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You can give an audiobook to a friend for free with Audible's new recommendation feature

Audible has added a new feature that allows users of the audiobook store and service to send titles in their library to friends and family. Each person can receive their first audiobook for free.

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Audible's Channels offer short audio programs for members

Audible has introduced Channels, a new feature for members that offers short audio programs across a wide variety of topics.

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Audible now lets you share short snippets from your favorite audiobooks

Audible has updated its audiobook app, bringing a new feature that allows you to easily share clips of your favorite audiobooks.

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Germany launches antitrust inquiry into audiobook agreement between Apple and Amazon

Germany's Federal Cartel Office has launched and antitrust probe of an agreement between Apple and Amazon over the sale of audiobooks.

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Audible will stop working with Sonos next week, support to return in future

Due to a software update issue, Sonos has begun alerting users that Audible will stop working on Sonos systems starting next week, though support will return in the future.

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Audible's CarPlay support helps you listen to your favorite audiobooks on the go

Audible has updated their app for iPhone and iPad, making it easier to access your audiobooks during your commute with CarPlay support.

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What's on Joe's iPad right now!

I like to use my iOS devices as extensions of each other. The Home screen of my retina iPad mini in many ways mirrors the one on my iPhone because these are the apps that I want to have access to no matter which screen I'm using. I use one of Apple's iOS 7 wallpapers, and I keep only a few of Apple's stock apps on my screen, but they are the ones I use constantly.

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What's on Joe's iPhone right now!

Since all of the cool kids are doing it, I thought that I'd show you what's on my iPhone. My iPhone is the single most important piece of technology in my line-up. It goes with my everywhere, and is my primary method of communication. I keep the most important apps on my first Home screen. I don't use most of the stock apps enough for them to merit a place on my first screen. Those few that remain, however, I use every day without fail. Messages, Camera, Maps, and Safari all remain on my Home screen.

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Audible updates their interface, improves cellular downloads, adds iPad support

Audible has released a major update to its iOS app, finally adding iPad support. Previously limited to the iPhone and iPod touch, Audible is now a universal app. In addition to iPad support, version 2.0 also boasts a updated UI for the iPhone, adding larger playback buttons, along with improved navigation and a new library filter that allows you to hide titles that you have finished.

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