Rogers Canada Brings Back $30/6GB Data Plans for iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3G S 6GB plan

Looks like Rogers will be bringing back the $30/6GB data plans just in time for the iPhone 3G S launch!

Last year, to help defuse some of the negative publicity surrounding Canadian data rates in face of the iPhone 3G launch, Rogers extended a hand to data hungry users in the form of this plan -- for a limited time only.

Recently Rogers brought the plan back for their Android handset as well, but it's great to see it specified for our new iPhone.

Pricing is also given above for current, 2008 iPhone 3G hardware. We thought $99 would be the cheap rate, but it looks like either it's not going down that far, or the system just hasn't been updated yet.

Hopefully we'll get more as the June 19 launch day approaches.

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Rogers Canada Brings Back $30/6GB Data Plans for iPhone 3G S


The 25 dollar plan has a cap of 500meg. If you live in WiFi range most of the time, you will never exceed that.
But for a mere 5 bucks more, those without wifi get more than you could ever use on an Iphone. (There aren't enough hours in the day to watch streaming 6gig to the phone and not enough room on the phone to store that much for later).
But the real question is, who has 3G but no wifi in these days?

Wifi is not common where I live but I'm never without 3G. The only place with unsecured wifi is coffee culture. Even starbucks in Canada does not offer free wifi.

Now what about existing customers? I pay roughly $120 a month and upgraded last year to the 3G by signing a new contract. There's no way I'm buying if the prices are like At&t's.

Rogers is waiting until the 19th to drop the price. I guess if they want to sell zero iPhones between now and then, that's their business...

The present future development of iPhone includes multimedia messaging (MMS), and adding data tethering to the iPhone, which will turn the device into a wireless modem to connect laptops to 3G networks.
"MMS and Tethering - two features that have been readily available on many smartphones for years - are finally making their way to the iPhone. But if you're in the United States, you won't be able to use them for at least a few months. Because AT&T, the network with an exclusive lock on the iPhone in the US, couldn't get it together in time to support them for the iPhone 3.0 software launch.
At launch on June 17th, MMS is going to be supported by 29 carriers, and tethering will be supported by 22 of them. So when can we finally expect these stateside? MMS is apparently coming "later this summer". And tethering? A much more nebulous (and ominous) "later".
This is ridiculous, plain and simple. AT&T has almost certainly known about Apple's plans for many months if not years, and was probably involved in determining when these features would be launching in the first place.
AT&T has made it clear many times that it simply doesn't have the bandwidth to support the millions of new iPhone users that are using their "unlimited" data plans far more than they would on other phones.
Apparently AT&T won't support the long-awaited addition of MMS upon the iPhone 3GS's launch. Boy Genius Report explains the situation thusly, [T]he reason it's not good to go right away is because AT&T has to manually remove all the "Opt Out MMS codes" on each account. Basically, if we were to summarize this, and we're going out a little bit of a limb, remove the Opt Out MMS code, and MMS will work with the final OS 3.0 build right away. We've also just heard that tethering will be 100% locked out at launch, but AT&T's in the process of putting together a $70/mo unlimited data and tethering plan. SMS and MMS will not be included in that plan, we're told."
Sadly AT&T for a start is not the only carrier that doesn't have presently adequate existing bandwidth to support all of their customers, iPhone users using an "unlimited" data plan and that would now include Rogers and Bell? who are clearly already capping their existing customers and others to over come this serious shortcoming, and in spite of what they do all promise now they might have in the future I really rightfully do not believe them.
.. why Bell is always a LOSER. It is Always looking for some way to SOCK IT TO their customers over and over again and find another excuse to make the customers pay more.

MMS and Tethering - two features that have been readily available on many smartphones for years

Gee, where did you cut and paste that from. Its common to give an attribution when you paste entire articles.

I recently called in to upgrade my phone along with getting the $30/6GB data plan, which eliminates the System Access Fee (SAF) ($6.95). Too bad they're introduce a Government Regulatory Recovery Fee (GRRF) (which varies depending on the province), so I'm looking at an extra $2.58 per month since I'm from Ontario.
Here's the GRRF breakdown:
$2.58/month: AB, BC, MB, ON, QC
$3.11/month: NB
$3.46/month: NL
$3.08/month: PEI
$2.96/month: SK