Round Robin: TiPb vs. Android G1! Comment here for your chance to win an iPhone 3G!

[This is an official Smartphone Experts Round Robin post! Every day you reply here, you're automatically entered for a chance to win an iPhone 3G, Case-Mate Naked Case, and Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset! More below!]

Okay, fair enough, I'm having a little fun up there, but with the Smartphone Empire Experts Round Robin officially under way and my iPhone frozen in carbonite for the next month, the G1 could be my only hope!

I'm still trying to figure out if this is the 'droid I've been looking for, however. Do I understand the awesome power of the open-platform of the Google? Or is it more concept now than device, twisted and confusing?

Check out the video, then head on over to Android Central to help me out. Every day you post, you get entered to WIN one of FIVE smartphone prize packs! And you can enter each site's contest, so don't forget to help turn Casey back to the iPhone side as well!

May the forums be with you!

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Every day you comment here, you get one entry to win not only a supra-shiny iPhone 3G, but the Case-Mate Naked Case which allows full touch through access to the iPhone's amazing screen. Smartphone Outlet is also kicking in the revolutionary Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset AND a runner-up prize, $50 coupon good at any SPE store, including the new Smartphone Outlet, where you can find refurb Smartphone Accessories at very (very!) low prices.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Round Robin: TiPb vs. Android G1! Comment here for your chance to win an iPhone 3G!


1 month! I would kill (not really) to have the android for a month! But sadly I'm on Robbers, uh, I mean Rogers. Please post updates on how life is with the G1!

By the way, is the G1 screen only sensitive to finger electricity/heat like the iphone? or is it just pressure sensitive?

Stupendous video, man, great walkthough. Also great that you've run though all the basic functions. Really loving your comments on the multiple input methods.
Where's up? Where do I push up? :D Great point, but then again that IS a 3rd party app. :D

To enter a URL just start typing. The phone will automatically do a google search or go to the website if you add the .com, .org etc...
Then you can press the enter key to go, no need to use the touch screen.
I'm liking the G1. Not as good as the phone yet but since it just came out I think it's a nice alternative.

Rene, nice video recap. Looking forward to your review at the end of the week. A month is a long time to be without an iPhone so I wish you well.

Great review. Interace seems to be overly complex on the G1. My father loves using my iPhone, but can't even fully use his normal verizon cell phone. If he had the G1, I think he would bring it back within minutes.

I'm 100% iPhone user but being honest, the G1 is a good phone overall the only thing that I really don't like is that little part poping out, it just doesn't seem right. It might pop out any time you put/pull it in/from your pocket.

You know what is funny. There have been many phones...even dedicated add campaigns geared towards the whole iPhone killer. Here we have the G1 which in my opinion is the closest thing to an iPhone all around.

Excellent video. You start off a little like a robot, but the emotion comes out in the end. Hmmm.. maybe a little bit iphone biased :)

Thanks for the mini review. It gave me a lot more insight into the G1 in comparison to the iPhone. In the next video I would love to see you test out the UPC price scanning application that was in the commercial. That is one thing the iPhone doesn't have (we don't have macro lenses to read UPCs on our phones).

hey guys I found this kickass website blog forum about a week ago and I like you guys are the best plus your interface is sweet and clean on the iPhone anyways just wanted my first reply post to be a thankyou. That sucks tho that you can't use your iPhone and have to use that ugly brick g1 I would die without this puppy

I think everyone knows the iPhone is the one to best. I don't think google can with the clunky hardware.

I'm still thinking about getting a 3G. This video helped solidify my decision. Especially if I win the 3G ;)

I don't know if I should stay with what I have, but am seriously considering an ipod touch with 2.1 firmware to get similar funtionality, without having to dual-wield phones and have two monthly bills.

Hmmmm, is it just me or does it seem like the G1 is crap?
Maybe im bias because I own an iPhone, or because of Rene (he also has an iPhone), but I feel that google really needs to go back to the drawing board for the hardware.

The round-robin is a great idea. I recently tried both the G1 and a Blackberry and stuck with the blackberry because it had the features I needed for my primary line. The iPhone 3G would be nice but ATT does not work at my house - can I win an unlocked 3G?

I think the G1 has some good concepts but they need a lot more refining since the iPhone set such a high bar for everyone.
Love the sound effects and the Jawas!

Liked the video. I would say that it is a great first effort, but it definitely leaves much to be desired. It appeared to not be very intuitive, and the screen did not appear to be very responsive to the finger movements. So far, I see absolutely no reason to make me wish I had an Android based phone.

Great review, man. My favorite feature of the Android is how it let me look up your nostrils.

My friend got the G1 the day it came out, we were playing with it for a bit. The OS seemed much more clunky than the iPhone, scrolling was not as smooth, and the browser was not near as nice as the iPhone. I also thought the phone felt kinda "plastic-y", the build quality was not as nice as the iphone.

