A hack is a hack. With the 3GS unlocked or jailbroken with this you can spoof AT&T tethering and make skype calls on 3G and stream sling on the network. Please cry me a river. Who owns the devise? Who owns the music you purchased? Who owns the MacBook that you use to jailbrake your iPhone. Your no different that palm. Get off the moral high ground and step away from the cool aid.

That's a very short-sighted point-of-view, mate. Sometimes one has to look at the grande scheme of things.

It's not short sighted in any sence. Why don't you think Apple doesn't take palm to court? Cause your boy Jon Ruberstien has the dirt on Apple and He better than anyone knows Apple uses patents from other companies and without paying for it and guess what some are from palm @Ray think outside of the box.
That's why palm took multitouch and that's why it chooses to hack iTunes because Apple does the same thing and can't say NOTHING! As the end users we really don't lose anything but gain. Same thinking of the dev team. There's is real reason why they're keep them selves anonymous and trust me they're not small time.

Oh yeah just to answere, yes I'm on the family plan but I'm the parent. Last time I checked I was a teen 13 years ago. Please just stop being --hypocritical-- which is really in fact the "mind-boggling" comments found on this site.

Palm needs to get their act together and get their own program. If they can product the slick PalmOS, then they have the capability to make their own media sync program.
WinMo doesn't rely on someone else's product. Apple doesn't rely on someone else's project. Palm does, and not only do they rely on it, they advertise it. Get real and get your own product.

While what you say maybe true, it still doesn't make what Palm is going correct, which was the premise of the article. If Apple has done something wrong, they should be held accountable, just like everyone else. And if what you say is true, one can hardly argue that Apple was not innovative in there of any patents, which was my original point. And with regards to the Dev Team, the hacks they create, it seems from all accounts, they do not profit from directly, which Palm does with iTunes.

1) Two wrongs do not make a right. No matter what Apple's faults might be, it doesn't mean they should allow Palm to pull this BS.
2) Calm down. Your big post came off as a rant, especially with your misspellings and double-negatives ("Apple can't say NOTHING!" as an example). You totally blew your credibility here.

@Ray It's part of the business bro Palm is now just doing what Apple has been doing for years. It's how apple survived the 90s darkage. Those devs don't make money because if they did get payed directly if sued by Apple thier arguments wouldn't hold water in court compared to Palm which holds pantents used by Apple today. I'm calling a spade a spade ok bud. Oh BTW Jon Rubersriend dam help creat iTunes. Plus Jon had the gall to say basically to Apple in a interview Apple will not try to sue us because we hold pantents too. Thus the whole cat and mouse game! (Rene Richie you know what I'm talking about.)
IMOP palm goofed up by going to USB-IF and it backfired because USB-IF is not gonna condone hacking of any sort.

@kiaser Like I said step away from the apple flavored kool aid for two min. Either your for hacking or your against it, that's the base of my argument. You can't choose to say yeah that is a good hack and that's a bad hack. I'm not saying what is right or wrong. LoL that's detemined by who's getting hacked.
(BTW please don't be grammer Nazi use that to try kill an agrument cause that's kinda lame!)

apple has the money to bury palm. Patents or no patents, this is not a fight palm will win....hopefully for their sake apple let's it go....who knws though

lol @ apple being able to sue palm. Not happening with palms huge patent portfolio. Its funny to. You people are riding some high horse pretending like you really care but what in fact is pissing you off is that palm is 1uping apple. Booooo hoooo live with it.

Yikes. There was a lot of tough reading in this post. Grammer, people. It really does make a difference.
If I owned a Palm product, I'd be fairly upset that my phone only sometimes synced with iTunes instead of what was advertised. Palm should be thinking of the CUSTOMER experience first. Their issues of entitlement are taking the priority and THAT is not good business.
If I used iTunes exclusively and owned a Pre, I'd be fairly upset with Apple for the same thing. Apple seems to have forgotten that owners of the Pre that use iTunes are THEIR customers, too, and THAT is not good business.
I don't see how we can praise either company for their petty gameplay. The customer remains in the middle.

@therealtruth Please that's weak, Apple will bury no one. Eminem and Pystar ring a bell. Heck Apple is 0-2 against Eminem and lost the "big one" against Microsoft. Last time I check Apple hasn't won nothing in court as of late. I'm pretty sure Palm has bags of money too. BTW "if your either for us or against us" attitude was pretty much invented by Jobs himself so shiaaaddaap! @slay thank you. Don't get me wrong I love Apple and it's products since 2001 when I got my 1st iPod but I don't put them out be the infallible.

