iSkin solo FX SE for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS (iPad Give-Away Qualifier!)

iSkin Solo FX SE

So I have before me the new iSkin solo FX SE for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS [$29.95 - iMore Store Link]. What does this new iSkin line of flexible cases offer?

We'll take a look (and tell you about the give away!) after the break!

The first thing I wanted to know was, what is special about the iSkin solo FX SE in comparison to the regular iSKin solo? The iSkin solo FX SE keeps is the same great form and feeling as the iSkin solo but instead of being plain, the SE has a circular pattern emblazoned on the back for added dimension, and a frosted finish.


What's Included

The iSkin solo FX SE also comes with two screen protectors instead of one: a mirrored screen protector and a bonus anti-glare clear screen protector (my choice was based purely on narcissism).


The case is composed of a flexible silicon base which is infused with Microban. What exactly is Microban? I had not clue, so I looked it up. Turns out that Microban is an antimicrobial protection agent which impedes the formation of microbes, mold and some kinds of algae. Why would you want that in a case ? Well, considering that a phone is probably the dirtiest thing you own (for some, maybe not...), it helps protect the case from stains, odors and product break down. Really cool for an iPhone case. Just imagine if they had full body suits made of this stuff!

Full body suit rubber male not

On second thought, lets not... Ok, back, sorry.


You wont have to worry about reception issues as there are no metallic components in the case. The flexibility makes it easy to place on and off your iPhone without worry of scratches, and it has all the usual openings for easy access to all of your iPhone's jacks and buttons, with the exception of the volume button and top start button, which are protected by a thin layer of Microban.


This case will not protect your phone from massive drops but the rubbery finish does offer a good amount of compression for its thickness. It will protect your iPhone from the everyday scratches and scrapes that can occur in briefcases, pockets, or purses. The case is easy to grip in your hands yet that same soft-touch finish can make it hard to get out of a tight pocket. (Though if you worry about your iPhone being pick-pocketed, then this is the case for you!)

Another mixed blessing, the side edges of the case goes up higher than the bezel of the iPhone, this offers more protection but it also means that you cannot swipe your fingers off the edge of the iPhone without hitting the case .



The iSkin Solo FX SE is a wonderful case for those who want to add a bit of texture and grip to your iPhone. If you want a case that will survive being sumo dropped...

sumo Solo FX

...then this case may not be for you (we'll review the sumo-proof option next time) but if you want a light streamlined case with a nice look, then iSkin is a great choice, and you can get it for $29.95 from the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store.

Give Away (and iPad Give Away Qualification)

Now what we have all been waiting for, the give-away!

The iMore Store is giving away three (3) iSkin Solo FX SE cases, one each in black/gray, clear, and pink. To enter:

  1. head on over to YouTube:
  2. Subscribe to the TiPb YouTube channel
  3. Leave a comment on our iSkin Solo FX SE video and include which color you're entering to win (black, clear, or pink).

Only one comment per user, so pick your color carefully! We'll choose three lucky recipients, one for each color, at random.

The give-away starts now and ends Friday, March 12, 2010 at 12pm PT.

iPad Give Away

Oh yes, everyone who enters this give away is also automagically entered into TiPb's big iPad give-away (just read them details to make sure you're eligible), so now you have even more reason to go subscribe and comment now!

YouTube Video Link

The iSkin solo FX SE was provided for review by TiPb’s iPhone accessory store.

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Reader comments

iSkin solo FX SE for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS (iPad Give-Away Qualifier!)


Sweet! iSkin cases are so distinctive and stay true to their roots from back when they did cases for the earlier generation iPods.

It definitely seems like a nice case to try out. I like how it's antimicrobial. The germ thing freaks me out. Overall design is nice and it will prob. be a nice case to use on the go.

Iskin has a great solution for iPhone Bluetooth conection to speakers. Great skin especially rene's pink one

I purchased this case 6 months ago, and I have definitely tested the sumo drop. My iphone recently fell out of my pocket while running across the street and bounced off the cement, then I kicked it (crap!) and it proceeded to bounce off the cement a couple more times, but sustained not a scratch! My case and phone also emerged unscathed from slipping out of my purse, bouncing off the frame of my truck and landing on the cement. I am extremely happy with this case.