Not a bad first go, and cut and paste is nice, ha. But the hardware looks like cr@p!

I would have this uneasy feeling that one day when "sliding" the screen open, away it will take off! Can't imagine it will last forever.

I really appreciate what Google has done here, but it's still an inferior product in a lot of ways. There are some advances that will push smartphones further, but when it comes to usability and familiarity, the iPhone still rocks!

Take the G1 and...

  1. Add a true 3.5mm headphone jack
  2. Remove at least two buttons
  3. Center the keyboard/make it symmetrical in your hands
  4. Widen keys by 15% (make them more squarish)
  5. Increase screen size (at least as big as iPhone)

... and you're starting to have an iPhone competitor, hardware-wise. We aren't nearly there yet though!

Meh, I feel left out of the Android participation for the round robin considering no Canadian carriers offer it to us, with that being said though I'm enjoying the review/looks at it, considering at some point it has to make a Canadian appearence(yes I'm aware I could buy an unlocked one) but I have a Bold that staves off my desires for other phones, for now :P

The G1 is a good start as far as android is concerned, but it definitely lacks the beauty that the iPhone brings to the table. It won't be easy for any company to recreate the fluid nature of the iPhone without severely infringing on its individuality.

The G1 is interesting, but it doesn't seem quite iPhone quality yet. The iPhone is still missing some features, but the UI is just the best. I agree with much of the video's evaluation. Good job.

Meh... looks poopy. Will not be considering this as my next phone. iPhone, on the other hand... :-D

Looks interesting, but definitely more confusing than the iPhone. Like the keyboard and trackball, though, but it's hard to go back to simpler touch screens after using multitouch on my iPod Touch.

I don't like the form factor. Seems like a pain to type when the keyboard is out. Can't wait til Android comes out on other phones and other carriers. It doesn't seem good enough to replace my iPhone but as they work the bugs out and get a better form factor, who knows. At least it will keep Apple honest and keep iPhone updates flowing.

The G1 looks like it might be where the iPhone was last year. A good new idea, but still some potential snags. I wonder what it will look like a year from now!

Nice video! I have had my eye on the G1 for awhile. You make some very good points about the user interface. It would be hard for any company to match the iPhone's ease of use.

Any one of those smartphones would be good for the holidays. I have ATT but I'm sure a relative wouldn't mind a G1 or something

Nice synopsis, fair enough and not too overboard on the "not an iPhone" type of references. The G1 still obviously has a ways to go.

My iphone is waayyy better in so many ways - the UI, apps, multitouch, and form factor.
Even iphone 1.0 was much better because the UI was just fantastic, not to mention multitouch and other cool features.

Thanks for review, Rene. A good first effort for Google, but obviously, it needs some polish. The UI seems to be a somewhat confusing amalgam of the iPhone, the Blackberry, and the Sidekick. Google might want to consider narrowing the focus for exactly what they want the UI experience to be.
By the way, I could not survive for more than 2 days without my iPhone - THE ONE PHONE TO RULE THEM ALL. :D

I've been meaning to get my hands on a G1 to try out, but this is a good alternative. I'm wondering about the way the reviewer was touching the screen with his thumb - the touchscreen sensitivity on the G1 seems to be somewhere in between WinMo devices (need to really slam your thumb against the screen) and the iPhone (feather-like touch still gets things done).


t-mo jingle comment was hilarious.
nice batman begins poster in the background.
the brown G1 is Ugly.

ha, Great review! My friend just recently brought an Andriod G1 a week ago. Its a pretty okay slider for its price.

This reaffirms the fact that Apple has mastered the art of making complex things simple. You may give up a LITTLE bit of flexibility, but you gain such a great, easy to use, & intuitive user interface, that I think it would be hard to go back to anything else. Thanks Google for confirming that I made the right choice in choosing Apple!

I think the iPhone kills the G1 currently, but maybe in a year or two once Google has had some time to update and improve the G1 it could be better than the iPhone. You never know, maybe Apple will go wrong with the next iPhone, and Google will make some significant jumps, putting the G1 ahead of the iPhone.
But for now, I think the G1 falls short of the expectations that it had, and it definitely falls short of the iPhone.

Great to see the iPhone 3G being offered as a prize here. Looking forward to winning that baby! :)

Thanks for the review! Up here in Canada I don't expect I will get a chance to try one out myself anytime soon so the bid satisfied (some of) my curiosity. I was wondering how the camera compared to the iPhone's though. More specifically the camera application, because Apple fell short by miles on the features of the iPhone camera app compared to other smartphone and even cellphone camera applications. Keep us posted on how life with the G1 is!