@spicerak2 cheers! I like your argument. I feel like if your buy something it's now yours product. Your not renting it and you can do what ever you want with it. The reason palm is doing this is because they have a freaking X-apple employee Who's now running the show and he brought that same Apple mentality with him. Like I said I'm not saying who is right or wrong because in reality they're both guilty of the same thing. Palm is saying you use our stuff and we'll use your stuff. In a game Apple started and now doesn't want to play. To bad.

I don't understand all this vitriol. There is more than one way to synch music with the Pre, and this simple hack by Palm adds one more way. I'm sure they've thought of the implications this would have if Apple sends them a C&D, and since that hasn't happened yet one can only imagine that there is nothing enforcible there.
Should Palm find another way? Absolutely. Should they stop enabling synch with iTunes? I don't see why they should.

@Ali thank you. I'm not on any medication:)
But just like swine flu some people tend to want to be infected with the apple flu of fanboyism and only drink the purple stuff in the back of the refrig stead of the Sunny-D that is in front of them. Like I said a hack is a hack and there is no way around that fact.

I’m pretty sure Palm has bags of money too.

Hahaha! Do you have any idea what you're talking about? In the past two years, Palm has received three separate cash infusions from Elevation Partners and just recently had a stock offering to raise more cash. And this was three months after their flashship new wait-and-see platform was available. They are still in deep financial trouble, especially since the Pre simply is not selling as well as they had hoped.
You don't know anything.

@bosco Trust me when I say this, Palm has bags of money bro, more money then your boy Eminem has! I agree that they are not in the same level as other companies but in the world of patents they hold bags of it and in basic translation that = money!
This is the main reason this is not going to court. Settlement agreement in 3...2..1

@truth Government class teaches us that is called dictatorship. It's funny to me how Apple doesn't have the same approach when it comes to buying music from another music store and decide load it up to iTunes. Hmmm interesting.
(To tell you the truth, I can't image how bad Apple will get when it starts to make big market shares in the PC market. It's gonna get ugly)

@derek I'm not trying to troll, but please do make a honest argument against what I'm saying instead of reverting to "Who let the child in? Someone call his mother!" argument, because that's a LAMO response.

@SpiceRac3: <--just gave you a promotion!

Apple seems to have forgotten that owners of the Pre that use iTunes are THEIR customers, too, and THAT is not good business.

This is what it all boils down to. If Apple would just stop treating some of their customers like second class citizens this would all blow over.
The best apple could do, would be to publish the Sync protocol for iTunes. License it for some small fee if they wanted. Let anyone use it, and rake in the profits. Having captures 70% market share of world wide on-line music sales, and then spending the time to p^ss off some minuscule tiny percentage of their customers is just childish. I though Apple was about making money. Seems like a lot of Ego Puffing and Chest Thumping is going on if you ask me.
Grow Up Apple. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Take the money and run.
Just stop telling Winmo, Palm, and Android customers, that, yes, you can ride on the bus, as long as you have money, but you have to sit in the back. You have to use some lame crippled manual sync method.
I'm constantly amused at all the people rushing to defend Apple like it was a baby crawling on the freeway.

hi guess first off english isnt my first languages either so sorry for wrong spelling. anyway that is all baby shit. itunes should be a open medium like all the other music mediums out here. KORG sees things pretty damn straight. can palm help it that the pre is the better phone then the iphone? no i mean i used both phones iphone is great but 3 generations until it has pretty much all the feature a pre has now is pretty lame and email is still not great on iphone like only 2 pictures per email i can receive lame. pre it doesnt matter how much attachments it has in a email. and the multitaskin is pretty sweet it just blows everything else away where can u listen to pandora use gps navigation use email and youtube in hd and every other app at the same time on one device running at the same time? non its just palm pre sorry guys. and itunes and keeping it to themselves isnt the way to go. sharing is better that makes a company grow and get better new ideas new influences just makes things grow. and apple is just afraid that there ihpone is getting out of time what is actually is it still looks the same after 3 generations no new device that actually is a new iphone. then having no removable batterie is old school. well the ihpone has a lot of apps but palm open webos lets you greate your own apps and it isnt long out andm it has like 400 apps avaiable trough all the hacking and dev pages and stuff. having open platforms just let everyone share good things and isnt a showing of weakness. i never agreed with holding things back. someone always has a better idea so why dont share it. apple is still an old school american company that still thinks in old american ways and you see where this took america. it screwed up because they never listen to other countries they went to the same stuff and how they fixed it. sometimes is time to get your head out of your butt and to rethink the ways of doing things. people dont bitch there is more important stuff to worry about so enjoy your iphone pre blackberries let us enjoy the things we have and what phones are able of doing newer days and one more thing i dont think apple can sure palm for doing what they do. palm is just smart enough to hack the itunes. so soon other companise will follow and then apple itunes will give in. and its just for the better. not everyone wants a iphone or an ipod to use itunes on or to listen to it and make people not allow to choice what device they can use is pretty bad. nazi times are over. its the land of the free. its time to act like it and grow up.

