Stream Nine Inch Nails' new album on iTunes for free

Stream Nine Inch Nails' new album on iTunes for free

Nine Inch Nails' new album Hesitation Marks doesn't come out until September but you can already stream it for free through iTunes.

Nine Inch Nails (NIN) is the creation of Trent Reznor. Ever since Reznor debuted NIN in 1989, he's been at the vanguard of what some critics call "industrial rock." NIN has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and released eight studio albums.

Things looked bleak for NiN fans in 2009, when Reznor announced that it was "time to make NIN disappear for a while." He made it clear that he wasn't done making music as Nine Inch Nails, but felt that the 2008 "Lights In the Sky" tour was a creative and technical peak. Reznor continued to make music including movie and video game soundtracks and collaborations with other artists.

Hesitation Marks is the first new music from Nine Inch Nails in five years, and it's being supported by an international concert tour.

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Reader comments

Stream Nine Inch Nails' new album on iTunes for free


Is it just me or is the streaming only available on desktop iTunes? Would be great if I could listen on my phone.

If you tap on the album in iTunes on your phone, then tap on the hyperlink that says "Nine Inch Nails" right next to the picture if the album, it will take you to the streaming page on you iPhone. Sounds great so far!!!

Clicking on that hyperlink just takes me to the NIN page with all their albums, videos, ring times etc. I don't see a streaming link...