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The Competition: BlackBerry to Get iPhone-Class Web Browser... Next Summer

Our fearless friend, CrackBerry Kevin has been watching videos again and this time the take away has him happy: analysts who might be "in the know" say RIM may be fixing their infamously buggered browser by "next summer".

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TiPb iPhone 3G S vs. iPhone 3G Browser Speed Smackdown

Two iPhones enter, only one can be left standing. Which one will it be? Well, both devices got the Nitro JavaScript rendering engine boost courtesy of iPhone 3.0, but the iPhone 3G S brought a little gun to this knife-fight in the form of double the RAM, a faster GPU, and a super souped up processor with higher clock speed and phat'er pipes. (Think 486 vs. Pentium on the desktop).

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Opera Was the Original Browser... For the iPhone?!

Opera, the admirable yet often un-admired cross-platform web browser alternative to Internet Explorer on the PC, Safari on the Mac, and Firefox pretty much everywhere, was considered by Apple to be the original baked-in surfing standard for the iPhone?


That's pretty much what we thought too, though Valleywag stands behind the story:

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iPhone vs. BlackBerry Bold Browser Showdown Part Four: The Revenge of the Javascript

After all the persistent questions about whether or not the BlackBerry Bold's improved browser could compete with the iPhone, our friend CrackBerry Kevin decided to try to provide the definitive, final smackdown.

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Apple Releases Safari 3.1 - MobileSafari Touch Next?

Apple has released their latest, greatest, fastest, and coolest new browser yet -- Safari 3.1 (big brother to the MobileSafari Touch browser built into the iPhone).

Safari is based on Apple's open-source WebKit (a branch of the Konqueror/KHTML engine), the same foundation Nokia, Google's upcoming Android, and even Adobe's AIR runtime get their render on with.

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Mozilla Responds to iPhone

It seems that Mozilla has finally acknowledged the need for a mobile browser on the mozilla codebase that isn't wreteched. PC Advisor reports that the mozilla foundation will be putting resources towards a mobile browser. And they didn't act until now on the mobile browsing kit on the iPhone, 3 months after WebKit shines on the iPhone. To add insult to injury, Nokia has been using Apple's WebKit, the browsing engine that powers Safari on the iPhone, instead of anything based off of Mozilla's code, though Nokia also has a mozilla-basbed browser on their N800 tablet.

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