Rumor: Rogers Discounting iPhone 3G by $100?

Sarumon Consults the Eye of Rogers on Canadian iPhone 3G Data Rates has unconfirmed reports of Rogers discounting the iPhone 3G by $100 for qualified buyers (check the link for what qualifies as qualified).

If anyone can confirm this, let us know in the comments. Is Rogers trying to clear stock in advance of a next generation iPhone release this summer?

Ah, rumor season. Gotta love it!

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Rene Ritchie

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Rumor: Rogers Discounting iPhone 3G by $100?


They will have to probably start giving away iPhone 3G's soon. Everyone I know who has even the slightest interest in the iPhone is waiting until after WWDC to make a move.

I bought one. Sometimes you need a phone and can't wait 4 months. I'm sure im not the only one.

I will just wait as well. As much as I want this new iPhone the lines are gonna be ridiculous for at least 3 months. I will just get the 3.0 software update and run that for a while. I have a good feeling that everything will run on the 3g except for maybe the flash that probably will be on the new one.

The 90's model TV's are phasing out and cheaper to buy. Gas guzzling vehicles are cheaper and on the way out. One may conclude iphone's will follow suit.

I never got a 3G because I wasn't reaallly impressed by the 2 new features on them that the 1st iPhone didn't have. We didn't even have 3g service in my town at launch. Glad I waited for the New iPhone this summer. My 1st edition iPhone is just about done! Doesn't vibrate and the speaker is crackly when it rings. Hurry up, Apple! Hurry up, July!! Give me some new iPhone goodness!

I'm going to sleep over at a AT&T store for the new iPhone yay can't wait hurry up apple I hate my 3G iPhone it's all broken and doesn't sound good:(.........

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We've got confirmed, available now, discounts on the iPhone 3G here in Australia.
They range from a free iPhone at cheaper price points per month, to the first 3 months of your bills being free, and a few things in between. Personally I hope they change the back cover - it gets quite slippery in my hands.

I can confirm that there has been NO new hardware announcement for the iPhone, either internally or externally, the 3.0 update is software only.