Definetly a good first effort. Don't see this phone doing for T-Mobile what the iPhone has done for AT&T.

hmm the android os is lookin very promising still in its baby stage but for the phone im not very fond of it. great review though ;)

I agree with the many posters above that the G1 has left much to be desired. Not only on the hardware front where it fails handily for being uninteresting and bulky. But also on the OS front where it's just not that userfriendly or intuitive. Maybe the future Droids will be much improved, all we can do is wait and see.
Good intro review btw.


G1 looks good...glad theres more competition with the iphone, hopefully it'll just make the next gen iphone even better

I'm not sure on googles strategy with his g1. I have a feeling that android may go the way of so many of googles technologies. Launched with much fanfare but in the end all but forgotten. Or maybe not! Let's wait and see.

Of course, looks nice, but just one question... Is the problems with the touch sensor hardware or software related? Will there be a fix?

I'm so far happy mith my Iphone 3G but I am sure when we see the next gen of Android, we will be amazed. For simple reasons: 1- Android in its actual state is not so bad. 2- In the next gen, they will fix some glitches and maybe take advantage of all the stuff missing in Iphone and introduce a kicker phone.

Great comparison. I am too spoiled now to ever switch. I guess I should be grateful and stop complaining about all the things that are not available with the iPhone.

I love the idea of the G1, but I think you pointed out many of its failings. You didn't complain about what seems to be one of the biggest dissappointments...the gigantic size and very odd shape. Besides that, TMobile's coverage is crap!

the g1 is a great device has a few things the iPhone is missing (mms, push gmail, message indicator light). But the iPhone form factor is second to none. And I hate having to flip out the keyboard.

Nice walk-through of Android, but for the moment at least I'm far too addicted to the goodness that is my iPhone 3G.

I wonder if there will be another iPhone next year? Oh well, for now all I want is a 3G. I'm still struggling with EDGE and my 2G.

still thinkin abt gettin the 3G even though I took a serious look at the G1. after reading some software and hardware issues/reviews, I think the 3G is my best bet!!

LOL@ "one port to rule them all"
I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but NOT including a 3.5mm headphone jack is such a facepalm for HTC. The inclusion of that jack could have doubled their initial sales, IMHO.

Wow, the G1 is really missing the Sex Appeal that a lot of the other phones have. From a form factor, it really has nothing on the Iphone.

It will be funny when the other Android phone start to drop and the IPhone fans finally realize there is no Google phone and they have nothing to do with the hardware.
And to be honest I don't have a problem with this hardware to begin with. It fits well in the hand and that bend at the bottom does a great job at helping me not drop it while driving. If you wanted something sleek then wait to see if the rumored Touch HD :-0 with Android gets released. But as far as took the IPhone off my radar.

I wanted to wait on buying the 3G until the G1 came out. I'm glad to see another player in the market as I think it will eventually produce better products all around, but right now I'm going to go with the iPhone. I like the look of it better, though I do wish the app store was less restrictive.

The iPhone, though not perfect, is a very good device that has made my life so much better. The G1 is not the prettiest thing in the world, but it has a personality and it has a young OS with a bright future. Let's just hope it doesn't hang around with the wrong crowd (developers) and get sidetracked.

Wow, watching the entire video, the uncertain UI input methods seem like a real deal breaker. I know everyone keeps saying the G1 is a "beta" device, so hopefully there will be a consistent UI philosophy as Android evolves.

Great review of the iPhone. The iPhone is the “in” gadget right now, but there are also a ton of good phones this season. I hope I win the iPhone, as I would love to add it to the collection!

The G1 is definitely a "Beta" device. I hope that they can deal with a lot of their glaring issues... Ok now I need you to send me an Iphone...

Thanks for the video.
Tha android has a ball scoller's like the old computer mouse that gets so dirty it sticks, except most will not want to take it apart...
Since I still have the iPhone 3G, the android marked me for a potential buy when it first emerged, however, I think the iPhone will operate better (especially when jail broken). So I think for now I am going to stick with apple and their slow (but seemingly more efficient overall) updates.

I upgraded to a G1 the day it came out. I've been with T-Mo for years and have been quite satisfied. After a week, I sent the G1 back. It was a combination of not rally liking the phone and missing my BlackBerry.
I really want to switch to an iPhone, but have just not made the switch yet. My contract is now up, and I hope to have my iPhone by Christmas.

Hmmm, it seems like a combination between the iPhone and a BB, but I feel like the result is less than both. If my main usage was media and web browsing, I'd go with the iPhone. However, my main thing is messenging, so it's the Blackberry for me.

i still prefer iphone because it looks more futuristic and has more application that i need. this is just my preference. it might be different to other.

i like the ease of use on the Iphone better. the G1 seems a little too buggy and i think it needs to be fixed and worked on a little more before it compares to the Iphone.

