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Arcade Games

Octagon for iPhone and iPad is easy to pick up and play, but insanely addictive

Octagon for both iPhone and iPad is an arcade style game that requires you to swipe and flick your way through an unlimited amount of levels. Jump the gaps, twist through platforms and gaps in order to cross the finish line in each level. Fail and fall off and you've got to start the level over.

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Mutant Storm for iPad review

Mutant Storm was released on the iPad last week, offering a classic arcade shooter experience complete with appropriately neon graphics. The game adds a few twists to the old formula though, including some rich 3D models and interesting difficulty scaling mechanism.

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Super Goblin War Machine for iPad now available

Super Goblin War Machine is a new side-scrolling action/arcade game for the iPad. The goal is to help the goblin horde design and build the ultimate war machine then smash, crush, and destroy the nearby enemy village.

  • 9 original levels, plus 17 more available via expansion pack!
  • 12 unlockable bonus stages!
  • Over a million possible War Machine combinations.
  • Puns!
  • Dynamic Gobtech Physics Engine
  • 29 increasingly crazed weapons, from the humble single cannon to the dreaded Kitchen Sink Gun. Of course, one of them fires flaming cows.
  • Rampage across a range of environments, including medieval cities, dwarf mines and riverside towns.
  • Heart-thumping original soundtrack.
  • Gratuitous jet-packs!
  • 21 unique achievements.
  • Beautifully optimised HD graphics.
  • Race the clock to unlock secret items!
  • Face down a diverse selection of enemies, from knightly spearmen to fighter jets to some bad-tempered birds of unusual size.
  • Based on actual real historical events!... or not.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

Trailer and screenshots after the break!

[Free, with in-app purchases - iTunes link]

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