Shooting and editing photos with the iPhone 5 and Photoshop Express

Shooting and editing photos with the iPhone 5 and Photoshop Express

A decade ago I spent thousands of dollars and spent months shooting, developing, and editing photos for a book I was working on. It was an incredibly expensive, incomprehensibly wasteful process. Now I get not only less expensive but better photos with the iPhone 5s and apps in my pocket. and that's nothing compared to what Robin Jasmer is getting with his iPhone 5 and Photoshop Express:

I am French and live in Denmark. I take pictures with my iPhone 5 and edit them with photoshop express app on the iPhone. I don't use a Mac or PC to edit my pictures. I do it as a hobby and amateur, during my free time. I started about a year ago and I enjoy it a lot.

John Gruber's take on Daring Fireball is profound:

Lost amidst all the talk of "phones" is the fact that Apple has become one of the leading camera companies in the world. It's a new ballgame when your camera itself serves as your editing device.

Come Monday I'll be sitting in the WWDC 2014 keynote with a Canon 5D Mark III and 70-200mm Sigma lens. I bet I won't even need that in a few more years.

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Shooting and editing photos with the iPhone 5 and Photoshop Express


Nah, we'll still need our big boy toys, but it's definitely exciting to see how good the smartphone cameras will become!

Daring Fireball is not profound, all he does is state the obvious which is what gets obscured from most "analysts" articles. He's good at the making sure the obvious is heard which is hardly profound.
As to your post, I think you would be a good candidate for a job as photojournalist at the Chicago Sun Times!