T-Mobile Announces 120,000 iPhone 3Gs Sold!

T-Mobile CEO Hamid Akhavan, speaking to Focus, revealed that Big Magenta(TM) has sold 120,000 iPhone 3G units since it went on sale July 11. The breakdown included 75,000 for Germany with the remainder being gobbled up in the Netherlands and Austria.

This may sound small considering Apple previously reported 1 million iPhone 3Gs sold over launch weekend alone. However, AT&T has said the iPhone 3G was selling twice as fast as last year, which seems in line with these numbers, given T-Mo "only" managed to sell 100,000 of the first generation iPhone 2G during the two previous quarters combined. (Though bringing an EDGE handset to a trans-Euro 3G fight probably wasn't a winning strategy back then, eh, Apple?)

Add these numbers together with the total 70+ launches scheduled for this year, and the probably huge holiday sales season still to come, and Apple might just make shatter that 10 million sales goal of theirs for this year-- if not bite considerably into that rumored 45 million handset order for next...

If they can keep them in stock... and on network. Anyone using an iPhone 3G on T-Mobile? Easy to find on the shelves? Getting good data connections?

(via Ars Technica)

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T-Mobile Announces 120,000 iPhone 3Gs Sold!