Some people have to understand that not all of the iPhones innovation came from a cupertino lab. I can name several companies that help make it happen for Apple, but I applaud Apple for being the first in putting it all together. I personally think the palm pre OS is great but it's fundamentally crippled by implementation of the hardware.
@Arthor if anybody says anything about your grammar just say this, "YOOO, take your spoon out of my alphabet soup."

Just wanna make sure I understand you correctly: there is no difference between a hack done for no profit (not even donations) to enhance the functionality of a device that was intended for iTunes (hence, developed by the same company) versus a hack done by a corporation where the sole purpose behind it is profiting off someone else's efforts? Apple can squeeze their brains to come up with the "experience" and someone else can enjoy a free ride? not only free but also make money off the ride?
Got it. Thanx.
@icebike: I don't think Apple really "needs" the extra customers from these 3rd party devices. Don't forget Apple always tries to maintain an experience where they can control. 3rd party devices = more support headache and the possibility for the experience to be ruined (although not Apple's fault, yet the customers wont differentiate the fault). It's a matter of priorities to Apple; expanding customer base versus quality control. A prime example is Vista. When it came out, the 3rd party devices manufacturers were not ready with drivers and support (although they had more than enough time o get ready) and that resulted in BSODs and such. Although it's the manufacturers' fault, the average consumer just bashed Vista and moved on.
Apple is trying to avoid that.

ya true i should. hey i dont try to diss the ihpone here at all i just saying it is not perfect either and the pre just seems like the more mature phone in his first gen then the iphone in his 3rd gen both phones are great and i agree the iphone seems like hardwarewise the better made phone higher quality. put palm cam back strong and i hope apple will actually will bring out finally a new iphone and hey soon someone comes out with a better and brighter idea and new inovation and then people will bitch about and talk about that so all cool.

and u still can use free itunes on the pre u still need to sign up for ur account so whats the f ing difference seriously wow there is a different device able of using it. big deal boo hooo wa wa cry my a river. jeez whatelse is inerrelevant on our planet. focus on the real problems.

@melwan True profit is can't be quantified solely monetarily, but I guaranty that the Dev Team has that on the top list in their job résumé! It's how google makes money...

For the record:
1. I pay for my own At&T plan.
2. I am NOT a teenager.
3. I support Apple because they put out original products that are well made.
If you are going to complain about apple being "close-minded" than think about this:
You event something, that works well...would you want someone else to "piggy-back" on your invention for THEIR profit??
Not me, I'd sue them or block them from jumping on my back and using my invention.
Palm MADE themselves the bastard child of Apple when they claimed to be able to sync to iTunes.
iPhone > Palm > Blackberry


more support headache and the possibility for the experience to be ruined (although not Apple’s fault, yet the customers wont differentiate the fault).

Citation needed.
Customers buying a Pre will most certainly differentiate the fault.
I'm not a fan of always assuming other users are always idiots.

WELL THINK ABOUT IT IF SOMEONE SAYS YA YOU CAN DRIVE ON THAT HIGHWAY BUT ONLY IF YOU USE THAT ONE SPecific car would you think that is ok? if someone tells you you only can eat at mcdonalds when you eat a salad and nothing else would you like that? i dont think you would and for apple it is a way to even get more money in there pockets because you still need to sign up with itunes to use the palm pre with it so there isnt anything that changes.


You invent something, that works well…would you want someone else to “piggy-back” on your invention for THEIR profit??

