Review: Griffin Nu Form for iPhone 3G

Unlike the original iPhone which withstood the rigorous tests of sweaty palms, fingerpints, keys, and just daily life with relative ease, the iPhone 3G has some quality and durability concerns that the original iPhone never had. Insert the need for a case. The Griffin Nu Form Case for iPhone 3G ($24.95) is a stylish solution that hopes to offer better grip and protection from the elements while still looking good. How does it perform?

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The Nu Form is designed as a 2-piece polycarbonate shell with a smooth upper and grippy bottom exterior. The case is connected together by sliding the top portion (about 3/5th the iPhone length) with the bottom portion (2/5th). There is no snap mechanism or enclosure to click, the case just slides into one another, connecting in a sure grip of the iPhone. The benefit of creating a 3/5th design is to allow the iPhone 3G the freedom to dock, but given that Apple excluded the dock as a standard accessory, there is less need for such a design.

Also included in the box is a front screen protector that seems a tad bit too thick and clunky. Using a clear, thick plastic screen instead of a film solution leaves room for air bubbles and adversely affects the touchscreen, I would recommend searching for another solution from the likes of Bodyguardz or Invisibleshield or doing away with the included screen protector entirely.




The Nu Form case itself allows for easy access to all buttons and doesn’t inhibit any controls. Though some may complain that the openings in the case allows for easy damage to the controls, I would much rather have easy access to the iPhone than a diminished user experience. The protection that the Nu Form offers is more than adequate and is similar to competitive products.

What makes the Nu Form stand out from being just an average case is its stylish design. The smooth white upper includes a box graphic that added a bit of character to the case. The bottom portion of the case differs from the top in that its exterior materials provide for more grip and texture. Overall, the look and feel of the Nu Form is great. This case is a joy to use.

The case adds minimal thickness to the iPhone 3G and from my testing seemed pretty good to hold in hand. Having the Nu Form case on the iPhone 3G seemed like a much better solution that constantly wiping away all the fingerprint buildup on your glossy iPhone 3G.

One potential issue that I do see with this case is its inner design. I would have been happier if Griffin included some felt lining in the interior because plastic on plastic typically leads to scratches. But in slipping the case in and out multiple times, there seems to not be an issue. So I presume adding a felt lining would only serve for my peace of mind.


Final Thoughts


Overall, I can recommend this case to anyone looking for a stylish solution that doesn’t strip away all the unique character from the iPhone 3G. It offers adequate protection and is one of the better looking cases available for the iPhone 3G. However, I would recommend doing away with the included plastic screen protector and instead choose a solution from Bodyguardz or Invisibleshield. It comes in either White/Light Grey or Dark Grey/Black Combinations available at the iPhone blog store now!


  • Stylish Design
  • Easy Access to buttons
  • Easy Removal for Docking Purposes
  • Adds Minimal Thickness


  • Plastic Screen Protector Diminishes Sensitivity
  • Styling Might Not Be For Everyone

Final Rating: 4.6/5

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Review: Griffin Nu Form for iPhone 3G


I tried on this case at a store and felt it ok for protection but I wanted a case that could easily be removed so I could use it in a belt holster and this case seamed to stick to the phone and was difficult to remove. I ended up buying a case by incipio (i had never heard of them before either)called the SILICRYLIC it is mostly silicon with a hard plastic piece that you put over it to protect the back and corners. I like it pretty good. Seams to offer good protection from drops holds in the hand well and is easy to remove. Check it out here

good stuff
The iPhone 3G are selling 2x as fast as the original and lines are constantly forming outside of Apple stores and other carriers.
It's a great time to personalize your iPhone by choosing any accessories that suit your personality and lifestyle. Apple Stores and most other consumer electronics specialty shops carry these cases. Do a careful search at an online auction site, such as eBay, and you may find them there.
Um... recommend these iPhone 3G Accessories store, maybe you will also like it

I used this device for a few weeks and only took it off the other night as it came off it scratched the back off my Iphone,
Ive now gone back to the Incase i had before.
Do not buy.

I say a quality stylish phone needs to be out of any case when you're using it so you and others can admire it. Its like having a Mercedes car wrapped in a rain coat. Get something handmade in leather like the superslim from . Got one sent to me the other day and I love the pouch as much as the phone.