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Browser Battle

Google Chrome vs Safari: iOS Browser shootout!

Google Chrome for iOS was released today, so we naturally put it up against the default browser, Safari. We conducted some basic tests, such as load times (which revealed a slight lead for Chrome in two tests), JavaScript (where Safari had a significant lead), HTML5, and CSS (roughly equivalent).

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Chrome for Android vs. Safari for iPhone: Browser shootout

Google has just released the too-long-in-coming Chrome for Android browser, and Phil from Android Central immediately loaded it up on his Galaxy Nexus, sought out an iPhone 4S running Safari, and put them head-to-head, rendering-time-to-rendering-time, in a classic Mobile Nations browser show down.

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iPhone 4 vs. BlackBerry Bold 9900 (and Nexus S) browser battle!

You knew it was coming, right? The moment Chris got his hands on the new touch screen, front-facing QWERTY BlackBerry Bold 9900, he just couldn't wait to put it head to head against the other best mobile browsers in the business, Apple's iPhone 4 Safari and Google's Android browser as instantiated on the Samsung Nexus S.

This time around, as seen in the video above the BlackBerry Bold 9900 browser kept pace with the iPhone 4 and Samsung Nexus S we pitted it against and now, BlackBerry is enjoying the richer browsing experience it should have had all along.

It's interesting to note that all three (and HP webOS) are now using WebKit, the Apple-driven open source web rendering engine, but each have their own JavaScript engine and their own unique implementations. Most importantly, they're all pushing each other for better, faster, more powerful web support, and that's good for us.

Of course, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has a much smaller screen (in order to leave room for that keyboard), but we're sure the good folks at CrackBerry will repeat this battle with the full screen BlackBerry Torch 9850 when they get their geeky little hands on it.


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iPad 2 vs. BlackBerry PlayBook browser battle!

As part of his epic BlackBerry PlayBook review, our good friend CrackBerry Kevin put RIM's new tablet browser one-on-one against the great one -- Apple's iPad 2. That's right, we have yet another entry in our browser battle series!

When we put the PlayBook head to head against the iPad 2 in a browser shootout (see below), we saw pretty comparable page load times but did notice on websites where there were flash-based advertisements present, this would slow down the PlayBook by a few seconds while the iPad 2 would serve up a faster loading static image. Disabling flash evened out the load times.

Check out the video after the break and if you haven't already, check out the rest of Crackberry's PlayBook coverage! (Then rush back here and tell us what you think!)

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iOS 4 vs. Android 2.2 - Browser battle battle!

Which has the fastest browser, Apple's iOS 4 or Google's Android 2.2? We're used to browser battles here on TiPb, but how about a browser battle battle? See, both Ars Technica and Engadget ran some tests, pitting iPhone 4 on iOS 4 against the Nexus One running Android 2.2 Froyo and the results... varied dramatically to say the least.

Ars SunSpider and V8 benchmarks showed the Nexus One blowing iPhone 4 out of the water with almost double the JavaScript performance. Engadget's real-world test loading real-world webpages, however, had iPhone 4 with a slight lead when Flash was enabled on the Nexus One, and slightly behind when Flash was disabled.

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Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Mobile vs. iPhone 3G Safari -- Browser Battle

Our good friend Phil over at sibling site WMExperts got his geeky hands on Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile and did what any self-respecting editor would do -- took it one on one with the great one -- Safari. Well, technically Safari running on last year's slower hardware, the iPhone 3G (as opposed to the much faster iPhone 3GS), but it's not a final build of. The results?

Opera Mobile 10 beta isn't quite as good as Safari on iPhone 3G, but it's getting there. Again, not iPhone 3GS, but not a final build of

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iPhone 3GS vs. Droid vs. Droid Eris -- Browser Battles!

Android Central has posted up their iPhone 3GS vs. (Motorola) Droid vs. (HTC) Droid Eris, and -- spoiler alert!!! -- the iPhone 3GS is still king of the browser hill:

Bad news for Droid lovers: the iPhone 3GS beat the heck out of the Droid in the above test. Other tests taken after the video weren't quite as dramatic as what you're seeing here, but facts is facts: the iPhone 3GS does load and render pages faster than the Droid.

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Verizon Droid iDoesn't Beat iPhone on Browser, Apps, Multi-touch or User Interface

Did Verizon and Motorola forget to include a few things in their iDon't attack ads, like iDon't render web pages as slowly or badly, iDon't arbitrarily restrict the amount of apps users can install to 256MB, iDon't fail to implement multi-touch, and iDon't have a worse user experience.

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Browser Wars: Opera Mobile Brings Back "Turbo" Boost to Compete with Safari

No word yet on whether you get a pocket Hasselhoff to push it for you, but it sounds like Opera Mobile 9.7 is set to bring back the "Turbo" boost in an effort to take it to Mobile Safari (and, we presume, WebKit in general as found on the iPhone, Google Chrome lite for Android, Palm Pre, some Nokia devices, etc. etc.... etc...)

Ganging up on the "real internet" browser are our good friends Matt Miller from and Phil Nickinson from Matt explains the concept behind Nokia's blast from the past via his ZDNet blog:

Turbo mode that supplements the native Opera Mobile browser with the proxy functionality found in Opera Mini. So, with Opera Mobile 9.7 and Turbo mode enabled you get a fully functioning web browser with proxy/server side lifting going on to provide the FASTEST browsing experience currently available on a mobile phone.

TiPb vaguely remembers proxy and cache tricks from those old spamvertisements promising to quadruple our old dial-up modem speeds. Phil tries to pip us to the proxy post, however:

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