Ping might get killed off in the next version of iTunes

Ping might get killed off in the next version of iTunes

Ping, Apple's ill-fated music social network, may be seeing its end of life in September with the next major release of iTunes.

Ping launched in September of 2010 and went ages without plugging into Facebook despite lengthy negotiations. At its Core, Ping enables users to share their tastes with other iTunes users, including what concerts they're going to as well as what music they've recently downloaded. It's also a place for artists to showcase what they're up to, and give fans the opportunity to follow. Ping absolutely failed to take off, and Apple CEO Tim Cook said as much in his interview at D10.

So, is anyone shedding a single tear for Ping? Was there anything it could have done to save it from getting the axe? Are dedicated streaming services owning the social music landscape solely because they can play nice with Facebook, or is there something more that they're doing that Ping never managed to?

Source: AllThingsD

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Ping might get killed off in the next version of iTunes


great news! I am so tired of accidentally hitting the button and activating it. I'll be happy when and if it's removed.

Thank goodness. Its hard to break into social and Google+ is learning the same thing. People just do not pick up new social networks or change from an existing one just because its the latest thing or has one new bang up feature. I think Facebook has a lock for a while to come. There has to be some whole new paradigm for communicating to stop Facebook and my guess is that we will not see that for a while.

Ping sucks. Nice try, Apple. You guys suck at social. That's why you're just integrating the folks that are good at it (Twitter now Facebook)...which is a smart move.

I remember when Ping came out. The comments section on all the Apple fan sites were gushing praise. I commented that it looked a lot like Zune Social which had been out for a couple of years at that time with little traction. I was shot down.