I'm digging the RR, this year. I don't recall having a problem with it last year but for some reason I'm more engaged, this time around (no pun). It does offer something above and beyond the types of reviews we're all used to - the choice of perspective.
The G1 looks like a decent enough first try, but ultimately not for me.

lol. Awesome idea to give away one of each of The Big Five smart phones.
I just hope Google Mobile, with voice, comes to each of them.

I'd take an iPhone if it were given to me! Gimme gimme! (Although... It'd be cheating on my G1....)

I am waiting for the next Android concoction to roll out...or the next IPhone with slingbox support and cut and paste!!!!

Well, the great thing with the G1 is that out thousands of touch phones this has an honorable position #2, just behind the iPhone

I do dig there logo mascot alot...even though I hate robots and have an unhealthy vision of skynet, no thanks to sarah connor ;)
Its an interesting device...I can't say it compares to the iphone, but it is a bold new platform that I awate to see what the future holds. And maybe in 2yrs when i'm out of contract on my 3g, it'll be that much more amazing and I'll be that much more impresses. OH future, what fun you hold for my cellular device needs, and obsession.

Why aren't you giving away a G1? I'm not complaining at all because the 3G kicks the G1's trash. It's just no one is giving away G1's yet.

Was just checking out on Gizmodo that the Apple iPhone web browsers get a A-, good stuff, hope to win a iPhone 3G!

I'd take an iPhone. I'd take a Gphone. I'll take any new phone gadget goodness you got. I'll even take ya mama's dentures if they got gold in 'em...

I wonder if the G1 uses that plethora of hard keys to get around excessive scrolling (seriously, I had to scroll forever to get down here and comment - I don't even feel like it anymore). P

great review. definitely not getting the G1. lets see, the closest apple store is only 26 minutes away...

Finally got around to watching this amusing video. Quite entertaining! Poor Rene, he's confused by the G1. ;) To be expected, really. Face it, the G1 is just a step above a prototype with many inconsistencies and partial implementations. It's a development platform and, as such, has almost every input and output capability known. It appears to work, though, as users report far fewer crashes than most other platforms. Good thing it is so stable because there is no backup yet except for what's on Google!
I can understand the frustration of trying to stick the G1 into a daily routine, especially coming from a pampered iPhone world. Apps are changing daily and there have been a couple of firmware updates in its short existence. Sounds like a feast for an early adopter!

I think this first gen android phone is a step in the right direction. Once the platform hits a carrier with a more powerful network, that's when we'll get to see it truly shine. T-Mobile's 3g is still young. I'd love to see this on a CDMA network. Rumor has it that Sprint gets the next android phone, I don't know how true it is, but I'll keep hoping. Come on Dan Hesse, make it happen!

I will observe the G1 closely. But today it can not compite yet with most of the new smartphones. Too far to compite with iphone with UI, and too new to compite with the Symbian or WM devices.

Yea you can tether the iphone if you jailbreak it, and AT&T is making an official tethering service for 30$ and with a 5G limit.

I didn't have the chance to touch this device.
As I live in Australia we haven't seen this device here yet.
In my opinion HTC/Google have a lot of work ahead of them to reach the level of HTC/WinMo.
Hopefully next iteration will show more of Google "genius"

I fuccin hate the I fone............g1 iz a waaaaaay better fone suckaz. Who wantz 2 fuccin type on a screen all day, not 2 mention u can't send pic messagez fo shit. Android iz da shit!....u all r just g1 haterz cuz u simply don't have da money 2 close ur fuccin contractz out u cheap bastardz.....a lot of u punkz haven't even held tha fone n ur sorry ass handz and still clown.....ha, I have 2 say I give tha droid a 10 and tha I fone a 7. No complainz about dis fone wat so eva. I've read all ur complainz, and fo sumbody who've had da g1 fo sum tyme now(me). I have to say ne g1 hater iz a fuccin nutjob and n denial of wat a real fone iz.....and datz real

wow...just wow. Anyway I am interested to see this comparo as both these phones fall neutral to me.

I have used an iphone for about a year now, going from 2g to 3g (which didn't really matter since I'm with tmobile) but that is what I use. I am an avid business user and I do selling on ebay. The iphone is good for that because it has its own native ebay app but I can't list auctions with it. I need a 3g connection which I don't have and a keyboard wouldn't hurt. Does anyone sell on ebay and own the G1? these are the dealbreaking options for me. I don't care about music or videos, more focused on business.

The G1 is fugly. The touchscreen seems inaccurate and the angled-up position of the buttons make using it with two hands difficult.

It's a nice phone but it's not as intuitive as the iphone. If there were no iphones, it would be the one to get for me if it were not on tmobile.

Today G1 Mobile Phone has been a demand of the day. Its features make it the king of all mobile phones in the market today. As per the records mobile phone has become necessarily for life and if we talk about which is the best Mobile Phone then it’s the Google’s Android that is counted first.
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