Send in the iClones: Samsung SGH-i900 Edition

iClone: Samsung SGH-i900

Confession: The real reason I can't wait for the iPhone 3G to drop? So that at long last the rest of the smartphone industry will have something new to copy!

Today's offender is the Samsung SGH-i900, and boy does it run the iClone checklist: rounded rectangular slab? Check. Glossy black facade? Check. Silvered trim? Check. Job dropping interface or any sense of pride in innovation? D'oh! Not even close.

Sister site offers up the usual suspects specs:

[O]ne of the upcoming batch of über-Windows Mobile phones - 6.1 Pro, 240x400 (weird) screen, 1500mAh battery, FM Radio, TV out.

Way to stand out from the crowd!

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Reader comments

Send in the iClones: Samsung SGH-i900 Edition


they can make it look like an iPhone all they want, but as long as it is running windows mobile, you would have to be insane to get one!

These industry makeoverers do not get it, one day Steve is gonna make the face all-screen, border-to-border. Only then will copiers say to themselves, oh that's what he meant.

I wonder if this device has been in design phases for over 3 years, like the BlackBerry Bold...

Ummm...didn't the iPhone itself copy the LG Prada? Wasn't LG going to sue Apple?

JC is 100% right: the Prada was announced and available before iPhone. Get off your high horse; Apple doesn't innovate. Jobs just copies and makes things better (and admittedly, does a damn good job). The first offense? The Mac GUI and mouse: "Stolen" from Xerox Parc 30 years ago.

Samsung Omnia: 5MP with FLASH?check, 16GB-additional 16GB microSDHC?check, Opera Mini?check, VideoConferencing?check, Stereo Bluetooth?check, DivX?check, Copy and Paste?check, MMS?check, TV out+FM?check, DLNA so I could watch the phone's screen on my newly purchased big screen TV?check....Oh I like this game

Low res screen despite large size? Check.
Weird (unique) screen resolution that will confuse Windows Mobile software? Check.
Weird touch pad instead of D-pad for poor navigation experience? Check.
The Omnia looks like it has it all (note). There are some WM phones that may give the iPhone a run for its money (like HTC Diamond or Raphael), but this is not it.

for grownups who want and need real business software vs. the latest top artist release...the i900 is the phone. Hell even the new iPhone took the lead from their users and added exchange integration...Hmmmm. You people just buy into the hype, get a grip...the iPhone, i900 are all the tip of the iceberg for what is to come. This is a iphone and windows mobile with a kick ass camera in one form factor. Yea, Jobs has nothing new on inovation.

Dyvim you are a retard... all of what you state is baseless assumptions.
I have an Omnia and there's nothing confusing about the screen resolution. Yet, it does have a 5mp flash camera and all of what KLK listed.
And how the hell is the design like the iPhone? Of course a cellphone that is covered entirely by a screen on one side is going to resemble other similar products. The back is nothing like the iPhone 3G, and the iPhone doesn't have three buttons and a mouse on the front.