Real or Really Fake? Beatles on iTunes Screen Shot

Every year Apple has a special music event, and every year Beatles rumors follow along with it. This time, the event date of 9/9/9, the release of Beatles Remastered on CD and Beatles Rock Band has the rumors running faster than ever. Will iTunes join the fray, or will Big Music try to make their money on physical media and games before allowing digital downloads?

Current is adding fuel to the fire, however, with a purported screenshot of the Beatles being featured on iTunes -- a slip of the old server, so to speak.

But is it real, or just really fake? iTunes ads are easier to whip up on photoshop than lolcats, after all.

Still, we're just over a day and half from "It's only rock and roll, but we like it", so crazy time, it has arrived!

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Real or Really Fake? Beatles on iTunes Screen Shot


It looks fake..
Have you seen the commercial, it's kind of creepy how their heads are CGI'ed on (esp. George's)!

And its fake anyway. The title overlaying the picture doesn't look like any text on any iTunes I've ever seen.

its fake, its a screenshot from the uk store go look and you'll see it goes to a just jack/barclays award thing

I believe that it's not fake. It was taken quickly yesterday evening and had disappeared by early this morning. The blogger responsible for the screenshot does not have any reason to post a mock-up.

I doubt this is real.
Honestly I don't know what the big deal is to begin with. If you're really a Beatles fan you've already got CDs of every album and they've all been put on your iPod/iPhone years ago.

Fake. They are still showing the "buy a mac, get an iPod touch free" box. If this is being announced on September 9th, why have an expired offer up?

@icebike I did not know that. Maybe it was just a genuine slip?
@Miles I don't buy CDs any more, and I don't have any acquaintances who have Beatles CDs to rip them from. I do have mp3s, but these remasters will be of great quality, so I would definitely like to get them. It's just a personal thing. Being a bit obsessive compulsive, I do like an organised music database on my laptop, so it'll be nice to see The Beatles lined up in my iTunes library alongside other artists, instead of shunted into another folder.
I do think that the rumour is a bit of a running joke, and I'm sort of hoping that it happens this time, but I don't hold out too much.

@Moe That offer wouldn't have expired if it was up on 6th September. It'll be removed tomorrow or the next day. That offer is still on my iTunes homepage as I type.

Why would it be real? Even if the Beatles are coming to iTunes, why would there even be a mock-up to leak? Artwork updates are so routine, I just don't know why this would exist. The old "hit the wrong button" theory just doesn't seem very likely to me. Anything's possible, but given the incredible ease with which this could be faked, I'm not buying it. The Beatles may be coming to iTunes. But this, I believe, is a fraud.
Like Miles, I don't get the big deal here. It's not like the Beatles are unavailable. They're on my iPod right now. What Beatles fans don't own the CDs?

@Glen Reuben Okay, I guess you have your reasons for wanting the Beatles on iTunes. I blabbed for so long, there were three responses written in the time I was typing!

That's okay! Yeah, I do understand though. I don't fully expect any announcement. If anything, it'll appear on iTunes without any commotion some time in October and everyone will be happy. For one thing, the current situation is certainly going to help rejuvenate sales of CDs (even if I won't be buying any!).

So fake it's laughable! George has no neck, Paul's head looks disjointed from the rest of his body, Ringo looks like he's got his neck caught in a zip, and John's face is closer to the camera than all the other Beatles!

I think it's fake, but the "bonus content" would be apples new cocktail feature. Kudos forthinking of that while maching this up.

How's about, who cares? The beetles have 1 or 2 good songs, everything else was crap.

clearly fake. Zoom in very closely, and you'll see that on the 2 flanking ads, the shadow underneath is darker at the edges, and lighter toward the center of the ad. On the "Beatles" one, it is the same shading all the way across on that bottom shadow. Clearly photoshopped.

@GP you obviously have no idea about their music because the beatles have at least 15 songs that are considered amazing by most people around the world. They also have a crap load more songs that are great, but few people have heard before. Much like Queen which most people say is crap, but then when they actually listen to the greatest hits cd they realize how wrong they are. Now if you have heard all their music, and still think it's crap. You must have very paticular taste in music. In which case I feel sorry for you because you'll never enjoy the things that bring pleasure to everyone else. I bet you liked disaster movie, and meet the Spartans! For shame GP, for shame!

@frag It's not spelt wrong. It's a screenshot of the UK store, and that's how catalogue is spelt here.
@matt No, that shading is exactly the same in my iTunes store right now. There is no photoshopping of any kind going on here. You are looking at it far too deeply.
@CJ That's your opinion, but not mine. I love The Beatles, but I'm happy to get a remastered digital catalogue.

Throw me in the "It's Fake" column. The title isn't centered on the top of the ad (The 't' is closer to the right side than then 'R' is to the left side.) Also the 'preorder' badge has pixelated edges.
Apple's graphic designers are waaaay too anal for that. ;)