Yes. Absolutely.
If Toyota invents a great car, I should be able to use it in my job to make money. Even if my job is selling Fords. If I give comparison rides in my bought and paid for Prius to prospective Ford customers, its none of Toyota's business.
As long as you get your money, what I do with it after the fact is none of your business.
If I pay my iTunes bill, that's all that matters.

Apple is guilty of the same thing, how is that so hard to understand. Most companies are guilty of this in some form or another. @VM before the Pre was even publicly introduced Apple was ripping off patents from Palm and other companies and most of them didn't say anything and still don't to this day. Understand that is part of the business. Heck Steve Jobs lives by this credence, "good artists copy great artists steal",
but I regress...

ya absolutly i agree on KORG and ICEBIKE so long you pay it doesnt matter and yes it is know that apple did a lot of not ok stuf. i think personally the biggest problem is that people are pissed that the palm pre is so a great device and that there is finally a phone that ubeats the almighty iphone. be honest that i think is the whole issue in the first place. there will be always something better so what does it matter right?

"finally putting users ahead of your own ego, for spending your limited resources on solidifying your own software rather than hacking someone elses"
more misinformation from the iphone blog, i see.
re-enabling iphone sync is putting "customers first" because it lets their customers do more with their device.
limited resources? seems like re-enabling sync isn't particularly resource intensive since they've already done it a few times in short order. also, this blog's opinion buys into the "mythical man month" fallacy.
finally, must every company be a media company, with its own syncing solution? can't we encourage an ecosystem where not all companies have to be exactly like apple, and some can just focus on making excellent devices without having to build their own version of itunes, music store and all?

Wow so u guys rather hold the bat to strike Apple and all they did was come up with one of the best ideas, yet u have no problem with Palm who is clearly playing like a dirty teenager espicially after they had been told not to do so from USB IF. If u don't really see the problem with Palm's business behaviour and decisions, let's just say thank god the majority is not like u.
U know, as bad as fanboys can be, hateboys are not any better. Not one bit.

Is it so hard to understand that Aple isn't locking out Palm? There is an XML file that comes with your iTunes which contains all your playlists.
Palm could not be bothered to write their own program to sync to iTunes, instead they employ programmers to make the Palm Pre to pretend to be an iPod.
That's what this whole charade is all about, a company, namely Palm, who blew the big time, now exploit their newly gained 'underdog' status, while short-changing their own customers.
If I was their customer I would ask them: When you promised iTunes sync, did you have the lisenses in place and the appropriate software to fulfill that promise so that you can guarantee me uninterupted service?
Well Palm had nothing but a cheap marketing plan in which they use their customers as hostages hoping that Apple would in the end just ignore them.
Pretty desperate and shameful, and it doesn't even work.

hmm it works. everytime big apple change the itunes bam palm breaks it. so i guess it will go on like that until apple gives up on it or the owner tries to sue palm what wont work because then to much dirty clothes from apple comes out that they do stuff like that to. so ya.

i just think people have to do better things then argue about this all day long. so i guess we will see what happens and how it ends so it isnt your or mine or everybody elses business its strick between apple and palm. so are we finally done with it?

@baluga Talking to fanboys is like talking to dinning room table. No one is guilt free in this argument. To take sides with either company is to take sides with another thief. Is that so hard to understand? Should palm make thier own sync software, I don't see why they can't. Do I care? Not really! (I don't own any palm products.) Are pre users complaining about this? NO, and in fact not much sleep is lost from this.
Except you! Why? Because you need to step away from the cool aid.

Point blank I'm ending this as I won this argument. Plus really why even waste time. I'm not making any money from this....

i agree its my first palm product i couldnt had cared less about palm but serious the pre is a great phone and did u know that a lot of ex employees from apple made that pre? anyway. i do not care if it can sync with itunes or not because i dont use itunes i use rhapsody what by the way doesnt restrict u unlike apple itunes. well i hope we all can move on and care about important things now?

I'm not sure what the fuzz is all about. It's clear that what Palm has been doing with iTunes is a bad business practice. Palm not only discredits itself as a company but also does disservice to their customers. It's not a question of "should they enable iTunes sync or not". They should but it should be done the right way.

well palm ask apple to let them do use itunes but apple didnt want to palm offert money but aspple couldnt get theire heads out of their butts and say yes so well palm doesnt need permission i guess they can do it themselves seems like it. if apple wouldnt be so stuck up and bull headed i guess things went way different in the first place.

