Rush Limbaugh loves iMore!

Rush Limbaugh loves iMore!

Today on his talk show Rush Limbaugh was asked to name some of his favorite tech sites, and guess which site he named first? You're absolutely right, our very own iMore! Here's the excerpt from Limbaugh's blog: That's run by a guy named Rene Ritchie. I think he's out of Canada, but this site, in addition to keeping you up-to-speed on everything happening with Apple, will offer you excellent tips on using Apple products, both the mobile and desktop.

Thank you! For the complete transcript, check out the link below.

Source: Rush Limbaugh

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Rush Limbaugh loves iMore!


Because Rush is disliked by many people. Some would consider his endorsement to be a negative.

Personally, I think Rush is a nut, but I don't know much about him. Recognition from a high-profile figure like that is always very cool though, and him mentioning the site can only help the community grow, in my opinion.

I can't disagree, but more people means more revenue, which means more contests and giveaways and cool stuff!

We can only hope there isn't a huge influx of Rush Followers, but judging from a lot of these comments, a lot of them are already here. I'll try to keep looking on the bright side though haha.

Im usually a lurker. Have been for about two years now but this app makes it crazy NOT to post. But with all that said i may not agree with Rush on his political views but atleast he has good taste in tech

You'd be surprised how many of us have been here for quite some time, and how much better we get along if we aren't calling each other names. /notatallsarc

And a shout out to The Beard as well, our Mobile Nations community is hitting it big with people, awesome! Let's make it bigger, let's make it everyone's go to hub for all things tech!

thats awesome how a genius like that got some of his inspiration from a awesome website just imagine what if that was steve jobs if he never had known about imore then he wouldnt have inspirition that lead to apple which led to pixar which lead to other people inventions. so imagine if rush limbaugh gets his inspiration from he what if someone else get his inspiration from rush who known maybe that person can be the next steve jobs

I'm sorry, I didn't know that the entire Internet required any of its denizens to be liberal progressives. I must have missed that memo when I applied....

"Oh no, the owner of this site likes someone who's political views I don't agree with. Time to hate them!"

The owner of this site apparently has no idea who Limbaugh even is, only that he has a lot of mindless drones listening to him.

This is not a liberal-conservative thing. The man is an insensitive racist. Not exactly role-model material.

It just seems to me that any company that would be proud to be associated with someone as divisive as he is might want to reconsider their position if they don't want to risk alienating a portion of their customers.

A portion is going to be alienated regardless of position. Rush just tells it like it is, and liberals can't stand it.

If making crap up, falsifying information and spinning people into hysterics is telling it like it is - please shut that garbage off.

So true, while publicity is always good, Rush Limbaugh is a racist, far far right wing propagandist. Interesting to see there are so many people here that are fans or are duped by his BS.

>>>The man is an insensitive racist.

Liberal meme. You sound like "other cell phone platform" zealots who come here having never touched Apple products just to tell us how wrong we are for finding Apple products actually meet our needs quite well.

Me thinks you don't know what a meme is.

Rush Limbaugh is a pill popping, polarizing, blabbering bag of shit. Fact. Not exactly someone who you want an endorsement from.

I'm fully cognizant of what a meme is. And you are equally guilty of perpetuating a false one with your profane tirade.

Why must you inject racism into discourse when you don't hear what you want? Seems to be a pretty common denominator for a lot of people. Assume racism regardless of context and loudly force that opinion on others huh?

Right - Im a bigot because I cant stand a bigot. And sorry -throwing a hissy fit because someone is insulting your favorite show is silly. Relax - you can still be in his fan club with his secret code ring. LOL... and iMore mad you a modertaor? ROFL!

Edit: BTW, Olan Mills called - they want their avatar back. =p

It's pretty obvious where the sensitivities lie with your aggressive language and tone. Sounds like you might be getting ready to hurt some people. Maybe we should have you checked out? It is for the good of the collective if you get a psyche eval.

