Streaming media service Lala goes byebye, will take its place?

Lala shuts down

Streaming music service Lala closed its virtual doors today. Acquired by Apple last year, rumors persist that Lala talent and technology will be a part of an upcoming service that moves Apple music, movie, and TV offerings to the cloud.

Recent leaks about an iPhone OS-powered Apple TV that would stream content directly from iTunes seem to play into these rumors, as do Apple's huge data center being built in North Carolina and iTunes Preview, the new web-based front-end to iTunes media and app content.

Still, that might be the future, but as of today Lala is no more.


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Streaming media service Lala goes byebye, will take its place?


I didn't care about streaming initially but I think it is going to be for me. I hate waiting for OTA downloads. And iTunes on a slow PC is worse. Hope the end of Lala coincides with new announcements Monday. Or maybe tonight @D8.

Streaming media is great if you live in a world with ubiquitous strong fast mobile broadband coverage. Unfortunately that is not the world I live in.
Until telcos in even the most mature Western markets make better efforts to fill in their massive 3G holes and blackspots, streaming all your media just doesn't make sense.

Pat: I would expect them to handle this the same way that Spotify does; Allow the users to cache a certain amount of data for offline use. Spotify allows you 3333 offline songs, you only have to go online once a month to verify your subscription and upload listening data.