@striatic Its not misinformation just because you disagree with it, any more than yours is if I disagree with you. That's the beauty of the post/comment system.
I stick my my view that Palm offering a feature they have no control over is reckless and anti-user. Apple's promised nothing and provides iTunes for iPod customer sync, that's it. It's not a platform just because it's popular.
Palm should just sync with iTunes XML like everyone else does -- or buy DoubleTwist already :)

it just not about palm here its about the right for every music playing device to use itunes and i dint see why they shouldnt apple would just make more money this way palm is fighting here for everybodies right to use itunes period. it is selfish not to allow otheronce to use it. apple just doesnt like competition.

Who cares if the Pre can sync with itunes! I wish Apple would stop this nonsense and focus of fixing this garbage OS3.1 they put out!

yeah if the other device makers are too lazy to come up with their own integrated solution, which might actually be beneficial to their customers, just use someone elses....makes perfect sense...

well true but all the other medias open to everyone so why should not be itunes? rhapsody and all the other onces everyone can use as well maybe all the other medias should exclude apple devices from allowing to sync with them how would that be??

and steve jobs said apple and mac steal and he doesnt has a problem to admit it. well and now he is a little pissi baby because someone else does it. dont do something what u dont want otheronce to do. right?

( :-) Promotion accepted!)
Like I said, I think it's the customers caught in the middle that need the attention. Apple is missing the big picture...
...and so is Palm. There should be no problem with syncing the Pre with iTunes, but did Palm really think of their customers when they advertised compatibility? They knew that there would be no (negotiated) support from Apple. All these disruptions, however brief, diminish the customer's experience.

who gives a shit, apple and palm are both wrong, all you nerd who favor apple, are probably running a jailbroken iphone stop being hypocrites.
bottom line nobody cares but riaa who owns the music online retail funnel. and with that said, this is why apple is making their money staying afloat, they failed in pc market way back in the 80's and never recovered.

apple didn't invent the mp3
apple didn't invent the first mp3 player
apple did nothing revolutionary they simply tied their mp3 player to their online store. and only their store.

p.s if iphone was so great their would be no reason to jailbreak.
2nd note, is considering that an iphone is pwnd even before the next version comes out its laughable.

HEY.. If I'm paying 1.29 a fucking song I should be able to Sync whatever the hell I want to iTunes.
Of course I can see why Apple isn't backing down, they're so anal that they don't want anyone touching their software. But because I'm paying for the content that iTunes manages and even the devices it syncs to, they need to stfu.

Trust me when I say this, Palm has bags of money bro, more money then your boy Eminem has! I agree that they are not in the same level as other companies but in the world of patents they hold bags of it and in basic translation that = money! This is the main reason this is not going to court. Settlement agreement in 3…2..1

Oh really? Is that why they just diluted their stock in an offering last week in order to raise $300M? What patents exactly are Apple infringing? Palm has a long history of losing court cases: Graffiti with Xerox, smile keyboard with RIM. The only one they won was when they bought BeOS and sued Microsoft for killing it a decade ago.
Remember, Apple spearheaded the Newton years before the Pilot ever came out. They are flush with their own patents. Palm does not have the cash, nor the technical basis to sue Apple over anything significant.

Hey geniuses guess what it's about a proper license. Btching about monopoly from apple. Hmm that's weird blackberry has a license and can sync to iTunes now legally as a blackberry device. Palm just wants to take the easy road ie: software updates instead of getting a license like RIM did with their devices go find the article I think it's on appleblog.com. Not an apple fan boy either.

With every new post u do, it's becoming harder and harder to believe you are a "parent". My 3 year old acts in a more stable way ;)
Just sayin'

not a tard or should i say apple fanboy?
anyway palm ask apple for permission to sync with itunes apple didnt want them to. maybe it has to do with it that some ex apple employees left and went to palm to make the pre the same guys made the iphone. so maybe. did u ever wonder why apple put 3 iphones on the market they look the same and only have a little bit more stuff in them? maybe apple isnt cappalbe of really bringin a new inovative phone or so out by themself after losing some of there employees to palm? i dont know where u can pull it of to bring out 3 generations of the same look same phone. wow not impressive sorry. anyway listen top KORG and BOSCO and ect they know what they r talking about.

r just right it just u pay for it anyway why not using ur own freaking device u dont and should not have to have a apple device to use it. it will apple is just like nazis in a way. they tell u what to do and how but not let u choice by ur own will. well nazi times are just over apple.

