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Apple Vs Google

Baidu rumored to be included as search engine option for Chinese iPhones

Baidu, China's most popular search engine, may be wriggling its way onto the iPhone soon, which corroborates with whispers we had heard late last month.

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More on Apple ditching Google for iOS maps

Rumors have been spreading for a while now that Apple would use iOS 6 to replace the Google mapping data in the Maps app with Apple's own solution. About a month ago iMore told you why -- to start removing Google's hooks in iOS and the information and revenue they generate from iOS users.

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Google hosting Maps event just before WWDC where it will probably sulk about the iOS break-up

Google has just announced that they're holding an announcement event for Maps directly before Apple's World Wide Developer Conference next week. The timing of June 6 isn't entirely a surprise since we're expecting the announcement of iOS 6 to include Apple's own Maps infrastructure in the place of Google's.

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iOS 6 Maps app caught on blurry cropped cam, mocked-up

We had heard rumors that Apple would be bumping Google data from the Maps app in iOS 6, and a possible reason why, and now we've reached the next stage in the long road of rumors -- the blurry, highly cropped camera spy shot.

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Google closes Motorola acquisition, what does it mean for Apple?

After getting regulatory approval in China, Google today wrapped up its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, signalling their entry into the hardware world. As a part of the deal closing, Motorola's CEO Sanjay Jha has stepped down to make way for Google's Dennis Woodside. What does it all mean for Apple?

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iPhone 5 to be another Google killer -- but with a twist

iMore has learned that Apple wants to remove Google from iOS, at least as much as is possible. A couple of years ago Steve Jobs called a Town Hall meeting at Apple and rallied the troops by saying the next iPhone, which was to be the iPhone 4, would be an A+ update and take it to the turncoat Google and their Android operating system. According to our sources, a similar sentiment is being expressed by Apple in Cupertino again this year, but with a decidedly different twist. Instead of just hitting Google and Android in the market place with better hardware and software, and in the courts with patent litigation, they're going to hit them where it really hurts.

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Apple dropping Google backend from Maps app in iOS 6, replacing with in-house map data

Anonymous sources are claiming that iOS 6 won't come loaded with Google Maps as usual, but will instead host an Apple-made solution instead.

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Tim Cook tells competitors to invent their own stuff -- Apple is not the world's developer

Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked during Apple's Q2 2012 conference call how he felt about ongoing patent litigation, and whether he might be more open to a settlement or resolution than his predecessor, Steve Jobs might have been. Cooks answer was pretty much the same now as it was before he became CEO -- he doesn't like litigation, but he also doesn't like other companies using what he feels are Apple innovations to sell competing products.

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Yes, Google, Steve Jobs reportedly did want to go thermonuclear

It's Google CEO Larry Page in the blue (and red and yellow and blue again and green and red again) corner, and Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson in the correct share of white corner in a battle for the ages -- was Steve Jobs genuinely ticked over Google copying the iPhone for Android, or was that just a lot of sound and fury to rally the Apple faithful?

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Apple, Google, and the value of iOS

Google continues to enjoy a unique position in the mobile space -- they make money off of pretty much every platform. If you use their own, freely licensed Android platform, they earn revenue off of advertising. If you use anyone else's platform, including Apple's iOS on the iPhone or iPad, Google still earns revenue off of advertising.

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