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App Cubby

App Cubby rebrands as Contrast, teases Perfect Weather, Gas Cubby goes to Fuelly

App producer extraordinaire, David Barnard - you know him, most recently, from Launch Center Pro - is rebranding his company, App Cubby, into Contrast and teasing an all-new app, Perfect Weather, coming soon to iOS.

One of App Cubby's most renowned apps, Gas Cubby, isn't making the transition. Instead, it's being taken over by Andy Robinowitz and Fuelly, and they have big plans to further its development in its brand new home.

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Best mileage tracking app for iPhone

Your iPhone is always with you, and that makes it the perfect tool for tracking milage so you're ready when the time comes to claim your expenses or work on your taxes. But what's the perfect mileage tracking for the iPhone? Rather than have you waste your time (on free apps that don't work right) or your money (on paid apps that aren't worth the cash), iMore took a look at several popular mileage tracking apps in the App Store, and figured out which was the absolute best one.

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Timer 2.0 removes in-app ad, apologizes to customers

App Cubby, the company behind Timer 2.0, will be removing the in-app ad -- an icon advertising another app -- and has issued an apology to their users for inserting it in the first place. It's a classy and extremely customer-centric move.

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Timer 2.0 brings same great timers, new great expansion options

Timer by App Cubby launched as an inexpensive way to quickly and easily set single or multiple count-down timers on the iPhone. Since Apple's built-in Clock app only allows for a single timer at once, Timer was well worth the $0.99 it originally cost. Recently, however, App Cubby made it free. And now they're further upping the ante with Timer 2.0. It's still free, but the new version comes with the option to add even more features via in-app purchase.

I had a chance to talk to David Barnard, App Cubby's producer, about all the work and the thought process that went into making Timer 2.0, and into how to best sell it on the App Store. If you're interested in development and the App Store economy, it's a must-listen:

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Launch Center Pro for iPhone review

App Cubby's Launch Center Pro is the newer, shinier, big brother to the existing Launch Center app, built with a new kind of power user in mind. The original Launch Center was a great attempt at organizing and enabling URL schemes. URL schemes are a limited way -- and currently the only way -- for apps to send actions to each other in iOS. Many apps support them and the net result is that Launch Center allows users to pre-program certain actions (for instance launching IMDb and immediately grabbing current showtimes for your area) in a list form. In other words, it let you launch actions, not just apps. It was a great start and Launch Center Pro builds on this pedigree, but adds a entirely new level of customization that new users will immediately find accessible, but fiddly (and I mean that in the best way possible) users will dive into and love.

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Launch Center puts Messages, Facebook, Twitter, a flashlight, more in your iPhone Notification Center

Launch Center, a new shortcuts app for iPhone, aims to make everything from sending messages and mail to posting on Facebook and Twitter, to turning on your LED flashlight, faster and easier via an extremely clever, borderline audacious use of URL schemes and iOS 5's Notification Center.

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Iterate 7: App Cubby

Mirror FREE for iPhone 4 now in App Store

The minute Steve Jobs showed off the iPhone 4 front-facing camera you knew it was coming, right? No, not FaceTime, a mirror app that would use said camera to let you check yourself out in full VGA glory.

I'm guessing there'll be a bunch of these soon enough, but when David Barnard of App Cubby and Layton Duncan of Polar Bear Farm come together to do one, and base it on their awesome KaleidoVid code base, you just know it's going to be one bad @$$ mirror app.

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KaleidoVid Video Kaleidoscope for iPhone

Pop quiz: you're a successful independent iPhone developer who's personal management apps are beloved by critics and users alike, but you just really need a break, a way to recharge the batteries and have some non-managed fun, what do you do?

If you're App Cubby's David Barnard, you grab Polar Bear Farm's Layton Duncan and Made by Rocket's Dave Keller and you produce KaleidoVid [$0.99 - iTunes link], a colorful, eye-full of childlike wonder for the iPhone. And you make it as simple as it is elegant.

Point your iPhone camera at, well, anything you like (the more varied and vivid the better in our tests) and KaleidoVid instantly transforms the live view into a dazzling, multi-reflected kaleidoscope of lines and blobs, hues and shades, and with a click of a button saves them to your camera roll or lets you share them with friends over the ever-social Facebook or Twitter, or good old email. (Yeah, it's pretty much instant wallpaper awesome in a bottle if you think the way we do).

Whether you want the same kind of refresh and recharge the developers were after, or you just want to give your child something light and fun to distract them, KaleidoVid is definitely something to check out.

More screenshots after the break!

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