Psst! Hey, You! iPhone Developer! Wanna Scam Some Apple Bucks?

While in the old days, this would no doubt have come from Creep McShady in a trench coat around the corner of some noir-esque alley, now its online fraudsters who've gamed Apple's iTunes gift certificate generation algorithms, unable to sell directly due to fear of Apple tracing the accounts, who've found a new target for their schemes. Says Apple Insider:

Third party iPhone App Store developers have received propositions from a scammer offering to buy large volumes of their iPhone applications and then split the resulting revenue with them, apparently using fraudulent iTunes gift certificates to make the purchases.

Of course, the developers faces every bit as much chance for retaliation from Apple, perhaps more so because this could end their careers as iPhone developers.

Yeah. Not a good idea.

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Rene Ritchie

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Psst! Hey, You! iPhone Developer! Wanna Scam Some Apple Bucks?


This article was alittle hard to read. Sometimes I feel like you try and be alittle too cute, especially in the first few sentances.
Seriously, you do a great job with the site, but sometimes I would like a little more news and a little less joking around.
Plus I find the quote in the middle of the post to be kinda distracting. Couldn't you just paraphase it in your own words?

:shock: Hard to read? It's three sentences.
Yeah, anyone who involves themselves in this deserves lifetime banishment from Apple.

Thanks for the advertisement!!!
@Steve S
I prefer quotes to a paraphrase, it's the ACTUAL info, the "news" you say want more of. And if you don't like how he says it then what makes you think you'd like a paraphrase any better? Not trying to be a **** or anything, but I'm just sayin...
I enjoy the humor on this site. They even call themselves out on their own bad jokes. I guess it's just a different type of humor, can't please everyone right? Not to mention you gotta make it interesting. I haven't missed a post since the beginning, the only blog I can say that about. I skip over the reviews I don't care about, but I've at least seen all the headlines 
Stick around a while and maybe you'll get the humor, b'okay?