So the PalmCast Live Called... PalmCast

And they're all like "Hey, iDiot, you got your grubby hands on a glorious Palm Pre last week at the Bell launch; want to come on PalmCast Live so we can get your thoughts on it and then kick the iTard out of you?"

"Cool," I tell them. "Bring the rain."

They go, "it's 8pm ET at, and don't rely on your klugy MobileMe calendar for reminders either."


Then they tried to use the internet at the same time as voice and the line went dead.

Anyway, I'll be joining Dieter and Derek to talk iPhone vs. Palm Pre tonight. Come by and chat!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

So the PalmCast Live Called...


Too funny.
Pre-cast needs to goad iPhone users in order to get more than 7 people to attend the pod-cast.

Wait all that talk of multi tasking and talking and veiwing the net not possible. I cam do that with my 2G. You should see if you can talk and text at the same time or emailing and talking.

The pre is a excellent device I use both when more devices come out then I expect me to fully migrate to a one device with iphone like hardware but until then I'm rockin with both.

Rene, Seriously man you crack me up. Promise me at some point you will throw in the obligatory "Unicorn Tears" comment in some form or fashion.

So who's the sugar daddy paying your phone bills, and how many cell phones does a normal person need?

After all this time, those of us here at theiPhoneblog would think you’d run out of feet to put in your mouth.

Who's "US"? You got a rat in your pocket? Don't include me in on your insults and name-calling. I'm an adult.
Sadly, the fact that so many comments like yours aren't deleted is no doubt the reason many people have stopped coming here.

"Wait all that talk of multi tasking and talking and veiwing the net not possible. I cam do that with my 2G. You should see if you can talk and text at the same time or emailing and talking."
It's a CDMA limitation, not a Pre. It's not an limitation if connected to Wi-Fi.

Wow. Thats all i can say. If everyone would just act like civilized human beings, maybe the blog wouldnt trail off into a pissing contest between what seems like perfectly nice people hiding behind a screen and keyboard. I know you dont normally talk to ppl like that. I guess its just human nature to destroy EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Fastlane, I understand your double standard. Do you?

Sorry, there's no double standard and nothing to ponder. Browbeating is not name-calling. I've never once seen icebike call anyone names. ? it's completely different. You can always browbeat back and prove a point if you feel the need. But trying to make a point by calling people idiots will only result in no one taking you seriously.
(and Im done reading replies under your name or anything similar)

I have always had two phones. In my previous carreer I had one so my students could contact me and my personal one. And now I have my personal one as well as the one the company I am working at (ebay) provides me. Lots of places provide their employees phones. And the fact you didn't know this probably shows you have worked lower end jobs your entire life. So keep flipping them king of the burger patty.