Priority Hub brings BlackBerry 10 style notifications to your jailbroken iPhone

Priority Hub brings BlackBerry 10 style notifications to your jailbroken iPhone

Priority Hub is yet another jailbreak tweak for iPhone that focuses on customizing the Lock screen. This time, it takes its cues from BlackBerry 10 and feeds you only the notifications you want, one app at a time.

While the styling of Priority Hub is a little different than the actual feature in BlackBerry 10, the concept is very much the same. You can choose to filter Priority Hub's notifications on the top or bottom of your screen. I personally prefer them at the top so it doesn't interfere with using other apps like JellyLock7 while unlocking my iPhone. You can also turn on and off the notification count within your iPhone's Settings app.

There isn't too much else customization wise. The only thing you need to know is that in order for notifications to start feeding into Priority Hub on your Lock screen, you'll need to make sure the apps you want to feed in are enabled for the Notification Center option "Show in Lock screen". Anything that's got permission to pop up on your Lock screen then feeds into Priority Hub.

In order to dismiss a whole group of notifications from Priority Hub, just tap on the app you'd like to clear notifications for and then swipe down and release. You'll notice an X appear on the screen. When you release all the notifications for that app will be cleared without disturbing your other notifications.

The only thing I'd like to see Priority Hub do differently is keep the Notifications on the Lock screen after I unlock my iPhone and lock it again. Sadly I realize this is easier said than done and has more to do with actual limitations of iOS itself than the way Priority Hub is implemented.

If you happen to check out Priority Hub, let me know in the comments what you think of it. Also, if you've use BlackBerry 10's real priority hub, how does it compare? Let me know that too!

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Priority Hub brings BlackBerry 10 style notifications to your jailbroken iPhone


I love this and a sad thing is i cant jailbreak b cas i am running ios7.1

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Please Apple.... Create something like the Blackberry Hub and the Blackberry virtual Keyboard. For me by far the best stuff on BB. And i want this for my iphone !!!!!!

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Yes! Custom keyboards would go a LONG way toward selling me on an iPhone. Being stuck with the stock keyboard is my biggest complaint about iOS.

Giving this a try! Hoping jailbreak for 7.1 comes soon! I want to upgrade but it loosing my jailbreak.

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I love how BB is handling all the messaging stuff. And people use more and more texting and messaging (Wahtsapp, Threema, Facebook etc. ). And this is a very relevat point. In my point of view Apple has to redesign all the messaging stuff and combine it in new and better way. The messaging stuff and the virtual keyboard compared to BB are really really bad.

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Anyone getting springboard crashes while on a phone call and a notification comes in? It happened twice while I had this tweak installed. I emailed the dev but havent heard back yet. I love the tweak, but can't have my phone crashing. Thanks!

I'd say nice try Apple but no go and one of my deal breakers when choosing a BlackBerry over iPhone. The BlackBerry Hub has a regular hub and an Urgent priority hub that organizes urgent messages. It's also not exclusively a lock screen function. BlackBerry shows recent notifications on the lock screen but then you can open the full Hub after you unlock an move throughout your accounts.