Rebuke of the iClones: Mossberg Strikes Back!

Rebuke of the iClones: Mossberg Strikes Back

Ouch. Seems Samsung and Sprint tried to bring an Instinct to an iPhone fight. At least that's how venerable Wall Street Journal columnist and "D" All Things Digital tech yoda Walt Mossberg made it sound in his iClonic "review" (to be fair, the still unreleased iPhone 3G gets more attention -- and love -- than the unfortunately release-timed Instinct).

How does Mossberg sum up his feelings, some several paragraphs and umpteen iPhone mentions, references, and comparisons down?

If you're a devoted Sprint customer, or want to avoid AT&T, the Instinct is an OK choice. But it's no iPhone.

Watch the video accompanying video after the break!


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Rebuke of the iClones: Mossberg Strikes Back!


The Instinct is yet another devices that trumpets its long list of features as a selling point. It has actually managed —from what I have read on forums— to pull a few would-be iPhone purchasers away as well.
What the Instinct is not, is a phone that offers a complete and powerful platform for future development and software applications. For this reason, it can't hold a candle to the future iPhone.
While the iPhone's potential power may have been a non-issue in the days pre-firmware 2.0, it is certainly a huge issue now. When the iPhone had no hope for 3rd party apps, it really was no different than yet another feature phone with a set number of features. The opening of the platform to development has laid all of that to rest however, and anyone that ignores that to switch to a phone like the Instinct purely for features, needs to wake up.
When are other phone manufacturers going to learn that the iPhone's appeal isn't just the hardware, but the OS and software combined with the unmatched user experience?
You can plug a new mouse and keyboard into a computer, but that doesn't make it a better computer. Same thing applies with adding a new touch interface to the same old, tired feature phones that come to all the carriers every year.

On a lighter note...
What is up with Mossberg doing the video what looks like a kitchen? I swear, it was like I was expecting security to come busting in on him at any moment to toss him out...

"doing the video IN" is what I meant to say... It just looked out of place and like he wasn't supposed to be there or something, hehe.

You make it sound as if Apple invented SDK's too. I don't know what type of phone you've been using, but every smart phone I've owned (around 7 or so) with Palm, RIM or MS OS's, there are 3rd party apps galore.

BTW, Mossberg's "review" of the instinct is a joke. How does he keep a job with the WSJ if he can't manage a simple review of a product? Sprint is kind of asking for it, what with their aggressive marketing campaign, but if you're going to compare products, at least compare products you've actually used.

I never said that Apple invented the SDK... I said that they are providing a second to none platform for development. I said that people who compare the Instinct to the iPhone are ignoring this fact.
WinMo, Palm, BlackBerry, Symbian; all smartphone operating systems. All platforms. All with SDKs.
The Instinct, however, is another typical feature phone that has no sort of advanced operating system. This makes it far different than any of the phones you mentioned, and far different from the iPhone. It puts it in another class of phones altogether and anyone that is willing to give up a dynamite platform over a few "features" is crazy. In my opinion at least.
Honestly, I don't know even know where you are coming from and why you needed to direct a negative comment towards me. Maybe you should read what I wrote one more time...