Poll: Has AT&T Switched on Your MMS Early?

Some readers are hitting us up saying they can already access MMS on AT&T. This has been happening for a while, of course. Justin was able to use MMS during the 3.1 beta, after all. We figured AT&T was testing the system. Now, AT&T officially has until the promised September 25 drop date to get all iPhone users up and running, however, it appears more and more people are gaining access to MMS and it's not going away (at least yet).

So, in an effort to find out just how widespread this early MMS access is, we're running the poll above, and if you are getting MMS already, asking you to let us know where, and for how long in the comments below.

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Poll: Has AT&T Switched on Your MMS Early?


Well how can you tell if you have MMS or not? I'm assuming I don't have it since I don't have the camera icon in the Messages screen.

How can anyone have mms if there isn't even a button in the messages app to allow you to add a pic to a MSG?

Live south of Chicago and don't have MMS yet....for those of you who do have it, are you running OS 3.1? And if so, did you have to connect your phone to your computer and download an update?


I got a 3G...on 3.0 with 5.0 AT&T carrier. and I have MMS options and tethering but I don't think AT&T has changed my opt out code or whatever. Hopefully in a few days though !!

I have MMS now working on my 3GS in WI. I installed the 5.1 carrier file. My only issue is when I have my Wi-fi turned on my phone, I get the red "!" when I try to send. When I turn Wi-fi off it sends fine. Anyone have an idea why?

i can send with wifi on but I talked to Att guy about it and he said that the phone can't access the Att data plan with wifi on... I did not really belive him but that's what he said

I have MMS on 3.1 with the 5.1 carrier file. It's been working since Thursday afternoon. I'm in Houston, TX, by the way.

Just did the appleiphoneschool.com and it works....excellent!! can't believe I'm this excited SMS

I loaded the carrier file 5.1, and the camera icon magically appeared in the text message app. It didn't work right away, but after a few days it started working. I have been using the $hit out of it ever since.

Central Illinois - MMS enabled but had to be on a non iphone text plan. Tried switching to an iphone messaging plan but mms was blocked again. Switched back to non-iphone messaging and mms :)

I had mms since last Sunday it's working flawlessly!! Thanks AT&T!! I'm in Oklahoma BTW

I have MMS on 3.1 with the ATT 5.1 carrier file. Its been working since this morning. Im in Richmond, VA

Dave from WI: What City are you in? I'm in Milwaukee, installed the new Carrier file and still a no go on MMS.

Nothing here in MI, running 3.1/5.0 AT&T is taking there time with this one. I'm thinking there will be a 3.1.1 in sept. 25

@ Al Same here. I don't know if it's worth it. I am wondering when AT&T does update the MMS in my area my iPhone will get screwed up.

I have noticed that in South Africa after the 3.1 update MMS settings for Vodacom are visible but if you try and send an MMS it bombs out after a while, what you might want to try is turning of 3G service, this seems to help in sending MMS. Not ideal but a way of doing it till our SP's sort out there networks

I have MMS after having downloaded the AT&T 5.1 carrier profile. Visual voicemail and my tethering hack both still work flawlessly.
Curiously, why are some people saying things like "apple better add a bunch of cool stuff to make me upgrade"? I really don't think it makes a difference to Apple if a few stubborn customers didn't upgrade, and is it really that big of a deal? It takes what, 10-20 minutes (minus the backup) to upgrade your phone from 3.0 to 3.1? Why not have it? Unless you for some very odd reason CANNOT come up with 20 mins to spare, there's no reason not to upgrade, and then bitch about how Apple didn't sell 3.1 to you well enough.
Ok, my ranting and bitching is done. :D

Canada has MMS officially since day one. How many times did I use it? ONE - just to test that it works. LOL.

I loaded a hacked .ipcc file onto my phone a while back which unlocked the phone for MMS on the iPhone side. Then at a little after midnight on the 5th of this month I have been able to send and receive MMS :)

I live in Hawaii and MMS started working on Wednesday - but not all of my friends were able to get theirs to work. Someone said they heard it has to do with the family plan messaging vs. the individual plan. ?

whats strange for me is in my network settings i have i have MMS but my vvm is gone. The only thing i have done was the hack to get tethering a few months before 3.1 came out. My tethering is still there but the vvm info is gone there isn't even an area for me do add acds.voicemail very strange, i guess ill use the 5.1 carrier file.

I'm updated with 3.1software. No mms yet. I'll wait til the 25th for the mms. Not a real big deal at the moment.

after updating the carrier file to 5.1 i have the ability to select a photo in a message but it doesn't send, it loads almost all the way and stops, my vvm info is also still missing but i still have tethering... curious, anyone have any ideas?

