Round Robin: Questions About the HTC FUZE?

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My time with the FUZE is just about over, my review almost finished, and with it both HTC and Windows Mobile will leave me, a little poorer, a lot less frustrated.

I've read the comments on my video preview. WinMo users think I'm a "moran". Fair enough. But I'm supposed to be looking at these devices from an iPhone users point of view, and that means the usability bar is set almost as high as the configurability bar is low. WMExperts will give you every little tweak, CrackBerry, TreoCentral, and AndroidCentral will give you the keyboard comparisons, TiPb is focusing on the touch experience and the overall user experience out of the box (since that's all you get with a non-Jailbroken iPhone!)

But here's the thing: TiPb's main purpose is to service you, our readers. So what if any questions you might you have about the FUZE. What would you like to see better explored? Compared more directly with the iPhone?

Let me know in the comments and you'll also get another chance to win our iPhone 3G prize pack.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Round Robin: Questions About the HTC FUZE?


It is abundantly clear that the iPhone is excellent as a multimedia device, but lacks some of the productivity tools that a business user is looking for, a Blackberry is really the oposite. I want something that can fit both of those bills, how does this phone handle that?

Just how easy (or hard) is it to get the FUZE to work with an Exchange environment? I know, I know. It's a Microsoft phone, it should be a breeze. However, I have had experience trying to get Windows Mobile Phones, Blackberries, Palms, and iPhones to work on our "Exchange Type" environment. The winner was NOT the Windows Mobile devices. The fact that we are now supporting one Blackberry, four iPhones, no Palms, and no Windows Mobile devices should give an indication as to which was the easiest to set up. How ironic that an Apple worked better with Exchange than a Windows device.

Speaking of HTC phones, how's the HTC Touch HD? Is it available in the US? It seems to be the closest iPhone rival.. to me atleast.

Windows mobile you pick up and your lost from the get go, out could have never seen an iPhone and pick it up an navigate it with ease!!! And in time the iPhone will be able to do all the things the buisness world asks of it.

I agree, Glen. In fact, with certain Apps, I am having no problem using the iPhone in a business environment. I even have my company's public Exchange calendar on my iPhone. Admittedly, I had to go a roundabout way to do it, but it works. It is my understanding that can't even be done with a Windows Mobile phone.

the handheld itself seems bulky and odd while the winmo seems to be able to do a lot more but is rather complex and sometimes buggy though.

What about multi-media and the management of it? How easy is it to transfer music, video clips, and photos? How much memory is available, both on board and via any memory card expansion slots? Would I be able to load up a fuze with music, photos, and videos to the same extent that I do on my 16GB iPhone, and would it be as easy?
My newest favorite feature on the iPhone is the wireless downloading of podcasts. Would I still be able to do that on a fuze, and would it be as easy as it is on the iPhone (where it is so easy, it's a pleasure)?
Thanks Rene!

Ok, you don't care for a physical keyboard because of the bulk and extra step of opening it. And you don't like Window's interface and complexity. Fair enough. But let's assume that the bulk is acceptable to me and I am more at home with a physical keyboard. Further, once I get the device set up to do what I want the software becomes more-or-less transparent. Where does that leave the Fuze-iPhone comparison?
Will the Fuze work more easily with other carriers besides AT&T? Is its replaceable battery a significant advantage in the field? Does the screen look as good as an iPhone's especially outside? Is Window's vast array of applications, not to mention the Palm applications it can run, a plus? Is every program efficient with the iPhone's touch interface or are some uses better with a keyboard (text input, forms) or stylus (database, some games like backgammon)?

I don't remember if this has come up, or if some other round robing review has talked about it. But are the many buttons re-mapable in any way? I guess you might need to since they have just about everything covered, but just curious.

How about a history lesson? This platform has been around in one way shape or form since the PDA days. What innovations has Mr Softie come up with and why is this not a me-too platform/device?

I had a question, is the Fuze screen quality way better than the iphone bc it is a VGA device?

What is the biggest difference between windows mobile and OS X on the iPhone, does the htc blur this difference??

TouchFlo 3D seems like it would be a disaster even if it worked. Basically it's a linear array of icons so if anything it's 1D rather than 3D. That has to be the least efficient way of getting between functions, certainly way less efficient than a conventional 2D (square or rectangle) approach (as used by Palm OS, S60, iPhone, Blackberry etc). Ironically, the original TouchFLO was 2D rectangles of icons linked with a sides-of-a-cube sort of animation - pretty close to 3D in fact! It seems that naming things, like add-on UI design, isn't much of a strength at HTC.
Question. The last WM device I owned was an T-Mobile MDA Vario II (HTC TyTN*), which was a WM 5 device. Lots infuriated me about it, but nothing so much that it didn't automatically connect to Wifi networks (even if you'd joined them many times before). Is that fixed now in WM (like in iPhone)?
**Capitalisation might be wrong. Like I say, HTC are crazy with names!

The physical keyboard for me looks like a win. I don't have an iPhone, but the iPod Touch Keyboard is annoying for my big fingers, unless in landscape mode, which isn't always possible...

weird... all this frustration with Activesync/Exchange... I've never had trouble setting this up on a WinMo device.
If you get stuck and really want to set it up as easily as possible, create a free account with Mail2Web, and then choose the option to have the service text or email you a config file. It will set everything up for you.

I just wanna know what it's like to hold one of these devices in my hands in real life.
Preferably it being mine :D

What I wanna know is...Why does the device lag so bad with all that processing power behind it, I mean TF3D really suck up that many resources?

If you do a hard reset and not allow the ATT software to load, this device is so much faster. Day 3 without ATT bloatware and I am a bit happier. No phone is as easy to sync with music as the Iphone because it has Itunes. Fuze uses Windows Media Player 11. It is pretty simple to use but not as nice as Itunes. I got my Fuze free and pay 160 a month for 3 phones, which is sadly what a single Iphone with unlimited everything costs a month. If it was cheaper I would be all over it. In the meantime I have my Touch and Fuze and am pretty darn happy.

hows the touchscreen responsiveness compared to the iphone? and is there any distinct improvement over the touch diamond??

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