Hilarious! Oh my God that's too funny. Palm Jailbreaks iTunes again... I really don't see the downside for Apple, this guaranties they stay the #1 retailer of digital music. I really don't understand what people with jailbroken iPhones have against jailbroken Pre's. Actually that's a great idea...Pre's running Cydia!

What a pack of whiners on here. "apple doesn't like competition, apple just wants to make more money,etc.". Of course! And what the fuck is wrong with that? Bottom line is that if palm really gave a shit about their customers they'd come up with their own solution and not rely on someone elses. End of story.

I'd you don't like the way apple does things don't use their products. Pretty simple really. And if you have a pre and are pissed cause apple doesn't want it using their software, direct your anger towards palm. Why can't they come up with their own solution. Shit, even microsofts come up with a good solution

well just saying that a style change has to come. no one brings out 3 of the same phone in 3 generations and only puts a little bit more in it. at least blackberry lg palm ect chnages they style of the 2 3 generation a little bit. and i actually dont care if i can use itunes or not is just apple can make more money if they allow every to use it u have to pay for it anyway. its like u dont wanna be allowed only to use a street or enter a city if u drive a specific car or so. simple is that. and it is just time we can maybe agree on that to change the ihpones style. apple has to com up with a new idea. style wise and maybe put in multitaskin in there next generation iphone. i can imagine not using pandora gps navigation tv email internet blogs youtube at the same time on on device that just pretty impressive time to step up the game IPHONE :-)

we all knew one day the day would come someone is finally making the better touchscreen multimedia business phone then the iphone and that ok because it keeps the competion alive and soon some makes a better phone then the pre and thats fine to competition is great and thats what makes things bigger and better.

all the companies you name have multiple devices....their is a single iphone. maybe eventually we will see others.....adding gps....double the ram, processing power....the app store....these are all things that have come about since the first generation. just because it doesn't look any different doesn't mean it isnt. i think the iphone will change when apple deems it nescessary, they seem to know what they are doing, no? as far as your car/street analogy...well it makes no sense....streets are paid for by the taxpayers and built by the city or state from that money. itunes is a creation of apple...it is their program. therefore it is up to them what they do or don't do with it. when you download the program you agree to certain things by checking that box. this does actually mean something......as far as multitasking goes...yeah id like it with certain apps....but at this point id rather have improved battery life......not a step down in that area

well the memolry and the batterie is a strong part in the iphone. but u can get stronger batteries for the pre but oh wait the iphone cant remove the batterie thats a really old school and out of style option right there typical apple not allowing people to choice using a different batterie. my brother has a iphone and i know iphone peoples are proud of there iphone but it was nice to see that someone who has an ihpone and after using the pre admitted that the pre is the better phone besides the batterie life and the few apps but i remember that when iphone came out in first generation it had les apps then pre so no big deal there. and people they actually use the pre from there ihpone are surprised that they have just better and faster 3g period more 3g coverage period and wait on a cheaper network hmm how can that work. it just does. but i think if the iphone would be on verizon it would be all even more restriced then it is on att then one thing i have to say is even if att 3g coverage is just plain bad they at least allow there costumers more freedom on there phone then verizon. and how do u explain that it even after 3 generation just plain has less stuff on it the ihpone then a first generation phone? thats just unexcuseable besides the apps the ihpone is just less capable of doing things then the pre. prove is email i can receive a email with 20 attachments and pictures on the pre with no problem the ihpone breaks down with more then 3 pictures thats just lame and well. one day someone brings out a better phone then all the other once and then people will be all mad about that again. well live has to much to offer then worrying about phones and stuff. and well and u can make calls on both phones so i guess thats what matters most doesnt it????

if you have a pre and you like it....good for you. why are you even discussing the iphone? i just dont get it....

lol not sure i guess it got kinda out of the point what here is really the matter. well to end this conversation from my part. whatever apple and palm come to a agreement or whatever happens we cant do anything about it anyway its all up to apple and palm i guess. is there problem not ours. we all should be be worrying about more important things.

And this matter to you, or indeed effects you, how exactly? Is it that important to you that only the iPhone syncs with iTunes?