With the Progressive Liberal Socialist Left it sure is A Bizzaro World you live in. But hey never said I had the corner on Crazy and you all just prove it.

Sad part is for as much as he drives you all nuts he will be laughing all the way to the Bank. That's the part that truly screws up their minds.

Oh BTW have a nice life.:-)

Please link directly to a reliable source that supports this claim.

(edited to clarify request was directed at redbeard)

Whether you agree politically or not, being mentioned by Rush can only make more traffic for imore. I personally want to see the site grow, don't you? I mean, I personally think the huffington post is crap, but I would be happy if they were asked about a tech site they loved and imore was the first one mentioned.

I love Rush and I love iMore! Two of my favorites coming together! He's always been a huge Apple fan and its great to know his favorite site is mine too.

Pretty cool I believe. Yeah Rush isn't necessarily but I listen to the guy all the time and he is pretty big and this is good I believe.

Just to head off childish political squabbles before they happen: I live in Canada. I don't get American radio. Frankly, Amercian politics are opaque to me. We have like 8 parties, a non-elected senate, and Quebec makes Canada seem sane by comparison.

Not everything is political (shocking, I know). If someone loves a certain sports team, brand of ice-cream, or the Avengers more than the JLA, that can exist outside their political beliefs. Dessert and comic books, like iMore, are inclusive and for everyone.

One thing I am really happy about: If we're arguing over radio show hosts, we've fixed so many other problems that we should consider ourselves really, really lucky.

(Kind of like when we argue about the word "pasta" being allowed on menus in Quebec!)

That said, you should still be aware that Rush Limbaugh is a profoundly divisive and polarizing figure. This isn't merely arguing over a radio host: Limbaugh is widely considered on both left and right to have set the agenda for the conservative movement, and a great many people believe that he is a major figure in shaping the political discourse in America. It's really a bigger deal than you seem to think. I'm not saying you should be ungracious when a celebrity or public figure endorses the site; acknowledging such praise is a fine thing and does you credit. However, you should be aware if the guy you're thanking is someone reviled by many and considered a racist and sexist and bigoted ass. I merely bring this to your attention so you understand the context of the objections you see here.

Thanking him directly is mannerable. Thanking him publicly and advertising his endorsement is closer to bragging and second-cousin to reciprocation.

It should be no surprise that this reaction would follow - especially considering, as the commenter said, what a divisive figure Mr. Limbaugh is.

Either way, congrats on what I assume was national recognition.

We do this with every major media outlet that mentions or features us, from CNN to NPR to G4. (I think Howard Stern once? Might have been Android Central?)

It would worry me if we started to try and judge the relative merits of large scale media properties. Blanket policies kind of protect everyone involved. No agendas that way (other than thanking people for promoting us.)

I don't think you've got an agenda. I just think the response was predictable - especially since CNN is a collective of journalists while Limbaugh is kind of a one man show.

There is an added level of ...separation between his methods and that of certain other journalistic entities. That may sound like Partisan-man talking but I think it's more like pointing out the difference between a newspaper and a tabloid.

And as a semi-public figure, its a good thing to stay on his good side. Say something he disagrees with, and the next thing you know he'll be equating you with Hitler.

You posting about Rush Limbaugh may not be politically motivated, but If you don't know that Rush Limbaugh is political I don't know what to say. It's not a brand of ice cream or a movie. He's by definition a political talk show host. You're not responsible for the stuff he says but he's political.

Who cares if people like him or not? Not everyone likes everyone but it's still cool that he mentioned as a site he enjoys reading.

This is true. IMore is a popular site And this is a good indication that Mobile Nations has managed to do things well enough to get this kind of main stream recognition.

For that, I congratulate the team.

Lol, I hate Rush Limbaugh for a variety of reasons, but would you just look at all the comments on this post? Clearly he has been good for iMore business. And that is never a bad thing. Lol

Excellent Rene. I am very happy for you and the entire staff the makes iMore run with you as the Captain of the ship. CONGRATS!

