Procreate gets 4K canvas, full screen interface, new blend modes, and much more

Procreate, one of the best art apps for the iPad, has been updated to version 1.7, which adds a ton of new features, including support for 4K Cinema canvas sizes, a new, full screen mode, and a bunch of new blend modes including: color, saturation, hue, luminosity, overlay, hard light, soft light, linear burn, color dodge, color burn, difference, and subtract.

However, developers Savage Interactive didn't stop there, they've also redesigned the way layers work:

Now that Procreate can create up to 128 layers (smaller canvases), managing layers can get out of hand very quickly. But with the new Layers interface you can fit 11 layers in portrait or 8 in landscape. Combined with thumbnails that zoom to display the subject of the layer, usability has drastically improved.

Added a fantastic new transform system:

Something we’re really excited to show is Distort and Shear. With these new tools perspective distortions are as easy as tapping and holding on a point, and then dragging. Also we’ve added a Non-Uniform scale, making it very easy to correct proportions.

There's a lot more too, including support for the Pogo Connect stylus, multiple swatch panels, a new eyedropper tool, and still more.

Procreate also still gives all the good, old fashioned, granular controls for things like brush size, opacity, and digital color mixing that many pixel artists grew up on, and in a way that just feels right for a multitouch device like the iPad.

If you're into painting, sketching, drawing, or otherwise art-ing it up, check out Procreate 1.7.

And if you want to hear more about the app, check out our interview with Savage Interactive designer James Cuda from way back in Iterate 2.

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Procreate gets 4K canvas, full screen interface, new blend modes, and much more


Great update, I still like ArtRage's GUI better but I had a blast playing with this last night. Works particularly well with the Sensu Brush.

If you've had procreate for a while now and have custom brushes, don't update. There is apparently a problem in migrating the data that causes the app to crash on launch. Procreate has already submitted an update to apple, we just have to wait till apple reviews and posts it.