Round Robin: Questions About the Palm Treo Pro?

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Like all good things, bad things, and flummoxing things -- all thing in general I suppose -- my time with the Palm Treo Pro (see video preview) will be ending shortly, whereby shortly I mean this weekend when my final review goes up an I ship this hot little handset on to Android Casey for his turn at the non-Palm, not-Treo, arguably Pro device.

In the meantime, however, I should like to ask you, our readers, what if any questions you might have about it. What would you like to see better explored? Compared more directly with the iPhone? Put to the torture test?

Let me know in the comments and you'll also get another chance to win our iPhone 3G prize pack.

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Reader comments

Round Robin: Questions About the Palm Treo Pro?


I'm curious to know your thoughts on the email set up. I had a hell of a time when I used the Treo 750, and that was ultimately what drove me away.

How well does it do things the iPhone is lacking? Cut and paste, to dos, mms, etc. And would you even consider switching just to get these features? I know I wouldn't, but I'm sure there are people out there who are on the fence who would like to know.

How's that keyboard. I picked up a Palm in a store once and thought it was way too small. But then the iphone keyboard is small in portrait mode too. What are your thoughts?

That keyboard is crammped!! And still, running Windows Mobile..Can't picture ever adding that device to my line up.
Great look at it though from a different perspective.

I think what I would like to see always when a phone is being compared to the almighty iPhone, is one of the things that makes it so amazing and far better then any platform. What I am speaking of is the app store and it's elegant interface and useablity. That is what I would like to see compared to our phone.

How close do you think palm and the iPhone are from being incomparable devices? Palm doesn't seem to be much of a contender anymore, how long before they drop out of the competition?

Is the touchscreen very important to navigation/data entry/etc? Most other phones are either all keys or all touchscreens...

The tiny 320 x 320 screen on the Treo looks like a big disadvantage compared to the iPhone's 480 x 320. How does that affect its use? Or does not needing screen real estate for a virtual keyboard and menus make it a wash?

What is of like haveing a phone with both touch and physical buttons for the ui. Do you think it is better or worse then a all touch or no touch phone?

Has palm changed anything about the Windows Mobile OS to make it their own? Sort of like the panels on the SE Xperia or the Fuze...

With the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, would you use the Treo Pro (or AT&T Fuze and T-Mobile G1) as much for music/videos?....I can't imagine using the connectors

Amazing the misinformation on the Treo Pro as evidenced by comment above. The Treo Pro has a 3.5 mm jack!
It also has wifi, standalone GPS, a massive number of third party programs.
Half the internet speed? Side by side they clearly have the same speed.

I am curious as to how robust the device feels as a whole in comparison. More solid less solid or about the same build quality. I see lots of cracked glass iphones on my college campus and I am curious as to how bang up prone this little gem is.