The most listen to radio talk show in the US endorsed iMore...that's awesome. Left or Right we all love iMore!!

I feel sorry for the Communists, Anarchists, Democrats and Socialists that are getting upset because of this post.

You people are acting like Rene was happy that Charles Manson endorsed iMore.

Rush Limbaugh is like any other radio host that is right on some things, wrong on others. Either way, iMore gets a more diverse audience.

Get a life, Leftists.

You mean the failing education system that is run by Orthodox Christians, Hardline Republicans, Right-Wingers, and Libertarians?

...oh wait, sorry, THAT failing education system you speak of is run by Communists, Leftists, Socialists, and the rest of the Rainbow coalition that you can see festering at every college campus.

Leave it to a reich winger to trivialize a college education simply because higher education does not teach about intelligent design in physics class. LOL! There's a reason you clowns are fading away. Get smacked in the presidential election - lose house and senate seats. And the funniest thing of all - the clowns who lead your party think they lost because they arent fringe enough and should be more conservative?!?! WTF. Good luck winning any election going forward.

Lets take away the votes of the people not on government support Nd see who actually won.

Because someone doesn't hold the same political and social belief system as you has nothing to do with the education system. Unless you mean this person failed to be indoctrinated in the progressive education system. So apparently someone else's beliefs weren't forced hard enough on people for you? Spoken like a true Fascist.

What a douche. I'd tell you to stop participating in the destruction of this country by pitting American against American, but then...nah, shut up.

Yes, democrats belong in the same category as anarchists and communists. Step slowly away from the talk radio.

Its not his political views that are the most offensive thing about him, right-wingers deserve a say as much as anyone. Its that he is basically a self-parody at this point, with an act designed to incite hate and fear in his listeners. He acts like what he's doing is for some greater good to the country, but all he's really trying to do is amass a loyal army of semi-paranoid and insecure people who need to hear his reassuring voice interspersed with advertisements every day.

That's OK too, but its when people take this form of political entertainment seriously, and actually believe that the president is a nazi or wants to kill your grandmother, it becomes a problem.

I usually hang out on Android Central but stopped in after checking out Crackberry and the launch of the Z10 today. No iphone but tons of Apple gear. I may have to stop in more often now that I know Rush is a fan! He was using Apple gear when most of us thought Apple was a fruit company like Forrest did.

Lol you're actually right. The average Leftist would be happier with a serial killer endorsing iMore than any right-wing talk host, which goes to show you the depravity of Cultural Marxism.

LOL says lots about Rush that people would rather see an endorsement by a serial killer than him. You right wing nazi's would be happy too.
LOL! Conservatives can barely spell Marxist much less tell you why calling every democrat a marxist is complete silliness. I see you repeatedly calling people sociliasts, marxists and facists. Which is it? Cant be all of them.

But wait! According to what I learned from rush they are all the same thing! I didn't attend a university because they are for elite liberal Marxist fascists, so all my facts come from radio.

I bet Rush'll be amused when he reads all the vitriol from the leftist posters who've obviously never listened to him and just go by what they've heard about him on MSNBC. Hilarious!

Congrats to Rene and iMore for the recognition. 20 million people just heard about your site!

I don't need to listen to more than a few minutes of old Sen. McCarthy tapes to know what a moron he was and how dangerous he was to this country. But then again, I have a high IQ.

Rush is a lot of things. Right isnt one of them.

Thats like me spewing that Rachel Maddow is right - would you accept that? At least she has a college education and isnt a druggy.

Oh great. Let's see if maybe we can get Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter on board... Crazies come in three, right?

It would be ironic since Ann Coulter once referred to Canada as America Jr. Would you like her support too Rene?

And the left wing sociopaths are out in force at the very mention of Rush Limbaugh. The histrionics & panic that are created at the drop of a hat when Rush's name comes up are always comical.

