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Apple Vs Google

Google's latest Nexus 10 tablet ad vs. Apple's current iPad ads

Google has released a new ad for their Samsung-built Nexus 10 tablet called "New Baby". It shows the kind of deft polish and product packaging Google's able to put together now -- far, far better stuff than the off-key, borderline creepy ads of the past, and almost Apple-calibur in its quality and content. It's close to the early iPad 2 ads in feel -- very human, very resonant, and very experiential.

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Does a magazine like New Yorker need smarter tech coverage?

Two of the dumbest memes in recent history are "Apple is closed. Google is open. Apple deserves to lose." and "Steve Jobs is gone. Apple will finally start loosing." Sadly, the New Yorker of all places chose to merge-for-the-kill, Transformers-like, and feature these particular brands of dumb in astonishingly disappointing form. John Gruber of Daring Fireball has gone through the entire fit-the-facts-to-the-thesis argument presented in the piece, and finds, not surprisingly, it's fallacious and flawed to an embarrassing degree.

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Google insiders reportedly concerned Apple won't approve Google Maps app for iOS

While Google has been working on a new Google Maps app for iOS, the question has been raised as to whether or not the app will be approved. Google apparently wishes to launch the app by the end of the year, but certain circles within the company are wondering if Apple will draw out the approval process for the app or reject it outright.

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iMore show 316: Apple, Google, and Maps

Rene talks with MG Siegler of parislemon and TechCrunch about iOS 6 maps, Apple and Google, how they handle media and public perception, and their relationship past, present, and future. This is an iMore show special edition!

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Google reportedly didn't expect Apple to ditch their maps so soon, still months away from releasing new app

Apple has a year left on their most recent Google Maps agreement, apparently, and didn't expect Apple to remove them from iOS 6 and launch a new app anywhere near this soon. Meaning, Google was caught flat-footed and won't be ready to ship a standalone Google Maps app for the App Store for several more months. This according to a quartet of stories published today.

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Tim Cook and Larry Page reportedly talking patent resolution

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and Google CEO, Larry Page, have reportedly talked on the phone concerning the ongoing patent disputes involving the iPhone and iPad maker, and various Android manufacturers.

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Samsung executive says $1 billion verdict was the worst case scenario, Google says it was more Samsung than Android

In the matter of Apple's $1 billion verdict over Samsung, we've already had two separate, yet equally important PR statements. Since then, a Samsung executive has said it's their worst case scenario, and Google, not surprisingly, has tried to keep Android well away from the fallout.

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iMore show 307: What if Google had never made Android?

Rene, Georgia, and Seth talk iMore Forums apps, Kenny the Clown, LTE iPhones, AT&T FaceTime face-palms, the iPad mini, and what iOS would be like if Google had never made Android? This is the iMore show!

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What if Google had never made Android: how would iOS 6 be different today, and who would be Apple's biggest competitor?

The title really does say it all -- if Google had never gone ahead with Android and, instead, if they'd maintained their close relationship with Apple, what would iOS 6 be like today? Would Google Maps still be there, and would it be as good as Google Maps on Android is? Would YouTube still be there, and be as good as YouTube on Android? What other services might have been integrated, GTalk instead of iMessage? Google sync instead of iCloud? Would the iPhone 5 ship with NFC-powered Google Wallet? Would the iPad mini come with 20 GB of free space on Google Drive? How far and how deeply could the Apple and Google love affair have gone?

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Google decides to litigate instead of innovate, sues Apple over Siri and more

Motorola Mobility has filed suit again Apple with the International Trade Commission (ITC) over patents reportedly related to Apple's personal digital assistant feature, Siri and more. Patent suits between Apple and various Android manufacturers are a dime a dozen these days, but what makes this one stand out is that a) Google now owns Motorola, b) Google previously tried to manipulate public sentiment by claiming Apple sought to litigate instead of innovate, c) Google is now litigating.

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