Rogers Customers: Prepare for a Long Wait. Everybody Else: Smile


Above, customers at the Montreal Apple Store wait for Rogers to get their systems working

Upgrading to an iPhone 3G S in Canada? We feel for you, and we fear we're going to continue to feel for you for a healthy portion of the day. Last year there were activation backlogs and hang-ups all over, but it was especially egregious in Canada, where people were waiting for half the day for Rogers' system to get up and happy and talking with Apple's system.

Our esteemed editor Rene Ritchie just called in from his Apple Store to say that their system isn't showing the 3G S on the Rogers system and it's unclear how exactly it's going to be resolved. Last year we heard 6-hour-wait horror stories. This year we're crossing our fingers that resolution will come more quickly.

On the bright side, we haven't heard a whiff of a problem anywhere else. From Switzerland to Cincinnati people who didn't pre-order are finding lines short enough to guarantee everybody will get their phone and activations almost as quick as the iPhone 3G S itself.

Update: Rene channels the fury of

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Dieter Bohn

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Rogers Customers: Prepare for a Long Wait. Everybody Else: Smile


I am at the Montreal Apple store with Rene and this CRAZY! Rogers is purposely hanging up on customers and it happened to my brother 4 times in a row! JUST MENTAL! Rogers is no longer a reliable service and definitely NOT dedicated to its customers.

Ahhhhh, this is like last year where o2's systems crashed and i spent 8 hours in a apple store waiting for them to work, I was the 7th customer who left the store with an iPhone and the store had prepared for hundreds :-P
I hope by now our canadian cousins are enjoying their new iphones.