I believe what others are expressing regarding the upgrade to 3.1 is the sacrifice of features that are currently enabled on their phones. If the phone is jailbroken with MMS and tethering, not to mention other ideal functions which are currently not offered through Apple; all of that would be relinquished after the upgrade until there is a safe way to side load those features back on.
3.1 does not offer enough changes to warrant that temporary loss for some people. I don't think it has anything to do with the time and effort to upgrade.
Hope that helps.

This is bullcrap! I should have had MMS last year because my sense of entitlement is more important than the rest of the world's!!! Whine, whine, whine, bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan!!! I need my ass kicked big time!!!

Working here (just outside Wash. D.C.) as of this morning. Have 5.0 ipcc loaded on 3GS/3.0 and non-iphone 200 messaging plan.

Using 3.1 with 5.0 carrier file (which as I understand it comes standard with 3.1, even though I installed it a couple months ago), and I'm up and running in Hartford, CT

Let me correct my previous statement..."no MMS just yet!" without having to install the updated ipcc on my 3GS.

I'm in new York and I still don't have MMS. But I'll wait till the 25. There us no rush. I'm happy with the the 3.1 update. Since I updated I notice that the speed of the iPhone (3g) got better

I am using 3.0 software and have MMS. AT&T must have just switched it on for me as it started working on Sunday! I have the updated 5.0 carrier file.

nothing here in Las Vegas. and i didnt do the apple school hack. i do have 3.1 but nothing on mms. And when i updatred to 3.1 i noticed the click sound when i type has gone too quiet. it sounds like i have a finger covering the speaker but i dont. and that is the only thing i didnt like about my update to 3.1 its CRAP...........

So I did the apple school hack...just wondering if there are any repercussions to it...increased billing, red flag to AT&T, that sort of thing. Thanks

@EAPR I said that because I am very happy with my phone the way it is now. I have MMS finaly, flawless tethering, and the phone is running smooth as butter. I don't really care if apple cares if I upgrade or not, I was saying that because for once I have everything I need on one device.

Is it really worth bothering with screwing up your VVM to have MMS 11 days early??

No MMS for me here in San Diego, CA..... Reminds me of a song in iTunes, "San Diego/California /I want to goooooooo/ to la Jolla /& Coronado ....

No mms in Philadelphia but I'm on 3.1 with carrier file 5.0 but I have the tethering option available on my phone which I find odd

the new profile will work if you get off the iphone text pack and on to a messaging plan. IE put your sim in a non iphone and log into your account and switch to the messaging plan you want

ATT insists they have not turned on MMS:
So I have to ask:
Does Anyone here have MMS on AT&T who:
1) is not jailbroken
2) Has not installed an unauthorized/third party carrier file?
3) is using a US/ATT iPhone?
4) has not in any way tinkered around with the phone?
Show of hands please?
Carrier files can belivered OTA or via iTunes, but the current one is 5.0, so if you did some gray-market upgrade to 5.1 (Like David and COOLJoe), you don't count...

Icebike, I'm certain no one who's using MMS on AT&T is using the pre-packaged carrier file. The entire purpose of the 5.1 carrier file is to enable those features on the phone; the carrier file bundled with the latest official update has MMS and Tethering set to off.
I doubt MMS availability has anything to do with location, but instead is simply based on whatever random method AT&T is using to go through and activate it on each account.

So, David you are saying that, as far as you know, every report of getting MMS working is due to using a non-official carrier file?
The press seems to think there are a LOT of people getting MMS, but very few of the articles mention the 5.1 trick.

Used the carrier hack to get 5.1 but no MMS no matter what steps I took from around the forums. I put back on the 5.0 carrier file after the failed attempts.

I am in Cleveland, OH. I am on an iphone 3g (jailbroken 3.0) and I updated to ATT carrier 5.0 file per the appleiphoneschool.com directions. I was able to send MMS to a verizon wireless user, but when they sent me a pic I didn't get it. So I guess it's halfway deployed in Cleveland OH. It was pretty cool when I got it working.

BTW, I can't get tethering to work. The option was there when I first applied the carrier 5.0 file but now it's gone after rebooting iphone.

I've had mms for hmm about 2 mos now. Tmobile. You know the inferior carrier lol. I'm still running 3.0

icebike, exactly. The current carrier file supplied by Apple/AT&T does not provide for enabled MMS on the phone itself. The only way to even have the camera icon enabled, regardless of whether one can actually send or receive an MMS, is to apply the carrier file update. Simply put, no iPhone running the 'latest' software obtained through iTunes is going to be able to MMS right now -- not until AT&T offers the carrier file update later this month.

Tried yesterday and it works!!!!! I am so happy! weird thing is that it is not working on my girls iPhone, and we are in the same family plan... AT&T must me testing it out...

Updated my 3GS, and my wife's 3G with 5.1 yesterday. Rebooted, and we both have fully functional MMS. Nashville, TN.