Ladies and gentlemen, your average Leftist, so devoid of creativity and morality that he could only think to name himself after a mentally-ill pornstar.

As for the KKK, they hate Rush. Rush is a sellout to them.

As opposed to naming yourself a city? Yes - you truly are a creative person aintcha. Sorry - tried to make it sound all stupid and folksy like Palin - did you understand? LOL

Wow, had me going there Jenna. Was convinced you were the recently deceased Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, Grand Kleagle of the KKK.

(edited for clarity)

Rush, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc. all have it wrong-- it's not a about right/left wing. A bird needs two wings to fly. Our nations focus should always be about the well-being of all its citizens (racists included).
I don't like the guy personally; but the again I don't like anyone that lumps people together based on pre-determined prejudices based on color, social standing or economic backgrounds. But I can still appreciate the fact that a site I love and frequent has gotten national recognition from a show that has such a following as his.
So rock on iMore!!!

"Polarizing" is correct, but that's to be expected and is 100% fine. Political philosophies are just inherently that way, and it's the push/pull of them is what we need. I'd be more concerned if one viewpoint completely took over and ruled for an extended period of time. The time of the lefties will pass and the righties will come back, and vice versa. It's the natural biorythym we all love.

That said, the guy is FAR from racist and labeling him as such is completely evil. while I'm sure many actually believe it to be the case (and why wouldn't they, we have a steady diet of people treating it as fact), but others would say it simply to demonize the guy. Politically right to the core? Absolutely. Racist? You got to be kidding.

Worst blogpost in the history of iMore. Just what imore needs: more irrational zealots. Well there's always Tuaw, The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

The irrational zealots are already here it seems, looking at the degenerates who are getting upset at Rene for simply thanking somebody for more readers.

LOL Because if Rene received props from Rachel Maddow you wouldnt be on here spewing right wing, nazi hate speech. Whoops - too late.

Oh Lord people, give me a break. Who really cares? Does Rush liking the site make it anymore less of a great site? A celebrity likes the site, good for the imore team. If you stopped visiting a website because Rush or any other celebrity said they liked it (and have no affliation with it) then you are an idiot.

You are surprised? People on the left claim the title of tolerance but are anything but when you disagree with their viewpoint. Several posts here show that and everyone but the left knows it. It's a tech site people. Limbaugh has given away more Apple gear that most of you own. What have you done?

Gotta go watch zero dark thirty on my ipad 4!

And how many responses from THE LEFT do NOT "show that"?

Do those factor into your conclusion or are you as intolerant as the finger you're pointing?

I am a lot of things but intolerant is not one of them. Just pointing out the facts. Look at which posts call names, etc. And nobody on the left reigns them in. We can agree to disagree. I would have no problem watching Rachel Maddow in fact, my college aged daughter likes to watch her. I would have no problem with anyone endorsing imore. I can think for myself.

And who has reined in the Rush supporters who have gone too far? How many of the more moderates posts were by "The Left" but got no credit from you or those like you, as being equally representative of the other side?

Hell, I acknowledged one of Rene's points with regard to my own comments and those like mine. But that doesn't stop your side from painting us all with the same brush, without similarly judging your own side.

I mean, really, how many conservative extremists in this conversation have YOU "rein[ed] in"?

I may not have agreed with the other side's point of view, but I stand behind the WAY that I disagreed with them.

If anything is wrong with discussions like this, it's not THAT we disagree but HOW we express that disagreement.

Hopefully, we can agree on that.

I do not really have a side. Help me out. If you really think the name calling etc on this article have been even close to equal you have made my point. Almost all the name calling on this blog has been one sided. I saw one post calling Sandra Fluke a whore. All post should be moderate so why should moderate posts from the left be applauded? Because they are rare? A first year law school graduate from Georgetown averages $165,000 a year. She can buy her own birth control. Now that she is earning and getting hit with taxes, let's see if she changes her tune. I make a very good living and do not expect the government to do anything for me except protect us from invasion and to stay out of my way- not too much to ask for the amount my wife and I pay to the federal treasury.

