How to quickly upgrade all your local music to 256Kbps iTunes Match versions

How to quickly upgrade all your local music to 256Kbps iTunes Match versions

MacWorld's Jason Snell has written up a quick way to force your local Windows or Mac iTunes library to upgrade all your songs to the 256kbps iTunes Match versions. If you're still syncing your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to iTunes via USB or via the new Wi-Fi sync, it's a quick way to get them on your device(s) as well.

While iTunes Match makes the -- often higher quality -- tracks available in iCloud, it keeps the local -- often lower quality -- track on your actual drive until you tell it otherwise. If you have thousands of tracks, that could be a long process.

Snell's tip involves creating a Smart Playlist or two and having the courage to delete all your local versions, trusting iCloud will replace them. If that doesn't scare you off, hit the link below and get your upgrade going fast.

Source: MacWorld

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Reader comments

How to quickly upgrade all your local music to 256Kbps iTunes Match versions


idk...the whole thing makes me so nervous! I have worked so hard on my library. What if something goes wrong because they make a mistake....I'm not sold on the benefits of iTunes cloud matching. Maybe if I hear more from other users. Tell me your experiences people. Is the quality that much better? I can never tell myself. Probably since I don't have a fancy stereo system. I just listen on my computers or my car...

Works great. 7000 songs now 256. Some ripped in 2001 when Internet was sooooo slow. Did whole library in less time time than 10 discs took. Yeah.

Btw. The sound is so much better. Wow. Like hearing again for the first time. Just wish it took up less space. But ya get jay ya pay for. Super cool apple. Well done.

You can also just "select all" of the playlist of old copies and drag-n-drop them to a backup file anywhere you have room. Then you can always go back if something was mis-matched.

How do you get the 'Any' (of the following are true) to come up? Cannot see this as an option in my Smart Playlist list...

when i do this, no songs come up, but if i dont do the whole icloud matched/purchased then all the songs that are less than 256 kbps come up

thank you for that. if not it wouldn't match or backup any songs that were short / intros so great idea