Rogers Canada to Start Selling 8GB iPhone 3GS?

8gb iPhone 3GS

Boy Genius is reporting several tips on this, so it looks likely that Rogers in Canada is getting ready to launch an 8GB iPhone 3GS. Why? They proffer:

Maybe the iPhone 3G stock is finally sold out and Apple will quietly (or not quietly) replace the $99 model iPhone with an 8GB 3GS?

This appeal to anyone? How about to anyone who jumped on the $99 16GB iPhone 3G already?

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Reader comments

Rogers Canada to Start Selling 8GB iPhone 3GS?


I'd be pissed if I'd just bought a 3G at $99 and could have had a 3GS. Then again, I wouldn't have purchased a 3G in the last five or six months anyway.

I can see this appealing to those who do not use the ipod portion of the phone much.
I suspect this would be older folk, who seem past that stage in their life when then need to have every piece of music they've ever heard with them at all times.
No mention of price here...

What!?! Do you mean there are people out there who DON'T want every piece of music they've ever heard with them wherever they go?!

I only sync the latest stuff, my current rotation, i DJ and have tons of songs on HD's. I only need to pass time. That 3gs would be perfect.

i would buy a 8 gb 3gs for $99!
currently i have a 8 gb 3g.. i mean, it would be nice to have 16 gb but i mean i'm surviving with 8gb now so it wont be that bad... right?

I'm a little upset as I read this on my 16Gb iPhone 3G that I got YESTERDAY! Actually it was just a warranty fix but still. It sounds very appealing I'm during to have the video!

I'm sure it will sell. Only obstacle that remains is the monthly contract for many. $99 for an iPhone is pretty attractive.

@ Dexter... That's me... Not a single song or video in my iphone... ... A 8gb would be perfect for me

Now you can quote me:
Truth says, "If you price an 8gb Iphone 3GS at $99 with a 2 year contract then I will buy it".
Do it and I'm in. All I need after is a nice jailbreak, gizmo5, GV mobile, Siphon,backgrounder and PdaNet and I'm good to go.

With simplify and orb who needs the space. That is the only way I can have all my music at my fingertips any way with 250+ gigs of music. I have no music on my phone and only vids are the ones that I have downloaded from YouTube with myTube.