Pebble releases official public watch face SDK

Pebble releases official public watch face SDK

Pebble has released the public watch face SDK for its E-Paper smart watch. Developers can now start making their own watch faces for the device, which iOS users will install via the Pebble iPhone app.

Your patience has been rewarded…you have a brand new Pebble Smartwatch in your hands. And, of course, now you want to make it do your bidding.

This developer documentation will show you how to create your own functionality for a Pebble Smartwatch.

The Pebble smart watch started shipping to Kickstarter backers in January in limited numbers. Many are still waiting for their watch to arrive. While the SDK currently covers watch face apps, you can expect that standard app support will follow soon. Pebble has noted that it isn’t currently possible to install apps created with the SDK via the iPhone app, but say that an updated version of the app has been submitted to the App Store.

Source: Pebble

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Reader comments

Pebble releases official public watch face SDK


I'm glad the SDK is out. I would be more happy if my watch was here. They don't even have an estimate on when colors aside from red will ship.

I'm sure those who supported this kickstart will be excited when the product arrive. Will be the first with a watch that may be a part of changing the future.

Well the pebble is proppably the only thing which would make me switch my windows phone for iPhone. Soo lets see what will come out of it :)

I would love to see a full Apple watch but in the meantime I have a watch band that I put my iPod nano in and I use it as a watch. Works great and no one that I have run into has one like it!!!

I ordered a Pebble over a year ago and still do not have the watch. They are having a lot of problems with delivering any colored watches. I had to change my order from grey to black and even doing so it will take two more weeks to get one. While the technology was unique in the beginning of Pebble's lifespan, I'm not too sure that in the long haul Pebble will be leader in the segment of computer watches unless someone else helps them out with their design and technology.