Quick App: PocketMac Entourage, Lotus Notes, and Meeting Maker Sync for iPhone

I'm so boring. I don't use Entourage, Lotus Notes, or Meeting Maker. However, for those of you Mac users who do, and are looking for some help syncing things over to your iPhone, PocketMac may be worth a look. As a bonus, it will also sync your SMS messages and call logs.

If you give it a try, let us know what you think!

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Quick App: PocketMac Entourage, Lotus Notes, and Meeting Maker Sync for iPhone


I have been trying to use this product for a month now and have not been able to get it to work. Installation is flakey on different computers (Macbook, Macbook Pro) and the application often sends out an error message indicating a failure to launch. Customer service is non-existent. I have written numerous times, attempted to call (there is only an answering machine), and to make everything worse, there is no trial version of any of this company's software. I would warn people strongly to be wary of this and other products by the same company. I have had similar problems with at least two other products they sell.

I'm sorry to hear "mikevans75" was having trouble installing it. The technical support is quite good. It's free and offered directly by PocketMac on the web at http://www.pocketmacsupport.net. (There is no free phone support offered at this time.) There is a live answer at the main company phone number during the business day, but that's not for tech support. It's true that the data-intensive synchronization programs don't have a demo version. Syncing is important business, and seeing a hobbled demo would not give users a proper flavor of how it would work on their live data, especially since it takes as much of your time to run a demo as it does to work with the live program. However, PocketMac offers a money-back guarantee, so you can have a full, valid test of the software on your data, and see how it really works in your environment, at no risk to you.
If you'd like to have some help, contact me directly and I'll have a support rep contact you and make sure you have the latest version.

I have tried pocketmacs sync solution to sync lotus notes to ical/adressbook and it works for addressbook as long as you dont have any swedish characters in the names since they get mangled, I never got the ical sync to work and have filed a support case and never recieved any response at all (and my attempts to google the answer as only resulted in posts from other persons with the same experience as me.

The program simply does not work! Tried it for over 6 weeks now. Support-team is quite trying - but the app is not even in a beta stadium of software! Contacts are possible to sync (after you get the whole thing running - which is quite a huzzle if you use encryption - but there the support team was quite helpfull) the contacs will sync - but as said above: do not have any special characters! and: do not expect that changes on the iphone will sync back to notes (does not work!) Calendar does not sync at all (there is an error in the formating of date/time strings - according to the error message :-) support-team answered: solution will take more than 3 month to fix!!! (mail is not synced at all)
so: they try to sell an app for sync between notes and iphone and are not able to sync mail (do not claim that they could), calendar not working and contacts only partly! this is software in an alpha stadium trying to be sold. at least the support is really trying hard to help - unfortunatly impossible caused by major software bugs...they offered money back - I hope it will work :-)

I regret that I must agree with the negative reviews of PocketMac. I regret worse, however, the fact that I paid $30 for a piece of junk they call software. I can now fully appreciate why there is no evaluation version and that technical support is provided only through web-mail. If you could download and try this application for free, they'd never make a penny on it. If they provided technical support on the phone, I suspect their phone lines would never stop ringing. What is more disturbing than anything is that there are companies like this selling software that they KNOW does not work. AnneMac: I don't know what experiences you have with software support, but PocketMac support is among the worst (if not THE worst) I've ever encountered and I've been working with software for over 20 years. I think it's generous to even classify this software as "alpha". It's more like an early build of a partially finished application hoping to go in to alpha testing one day. After only a few days of trying to get PocketMac for iPhone to work and submitting unanswered tech support incidents, I finally asked for my money back. I have yet to hear anything from them regarding this request. If you want the PocketMac experience without spending the money, take a running dive on your driveway using your elbows as brakes and then pour rubbing alcohol on the wounds. You'll get pretty close to the overall feeling of trying to use this "software".
M. McConnell

I Purchased pocket mac a couple years ago - with no luck. Its total junk.. they would not refund my and told me that i should have read the terms prior to purchasing... spread the word... they suck and don't sync...

junk junk junk this program does not work. How did they ever release this. I think this is a marketing company that came up with a great way to get peoples info