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Best retro style arcade games for Mac

It's been more than two decades since video game arcades were a thing. You can still find them in some places, but they're pretty anachronistic these days. You'll find the occasional coin-op game at the movie theater and elsewhere, but mostly it's a thing of the past, now that everyone has a device in their pocket or on their desk that's a great gaming system. Fortunately some developers have kept the spirit of the arcade game alive.

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Atari offers 100 greatest hits for free to commemorate 40th anniversary

Atari's 40th anniversary is this week, and to celebrate they're offering their catalog of classic games on iOS for free. Normally the 100-strong collection goes for $9.99, and even then, most of the titles still required in-app purchases.

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Mutant Storm for iPad review

Mutant Storm was released on the iPad last week, offering a classic arcade shooter experience complete with appropriately neon graphics. The game adds a few twists to the old formula though, including some rich 3D models and interesting difficulty scaling mechanism.

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iMame brings retro arcade gaming to the App Store

iMame has just appeared in the App Store, it is a hugely popular app on other platforms as it is an emulator for retro arcade cabinet games from the early 1980’s. The official version comes with a set of seven games pre-installed with no official way to add any more games.

iMAME is an application designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software on modern personal computers and other platforms. The intention is to preserve gaming history by preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten.

The included games are:-

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Space Invaders creator Taito working on its own version of iCade [video]

Taito, the creator of probably the world’s most famous arcade game, Space Invaders has jumped into the world of miniature iPad arcade cabinets. The new arcade cabinet will be called InvaderCade and will feature art from the classic 1978 arcade game.

It is slightly different to the iCade as it lacks 7 of its buttons! This cabinet only has a joystick and one button; aimed solely at playing Space Invaders. The cabinet will also charge your iPad, has inbuilt stereo speakers and a headphone jack.

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Classics - Arcade Buttons bring physical buttons to the iPhone and iPad [video]

Classics - Arcade Buttons is another accessory aimed at improving the gaming experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The Classics - Arcade Buttons enables you to use real hardware buttons on the screen of your device. We already have a couple of alternatives to replace the on-screen joystick, namely the Fling and Joystick-IT; now we can address the buttons too.

The Classics bring tactile feel to gaming on the iPhone, iPad, Android, and all other capacitive touch screen phones and tablets. The Classics use a special micro-suction cup material that sticks onto the screen of your device and holds on tight, but is easily removed. No adhesive and no unsightly, large suction cups to get in your way of pure pwnage.

The buttons come in packs of three and cost $19.95, available in mid July. Take a look at the short video after the break. We would love to know what you think of these!


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Street Fighter IV for iPhone - app review

Street Fighter IV for iPhone has been out for a little while now. Capcom just can't sit still and they have released another update to the best fighter on iPhone. What makes this game so awesome? Let's check it out.

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Final Freeway - app review

I have seen Final Freeway in the App Store for a while and just glanced by. When looking at apps to review this week I felt a little nostalgic and thought I would give this little gem a spin. The result? Well, if you enjoy old-school arcade racing, if you remember when Out Run was the arcade game, then Final Freeway is for you!

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