But no, I did not condone Rush calling her slut or any name calling period. Where is the left when people call Sarah Palin the "c" word or make fun of her special needs son? Yeah crickets! As the father of two daughters, it turned my stomach.

Leftists are a depraved bunch that wouldn't let a Christian dial 9/11 for them if they were bleeding out on the street. They're more intolerant than the people they demonize.

LOL How come when anyone calls a right wing nazi out on being a bigot - the first thing they say is they are intolerant? Yes yes - I am intolerant of bigots. Which makes me a bigot against bigots.

You must be an actual conservative and not a neo-con monkey like we've seen post. Good for you sir. Please try and restore some sense to your party. They have been hijacked.

Excellent, politics aside it's awesome to be endorsed by one of the largest names in radio...

That being said, I love Rush, good for you Rene!

He's a shill that works for the powers that be to pit Americans like the froth-mouthed Leftists against the equally obedient Right-Wing to form a neverending, destabilizing battle between the two, while the top brass gets away with murder and theft of every country in the world.

It's like Fox News: which is controlled-opposition to CNN.

You dont know who Rush is because you dont have the decisive, hate filled political rhetoric we have here in the states where right wingers put gun reticals up over other politicians districts and call for second amendment solutions to things or think only certain types of rapes are legitimate rapes.

You should thank your lucky stars Canada politics isnt like the states.

I don't see Rene putting ads on Limbaugh's show, do you?

No matter what you think about Limbaugh, iMore just got more readers from that mention, and Rene probably will see the stats show an uptake in readership, which is a good thing for anybody who frequents this site.

The fact that you guys can't see this and just say "oh good" shows that you're as crazed as the other side you hate.

No, I don't see that, which is why I didn't say that.

For Rene to be proud to be mentioned by Limbaugh, who has driven off advertisers who don't want to be associated with his baseless attacks and lies speaks volumes about the man.

But I guess you think Sandra Fluke had it coming?

You were implying that Rene was putting himself in a bad spot since nobody wants to be seen advertising with Rush, which is entirely different from what Rene was trying to do, which is thank Rush for the boost in readership.

Oh and I just looked up this Sandra Fluke you were talking about since I had no idea what you meant and no, my tax dollars aren't going towards subsidizing women's birth control, so yeah, she is a degenerate for even suggesting that. If some little whore wants to get laid for free, she better think twice and get a job to pay for it. The state should be supporting women if they become good mothers to healthy, intelligent children, not supporting women who think they have a right to an unlimited supply of pills and condoms for their mindless one-night stands.

Despite that same birth control medicine having actual medicinal value outside of birth control. You do realize women take birth control p;ills for things other than birth control right? LOL Do you even know any women ffs?

Dude, get educated. Are you telling me it is OK for you to have your Viagra covered by medical insurance so that pathetic thing you call "the little fireman" gets a chubby, yet birth control isn't? Stop before you right......better yet, go away. You can't be that stupid.

Most of these comments are impenetrable to me -- probably like me rattling off a bunch of Canadian controversies to you. (Pastagate? Mr. TPS?)

I'm proud of iMore. Everything else is baggage people brought here, and has nothing to do with me or this site.

I appreciate everyone who reads, listens, or watches us. I appreciate your time and attention. I value it more than anything else. If all you have in common is your enthusiasm for Apple's products, that's enough for me. Every other belief and viewpoint is your business. I don't think anyone wants me or us to start arbitration on that. :)

We link back to every major media mention of the site. I don't recall it ever being problematic until now. But if we hadn't done it, and someone noticed, and made a stink about it, wouldn't that be equally problematic? Wouldn't that be called out as biased, or an agenda, or whatever else people get accused of?