My MMS is working with family plan in TX but my g/f in Houston isn't receiving my MMS I send to her not even the stupid direction on how to get online with the username and password. I am on a 3GS 3.0 jailbroken with AT&T carrier file 5.0 but from what I've read you can change your carrier file without it being jailbroken.

I am now able to receive MMS messages on my jailbroken 3.0 firmware, ATT 5.0 carrier file iphone 3G. I am in Cleveland, OH. I was only able to send MMS last night and now receiving is working this morning.

My mms was enabled yesterday I tried to send one just to see and it worked. I live in TN so they released it early for me.

Hey i used the carrier update from the link here, am i to add anything else in the network field or change the proxy thats include in this carrier file ?
I tried sending a pic but get the red error to try again.

East Tennessee, 3G, 3.1, 5.1 carrier, single plan but had ATT switch to normal txt plan with SMS/MMS -currently not working
That being said a buddy has… East Tennessee, 3G & 3GS, 3.1, 5.1 carrier, family plan -works
I think it may be working for those on family plans currently.

Mms is working for me today! Non-jailbroken, AT&T 5.0 carrier file, no tinkering whatsoever. Northeast Pennsylvania.

I have applied the carrier file floating around to my 3.1 3g pwned and my 3.0 3g JB with redsnow. I would like to report both phones are able to send and receive MMS and visual voice mail works great. The only issue I have is the carrier file does not contain a username / password. In short you can only send mms on edge and 3g no WIFI.

@Wonder Bread - Have you tired to reset settings ?
settings/general/network/celluar.../ reset settings

San bernardino county in California
I have fully functional MMS on my iPhone 3G running the 3.1 (official) firmware

I have been able to send MMS without the need of the sim hack since September 9th. VVM and MMS working perfectly since then with the 5.0 ipcc running on 3Gs 3.0.1.

hey did anyone else get this text? I got it today. AT&T Free Msg: Picture & video messaging (MMS) will be available for iPhone on 9/25. While we prepare your account for MMS capability, the current "view my message" experience will be turned off but your ability to send and receive text messages will not be affected.

No mms in Florida....waiting on this new update so I can re-jb( I hate a regulaur iPhone).....3 more days.one thing I can say by updateing the iPhone is running slot faster and smother on edge.... 3g a be here in november

I have MMS, Tethering and Vis VoiceMail is working fine. MMS just started working last night. I have an iphone 3gs FW 3.0 carrier update 5.1 jailbroken too in the Saint Paul MN area. I just followed the directions to update the carrier settings and it just started working last night.

iPhone OS 3.1, (updated 9/9/09), MMS was functional OFFICIALLY, no jailbreak/unlock, since 9/9. Using AT&T 5.0 IPCC with MMS/Tethering. Standard settings provided with IPCC, no changes required. Depends on account provisioning though. If you have family messaging, which includes MMS, MMS works as the account, and all lines, have access to the MMSC. Just takes the software on the iPhone to do the rest. :)

I have two iphones and on one MMS is finally working, but on my other one is still not working..I love the MMS..just cant wait to get it on my other phone.

Im in ATL, GA and still I'm not seeing the MMS icon to add a picture. I just got off the phone with Apple and they told me to go under Settings -> Messaging and turn on the MMS but it doesn't give me the option to do that. So they switched me to AT&T and they said that it may not be available until later this afternoon so hopefully their right. Do you think it might be because I have 3.0 Software and not the 3.1 Software? Can somebody please help me out. FML!

I've had it for a few weeks with my jailbroken 3G 16G. I want to update the carrier file today but don't want to update to 3.1 until there is a jailbreak with PC instead of only with Mac. Anyone have input?

Well I upgraded to V31 and I don't see the MMS icon. Are they pushing it out slowly? What a pain that it doesn't update with the new software. In face I updated my phone to 3.1 a few days ago........I want it now!

I updated my iPhone around 6pm here in las Vegas and it's 2:21am and I'm still unable to send or recieve mms the little camara appears but it just says massage send fail and when some one sends me a mms I still get that damn viewmymessage link!!!! Anyone else having this problem??

I updated my iPhone around 6pm here in las Vegas and it’s 2:21am and I’m still unable to send or recieve mms the little camara appears but it just says massage send fail and when some one sends me a mms I still get that damn viewmymessage link!!!! Anyone else having this problem??
I also updated my friends 3gs and his works fine

mine has the little camera to take pictures, but once i start sending it, it says "message failed"
so frustrated!

In Las Vegas, had MMS over the weekend. Now has failed multiple times. Also unable to send ANY text messages through the iPhone using 3G network. I've turned off 3G network under settings and I can send text messages once again. Turn 3G back on and one message goes through, the rest fail. Sounds to me like there's not enough bandwidth on the ATT 3G network in Las Vegas