I thank everyone for their feedback, I just really don't know what to do about the incredible extremism of it :-/

Just ignore it, really. Nothing you can say will ease the minds of those who have always had an agenda. I just hope this thread is a lesson to the apolitical types who think they should be choosing one of the "sides" fed to them by the media.

Congrats! Heard it today.
It's a shame he is such a polarizing figure. At least he had good taste in tech sites. :-)

I'm Australian so, like Rene, this guy is only a name to me and I don't care about the controversies (frankly, half of what comes out of America, left or right, sounds nutty to most of the rest of the world). But hey, I heartily agree with him! iMore is one of 3 or 4 tech sites I frequent and because of their judicious reporting the only one I really trust. If a rumour is not on iMore I'm confident it's just hot air - the smelly kind. Congratulations Rene and the iMore team.

I love iMore as much as the next guy, but I have absolutely no use for Mount Rushmore. He is the biggest P...Of...S in the world. Congrats to Rene and staff being mentioned on a national radio show; this should help with traffic. Too bad the show means little to people in the US unless they like to hear someone's child-like agenda, day, after day, day after day.

Don't listen to all the negativity Rene, there is a lot of ignorance out there. The fact is Rush has the most listened to talk show in America and has had for years. Usually averages over 14 million listeners per week. Now maybe you will get the number 2 most listened to talk show in America to mention iMore, that would be Sean Hannity. Keep up the good work!

Rene I hope you see now just a little bit the craziness that comes with anything about American politics. Rush is no more radical than leftist commentators who have advocated for the assassination of political leaders they don't agree with. It might be a good idea to check on these facts before you post news like this again. Note I'm not saying don't post it. Just be aware of the ridiculous outcry to follow.

Look at it this way. Apple, like most all tech companies by the way, is a very leftist leaning organization. It is by matter of their location in states like California (Commifornia you might say) that these companies align themselves this way. But if a large portion of Apple's customer base knew that a lying, racist adulterer like Al Gore was on Apple's board, you can guarantee they'd not be Apple customers. Now Al Gore can be all those things if he wishes. Such is the price freedom commands. But Apple would take a financial hit if it was widely known. Lucky for them few people pay attention to the makeup of corporate boards.

See how easy it is?

No diss to Rene to iMore. But for those who DO know about Limbaugh but don't expect him to divide a geek nation like this, take another look.

Sure, there are extreme people on both sides but let's keep in-mind what it is that people are reacting to. The man makes outrageous comments for the ratings and exposure. Whatever his political leanings, he is too close to a shock jock for those familiar with him to act like this is proof of liberal, left, or Lucille Ball's "intolerance."

That's too close to a pet peeve of mine - when people blame the person who is hitting back instead of the one who started the fight.

It's too bad that iMore is in the middle of it, but this should blow over soon. Plenty of iMore users will never click on this discussion. Good for them.

And why not? He's an avid Apple user. I'd think he would know his stuff.

Oh, or is it because you don't agree with him politically? How astute.

Yeah, some celebrity endorsements are best left to just those who heard them. I mean, I wouldn't go flaunting that Kim Jong Un is a fan of my work.

Can I just say I found this site by Rush Lumbaugh's endorsement? Never heard of it before and now I'm interested. I even bookmarked it today.

You're welcome.

+2 Farmdreads! To call Rush a pig is an insult to pigs. So congrats Rene, even swine love iMore! Is there any endorsement you WON'T lap up? How about if Bashar Hafez al-Assad said iMore was the bomb? Who cares if he's killing countless people? He loves iMore! Whoop!

Can't believe I'm actually saying this, but Rush Limbaugh mentioning iMore is a huge step forward in the advertising department. Probably brought so much traffic to this website.

Thanks to Rush, I went to your great site, bookmarked and downloaded this app for my iPod Touch. Great review for the iPad Mini I will purchase in the near future. Thanks!

If you want to be associated with sexist, racist claptrap then go ahead and really promote it. Imore is bigger and better than this ignoramus to really care if he likes you or not.